Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too obviously has never heard of Arbonne. Arbonne has given me thebest of both worlds: A successful career with financial freedom andan opportunity to be with my two children each and every day. Icouldn’t ask for anything more.
When I was introduced to Arbonne three and a half years ago, becoming a Regional Vice President was the furthest thing frommy mind. All I really knew then was that I loved the products and justwanted to get them at wholesale price. Only later did I embrace theopportunity. God would open a door that would lead me on a greatjourney with Arbonne. Having traveled that road to personal growthand professional success, I can truly say that I’ve found myself andachieved the most incredible feats which I would have never NEW RVP Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President I truly believe God places people in your life to allow miracles to happen. I was fortunate to have worked as a teller supervisor at alocal bank alongside Stacy Thorn when she was just discovering had seemed to disappear leading the way for my two precious Arbonne herself. She first told me about the company and Arbonne miracles— the birth of our daughter Ashley and then subsequently our Clear Advantage Acne System. At that point in my life, I was des- perately battling my chronic acne problem with Accutane®. After 12 After Ashley was born, I knew that I wanted to stay at home years of doing this, I was willing to try anything different. Arbonne to raise my children. That’s when I realized that the business oppor- Clear Advantage produced excellent results and changed my life tunity with Arbonne was the answer to my prayers. After all, Arbonne within a few short weeks. I’m happy to say that I have not been back was batting 1000 so far, and there was no reason to think that the to the dermatologist since. The process of clearing up my skin natu- opportunity wouldn’t be a success as well. So I set my mind on doing rally without having to use synthetic medication was just the first of the business, with a company that had never let me down and was many gifts that Arbonne would bless me with. What I didn’t know behind me all the way. As I learned the business, I learned some amazing things about myself. At first, I was petrified at the thought of I also had severe hormonal imbalance that affected me holding my own classes, and terrified of any form of public speak- emotionally and physically. This imbalance also led to challenges ing. But my faith in God and my belief in Arbonne were the driving with conceiving a baby. Soon after I was introduced to Prolief forces that gave me the courage to change. I like to say “Grow as Natural Balancing Cream my body began to restore its natural you Go.” You can do anything you want to do with this company, balance. Eventually, I noticed my physical and emotional challenges and that’s what makes it so wonderful. As long as you are willing to left to rightTiffany, husband Mark and children,Nicklaus and Ashley.
Tiffany with son Nicklaus and NVP Stacy Thorn with her son Silas.
RVP Ann Forrester, Tiffany and NVP Stacy Thorn.
I want send a very special thank you to NVP Stacy Thorn. You “ You have to grow beyond your comfort are not only one of my dearest friends but you are an amazing leader. Because of you, our family will never be the same. I am able ” to teach my children that when you work hard, everything is possi- ble. This truly is the business of changing lives. I love you for that.
grow and realize your self-worth, the sky’s the limit. Once I overcame Tiffany and Co. has been blessed with some great women my fears and dove in headfirst, I gained confidence with every class.
The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
who have been making a difference in other people’s lives across the Soon it got to the point where I looked forward to each new class country. Area Manager Cindy Posey is doing unbelievable things in and the chance to share the incredible Arbonne opportunity.
Little Rock, Arkansas, while Area Manager Crystal Hankins and her The secret to success is simply in sharing this gift with others.
team have been a driving force in Chickasha and the western side You may have to grow beyond your comfort zone and do things you of the great state of Oklahoma. You both are amazing … get ready would not be willing to do otherwise, but it is well worth the price of because you are next! To my District Managers – Cathy Thompson, helping people change their lives. There is nothing more worthwhile Kristin Harris, Niccol Vinyard, Christina Beldon, Deana Dolch, Anita than watching people grow and reach their goals; or, witnessing Nerio, Donna Wright, Glenda Carr, Cynthia Turner, Abby them gain confidence with every passing class only to see the light in Benavides, Lacinda Dolch and Bernica Tacket: You are amazing their eyes as they embark on their own personal journey to success.
women who are growing into amazing leaders. Thank you for all Everyone deserves to have the best of both worlds.
that you do. To all of the Consultants on our team: Thank you for I have so many to thank for their support. Above all, I would being such an important part of this. I thank God every day for all of like to credit God for His faithfulness in giving me the strength to con- you. I want to see every one of you get what you want out of your quer my doubts and fears. There were many times I was unsure if this Arbonne journey. We’ve all grown together which is what has made was what He wanted for me. He put the desires in my heart and that, this so special for me. Watching you grow warms my heart, while each one of your successes makes me smile. I want you to know that Next, I want to thank my husband Mark for being supportive.
I believe in you and know you’re all going to achieve your dreams! It took you a while to see the full potential but when you got it … you The support I’ve received from the Arbonne family has been were amazing. I would not want to share this moment with anyone incredible and that has made things so much easier. Petter: Thank but you. I love you. To my two babies, Ashley and Nicklaus: You two you for these phenomenal products. They speak for themselves.
are my number one reason for doing this. I love you both more than Enormous thanks go out to our President and greatest supporter, Rita anything in this world. I feel so blessed to have you both in my life.
Davenport. I would also like to send a special thank you to Stian, To my mom: Thank you for instilling in me such a great work Candee and the Home Office staff. This opportunity is one of the ethic. To my mother-in-law: What would I do without you in my life? greatest gifts I have ever been given. It is truly an honor to represent I would not be where I am with Arbonne without the help of you both.
Thanks for taking care of the loves of my life while I was at trainings,classes or other Arbonne functions. I love you both.
NVP Stacy Thorn, AM Hannah Musselman, President Rita Davenport,RVP Ann Forrester, and Tiffany.
Tiffany and President Rita Davenport.


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