Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, joins hands with NGO, Indian Cancer Winners Association
INDIAN CANCER WINNERS ASSOCIATION and Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital ,Delhi ,
conceptualise and present , I CAN WIN tutorial on “How to quit tobacco “ in association with
Ministry of Health and Family welfare ,Government of India ,& WHO (World Health
organization ) ,program hosted in AIMS.

Delhi /NCR :18th June ,2011: Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, in furtherance of it’s objective
of improving the lives of the community through it’s health outreach programs and corporate
social responsibility objectives today , hosted a tutorial programme , I CAN WIN on “ How to
quit tobacco “. The tutorial program & presentation which was jointly conceptualized and
presented by the Indian Cancer Winners Association and Deptt. of Psychiatry & de-addiction ,
resource centre for tobacco control, Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia hospital ,Delhi was in
collaboration with Ministry of health & Family Welfare, Government of India and WHO(
World Health Organisation ) . The program was hosted in Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.
Dr.Sarita Dogra,Senior State Medical Commissioner, ESIC (Employee State Insurance
Corporation(ESIC) Haryana, was the chief guest.
The event saw a large turnout of eminent
doctors & other professionals who strongly advocated treating doctors to encourage patients
to cut their dependence on tobacco ( chewing and smoking). A large number of cancer patients
are found to be tobacco users .The Indian cancer winner’s association ,is an NGO dedicated in
highlighting the courage and positivity of cancer survivors or “ Cancer Winners” and doctors &
other professionals who are dealing with cancer patients and survivors in a positive manner
and encouraging them to win over cancer and not just fight against cancer.
Sseaking on the occasion said Dr.NK Pandey, Chief surgeon & Chairman & MD, Asian
Institute of Medical Sciences
, ‘It gives me great pleasure in welcoming doctors from the Indian
Cancer winners association , Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and representatives from the
Ministry of Health & Family welfare and WHO for presenting tutorial program , I CAN WIN
tutorial on “How to Quit tobacco “ to guide doctors in tobacco dependence and treatment
guidelines for patients who are tobacco users in AIMS today. We have joined hands with Indian
cancer winners association to raise awareness on the critical issue of tobacco usage prevention
and control. Tobacco consumption is the leading preventable cause of death .According to
International statistics this year, more than 5 million people will die from a tobacco-related
heart attack, stroke, cancer, lung ailment or other disease.The annual death toll from the global
epidemic of tobacco use could rise to 8 mil ion by 2030. “
Present on the occasion were eminent personalities from the medical fraternity . These
included Dr.NK Pandey, Chief Surgeon & Chairman, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences,
Dr.Pawan Gupta, Sr Consultant, Surgical oncology, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences &
National President, Indian Cancer Winners Association & course co-ordinator , Dr.BC Gupta,
President, Faridabad Chapter, Indian cancer Winners association, Dr.Manish Wadhwa,
National Vice President , Indian Cancer Winner’s association,(Both of them were instrumental
in giving shape this to this initiative) . Dr.Smita Deshpande, Head of deptt. Psychiatry & de-
addiction resource centre for tobacco control, Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi &
Course director, Ms Munish Vineet Gil , Course convenor & WHO SEARO –Tobacco Free
Initiative among others.

Talking about this initiative ,said Dr.B.C Gupta, President- Faridabad Chapter , INDIAN
,” Time and again we do hear stories of human resilience
which in many instances has helped patients conquer cancer . It is to highlight their fight and
also encourage treating doctors to learn more and more about tobacco dependence and
treatment guidelines for patients suffering from tobacco related cancers that we have
presented this tutorial with modules and specific areas that doctors need to target to aid
patients who are tobacco users to kick this habit.”
Speaking on therapies used to quit tobacco said Dr.Pawan Gupta , Senior Consultant, Surgical
Oncology ,AIMS & National President-Indian Cancer Winners Association, “
The word cancer
spel s doom. More than 50 % of our patients are tobacco users (smoking or chewing) . To get
tobacco users de-addicted Behavioural therapy or pharmacotherapy or a combination of
both is essential. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT ) is essentially a part of
pharmacotherapy or drug therapy. In this Nicotine gum or skin patches are given to tobacco
users to get them de-addicted or wean them off tobacco and tobacco products. Also drugs
such as varenicline and bupropion are also used for the purpose. Also behavioural therapy
which includes psychological counseling and pyshiatric help is essential to help tobacco users
get rid of this dependency.”

The tutorial was divided into two parts . The first part commenced with an introduction
fol owed by an audio-visual presentation on the devastating effects of tobacco related
cancers kickstarting the ,”I CAN WIN TUTORIAL . The current scenario of tobacco related
diseases was also highlighted by Ms. Munish Vineet Gil , Course convenor and WHO
representative . The harmful side-effects of tobacco consumption in detail and benefits of
quitting tobacco also formed part of this session.

The second part of the tutorial was presided over By Ms. Smita Deshpande, Head of deptt.
Psychiatry & de-addiction resource centre for tobacco control, Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia

Hospital, Delhi & Course director and her team focused on the 5’A or essentials of quitting
tobacco and drugs and referral to tobacco cessation centres.

Speaking further about the initiative said Dr.Pawan Gupta, “Treatment alone at times is not
sufficient to get a patient back on his feet or gives him or her the wil to fight this dreaded
disease. But few patients who are “ cancer winners have proved that determination and the
will to fight cancer , being positive and the wil to live go a long way in helping them overcome
cancer .


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