Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice CPD Credit: 6.5 Hours Scientific CPD (including 2 hours CPR) This course is designed to provide dental practitioners with the knowledge, skills and techniques nec-essary for the effective identification and treatment of medical emergencies encountered in dentistry. The training is provided by Cynergex Group Pty Ltd, Techniques and treatment protocols taught include: which has over 14 years of experience of providing emergency medical training to dental and medical pro-  Advanced airway management using Laryngeal fessionals and to large corporate and government bod- Mask ies. The sessions are delivered by the Cynergex Group  Ventilation using bag/mask/valve ventilators staff of ambulance officers, led by Dr John Fahey, PhD,  Use of oxygen therapy and supplementation who has 35 years experience in pre-hospital care in- The use of drugs including Adrenaline, Aspirin, cluding 10 years with the Metropolitan Ambulance Service in Melbourne where he was a Mobile Intensive Cynergex Group’s Medical Emergencies training is de- signed to provide dental professionals and their team with knowledge and skills in the provisional diagnosis 1. Loss of consciousness (fainting, drug overdose, Register for one of the ADAVB dates that are listed on this page. This course is repeated and participants need only choose one date on the registration form. 5. Bronchospasm associate with asthma, chronic obtrusive airway disease (COAD) and allergies

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice Medical Emergencies in the Dental 22 May 2013 Medical Emergencies in the Dental 24 May 2013 Title _______ Name _____________________________________________________ ADAVB Membership No ________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________ Postcode ________________ Phone ______________________________ Fax ____________________________ Mobile ______________________________ Email ___________________________________________ Special dietary requirements (if any) _____________________________ ( I m p o r t a n t : P l e a s e p r o v i d e t o r e c e i v e r e m i n d e r s ) Name ____________________________________________________ Hygienist / Therapist / Practice Staff / Dental Assistant (please circle) Email ___________________________________________ Special dietary requirements (if any) _____________________________ ( I m p o r t a n t : P l e a s e p r o v i d e t o r e c e i v e r e m i n d e r s ) If re q uir ed, in cl ud e ad diti o nal staff na me s o n a se pa rat e pie ce of pap e r wi th yo u r n am e a n d t he AD AVB me mb er shi p num be r an d a ttac h to t his f o rm. l__l Cheque (payable to ADAVB Inc) l __l MasterCard l__l Visa l__l American Express (Diners Club Not Accepted) Card Number l__l__l__l__l l__l__l__l__l l__l__l__l__l l__l__l__l__l Expiry Date l__l__l / l__l__l I hereby authorise ADAVB to debit my credit card. Amount $ ________________________________ By providing registration details and payment, I declare that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions below. Signature ______________________________________________________________ Date __________________________ T h i s d o c u m e n t w i l l b e a T A X I N V O I C E f o r G S T u p o n p a y m e n t . A l l r a t e s a r e G S T i n c l u s i v e . A u st ral i a n D en t al A ss oci ati on V i cto ri an Br an ch I n c. Le vel 3, 10 Ya rra Str eet ( P O B ox 9 0 1 5), S o ut h Ya rr a, VI C, 3 14 1. Registrations must be received 3 working days before the event. Registrations received after this will incur an additional $25 administration fee. Registrations must be accompanied by full payment, which can be made via mail or fax with credit card details, or cheque to ADAVB, P.O Box 9015, South Yarra, VIC 3141. Phone registrations and payments will not be accepted. Where: Sofitel Melbourne On Collins
Reminders are sent electronically – you must provide your email address on your When: 20, 21 & 22 June 2013
Contact the ADAVB if confirmation of your enrolment is not received 14 working days after the initial Time: 9:00am - 5:30pm each day
All cancellations must be made in writing to the ADAVB. Cancellations received up to one week prior to CPD: Earn up to 18 Scientific Hrs
the event date will be refunded, less a $50 per person handling fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the event, except under You can register for 1, 2 or all 3 days!
special circumstances. However, a substitute delegate may be nominated and the ADAVB must be Register your interest at
and be the first to receive all details.
While ADAVB tries to accommodate specific dietary needs, it cannot guarantee that the requests can be met. Kosher & Halal delegates will be catered for only if requested on this registration form. GETTING THERE AND PARKING FACILITIES Parking facilities and public transport details will be outlined on your event reminder. Don’t Miss Out!
Use of any information from CPD programs is the sole responsibility of the individual practitioner. Approval of an activity for CPD purposes does not imply that the Dental Board of Australia endorses the activity or agrees with the opinions of the presenter. All ADAVB CPD and Training Events are certified Climate The full ADAVB disclaimer and privacy statement can be viewed on our website Friendly. Please refer to our website for Please refer to the ADAVB website for full terms and conditions.


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Membrane Stabilisers - Medicines that ‘stabilise’ nerve cells and prevent them from sending abnormal pain messages are proving to be very helpful in PPP. This type of medicine was originally used in epilepsy and so belongs in the family of ‘anti-epileptics’. Note that this is another example of a medicine being developed for one purpose, and then as knowledge expands, finding that it

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Accumetrics Closes 2010 With Positive Outlook Pharmaceutical collaboration, GRAVITAS clinical trial results, distribution agreements, and capital financing position Company for continued growth in 2011 December 7, 2010, San Diego, Calif. – Accumetrics, Inc., a privately-held developer and marketer of the VerifyNow® System, the first rapid and easy-to-use point-of-care system for

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