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Supply List
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Bicycle Clothing
Warm/Hot Weather

• Short sleeve jerseys • Shorts • Arm warmers • Knee warmers/leg warmers • Sweatband/headband • Undershirt • Light socks • Lightweight long sleeve shirt – some people use this when it is very hot. It provides skin protection and it can be soaked with water. Cold, Windy, Rainy Weather
• Wind vest • Wind jacket • Tights • Heavy, long-sleeve jersey • Rain pants • Rain jacket • Thermal vest • Winter hat/ear band • Balaklava • Shower Cap • Long fingered gloves • Rain mitts • Heavy socks • Booties/toe warmers Safety Equipment
• Helmet (+ spare) • Cycling Shoes • Extra Cycling Shoes (perhaps one size larger in case of feet swelling) • Cycling Gloves • Cycling Cap • Reflective vest • Reflective ankle bands • Sunglasses (+ spare) • Clear glasses • Prescription glasses Medical/First Aid Kit
• Insurance card
• Prescription medications – be sure the Crew knows when and how much should be
• Sunscreen • Lip balm with sun protection • Bag Balm or Vaseline • Chamois cream • Nupracanal – to deaden bad saddle sores • Ibuprofen • Tums or Maalox – for upset stomach • NoDoz - caffeine • Mouthwash • Toothbrush/toothpaste • Salt tablets or electrolytes • Advil/Aleve • Xylocaine • Neosporin – antibiotic cream • Hand lotion • Aloe Vera lotion – for sunburn • Icy-hot • Topical anesthetic – for bad saddle sores • Breathe-Right strips • Ear Plugs – for sleeping • Visine – for dry eyes with lots of wind • Nasal Spray – to keep the nose moist in the dry air of the mountains • Eye Cover – for sleeping • Baby Wipes – great for a quick refresher, clean up • Betadine • Ace Bandages • Band Aids (various sizes) • Medical tape • Antiseptic wipes • 2nd skin – covers blisters • Moleskin • Bunion pads • Knee or ankle brace/support/wrap • Face mask – for hazy, dusty air • Tweezers • Medical information for all Crew and Racers • Massage lotion – better than oil • Space blanket – for very cold • Vinyl gloves Vehicle Setup
• Bike rack (roof or rear) with ability to hold spare wheels
• Yellow rear flashing lights
• Slow moving vehicle triangle (magnetic)
• Caution bikes ahead sign
• External music system
• Racer’s CDs/Tapes
• Sponsor signs
• Clear contact paper – apply this before applying signage for easy removed. See the
• Large ice chest • Feeder/small ice chest (for prepared food) • Crates or plastic bins for organization • Plastic or indoor/outdoor carpet – put this on the floor of the vehicle and it will help
Communication and Electrical
• Cell phone and car charger
• Car to car radios or walkie-talkies
• Car to racer radio
• CB-PA system
• 12v extension cables
• Inverter
• 12v 2-to1 or 3-to1 adapters
• Flashlight or headlamp
• Instructions for all electronics – CB, PA, radios, cell phone
• Batteries
• Watch with alarm
• MP3 player with charger

• Flashlight/headlamp
• Clipboard
• Highlighter
• Permanent marker
• Pen
• Pad of paper
• Map/Atlas
• Calculator
• Route Books – at least two per vehicle
General Vehicle Supplies
• Spare keys for all vehicles, even if just to get into the vehicle
• Paper towels
• Window cleaner
• Garbage bags – kitchen size encourage more frequent emptying of trash
• Antiseptic hand cleaner
• Handi-wipes – often better than toilet paper
• Toilet paper
• Small whisk broom – to clean the vehicle
• Privacy sheet – for changing clothes or going to the bathroom outside the vehicle

• Dashboard Protocol
• Race rules (in Route Book)
• Race phone #s
• Crew/Vehicle phone numbers
• Emergency contact info for all Racers and Crew
• Insurance information for all Racers and Crew
• Consent forms for treatment for any minors Racing or Crewing
• Crew schedule
• Crew notes and strategies

Vehicle Trouble Kit
• Oil
• Coolant
• Jumper cables
• Spare fuses – all sizes
• Emergency flares – make sure you know how to use them
• Small shovel
• Fire extinguisher – make sure everyone knows where this is
• Bungee cords
• Rope
• Car jack
• Spare tire – preferably full size
• Wheel lock tool – if the wheels have locking hubcaps
• Tire Sealant – get the right size for your tires
• Degreaser
• Rags
• Towing Strap
• Vinyl gloves to keep your hands clean
Food and drink
• Stop and eat sheets
• Camelbak (+ spare)
• Spare Camelbak baldder
• Water bottles for water – use separate water bottles for water and food
• Water bottles for liquid food
• Gel flasks
• Gallon jugs with screw top lids – screw tops are less likely to pop off and spill
• Powdered food, pre-measured either into gallon jugs or into plastic bags to be mixed
• Sources of salt – V-8, salt tabs, pickles • Crackers • Cookies • Fruit • Energy bars • Chips/pretzels • Sandwich stuff (bread, turkey/ham, cheese, mustard/mayo, PBJ). Turkey is much more popular and palatable than ham. Mayo is great for getting a little fat intake. • Thermos for hot water – can be very useful on cold nights, especially out west • Cup O’Soup • Crew food and drinks • Ziploc bags • PediaSure – helps bring a Racer back from dehydration. Sort of a poor mans IV • Ensure • Pickles • Pringles/potato chips • Coke – for the caffeine • Sprite – helps to settle an upset stomach • Vitamin and Supplements
In general, buy brand name items. They are a little more expensive, but Racers and
Crew are more likely to eat them.
Food Preparation Supplies
• Cutting board
• Utensils (sharp knife)
• Clorox – to clean out water bottles and food bottles
• Paper Towels
• Thermos – for hot water or coffee
• Funnel – for pouring power into gallon jugs or water bottles
• Money/credit card in money bag with receipts
• Camera and battery charger
• Video camera and charger
• Sleeping bag
• Sleeping pad
• Small pillow or pillow case
• Socks to put ice in for around the neck when it is hot
• Binoculars
• Reflective vest or ankle bands for Crew for at night for visibility
• Water spray bottle or super soaker
• Wash cloths
• Laundry bag
• Laundry soap
• Bathroom scale – this can be used to check the weight of the Racer. Gaining or

General Fix-It Kit
• Duct tape
• Electrical tape
• Zipties
• Brown packing tape
• Clear packing tape
• Utility knife with spare blades
• Pipe clamps
• Pocket knife/leatherman
• Tape measure
• Cable ties/twist ties
• Rubber bands
• Sewing kit
• Super glue
• Scissors
• Velcro/stick-back Velcro
• Scotch tape
• Safety pins
• Binder clips
Basic Bike Supplies
• Bike
• Spare bike (or two)
• Spare wheels
• Floor pump or Quik-fil
• Spare tubes
• Tire irons
• Bicycle computer
• Heart-rate monitor and chest strap
• Aerobars
• Headlight
• Taillight
• Batteries for headlight and taillight

Bike Parts
• Tires
• Tubes including long-stem tubes if necessary
• Chain and chain pins
• Brake and derailleur cables
• Extra cleats
• Seat cover
• Other seats – these can be useful if you have seat problem to switch to another
• Pedals • Platform pedals • Spokes for your wheel or Fiber Fix • Cassette • Schrader Valve adapter – for gas station air pumps • Rim strips • Valve extender • Cable housing • Seatpost – make sure to get the right size for your bike • Seatpost binder bolt or seatpost clamp – make sure to the appropriate piece for your • Bar tape or foam pads • Bolts (water bottle, chainring, other) • Brake pads • Aerobar pads – they often fly off with a bicycle on top of the roof • Spenco insoles • Spare computer batteries • Extra light mounts • Spare headlight and taillight • Spare headlight bulbs • Headset spacers • Handlebar plugs • To consider – high stem, derailleurs, shifters, water bottle cages, bottom bracket NOTE: With several bikes you can often scavenge parts from one bike for the other if necessary. Bike Toolkit
• Floor pump
• Chain lube/WD-40
• Allen wrenches
• Screw drivers
• Pliers
• Needle-nose pliers
• Bottom bracket wrench
• Headset wrench
• Cone wrenches or hub tools
• Tire irons
• Cassette whip
• Chain tool
• Measuring tape
• Bike set-up dimensions
• Duct tape
• Loc-tite
• Electrical tape
• Patch kit
• Rags
• Pedal wrench
• Zip-ties
• Grease
• Spoke tool, including special spoke tool for your wheels
• Repair stand/truing stand
• Crescent wrenches/hex wrenches
• Wire cutters
• Pocket knife or leatherman
• Scissors


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