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What Does Bowls BC Do For You And/Or Your Club?
AFFILIATION: Your club will be affiliated to Bowls BC, which is affiliated to Bowls Canada Boulingrin,
which is affiliated to World Bowls Ltd. Bowls BC is also a member of Sport BC.
PROVINCIAL GRANTS: Bowls BC, has for many years, received an annual grant from the Provincial
Government which comes through our membership in Sport BC. Our annual grant varies but in 2007 amounted to $36,000. Unfortunately, after the 2010 Olympics in BC, monies may not be so readily available compounded by the fact that our numbers are dwindling.
CENTRAL REGISTRY: Bowls BC maintains a Central Registry which tracks al members of the Bowls BC
family and provides statistics and trends to both Sport BC and Bowls Canada Boulingrin.
MARKETING & PUBLICITY: Bowls BC provides direction with marketing and publicity opportunities. We
can assist with ideas about increasing club membership, hosting tournaments, and advertising up-coming RISK MANAGEMENT: provides a link with current issues regarding provincial legislation about
harassment policies, equal opportunity, and safety concerns.
INSURANCE: Through our association and our membership in Sport BC we can, as a group, take
advantage of group rates for liability insurance.
COMMUNICATION: We provide a communication link with each and every affiliated club in the province
through the Bowls BC website and the seasonal Newsletter.
ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT: programs are designed to help bowlers who compete at the competitive level
improve their game. Assessment and training camps are of a high caliber and produce winners.
COACHING: programs (NCCP) enable clubs to provide a strong learning atmosphere when encouraging
new players and members to join the game and subsequently their respective club.
CHAMPIONSHIPS: Bowls BC hosts annual Provincial championships. Winners go on to represent their
province at the National level. Aspiring, competitive bowlers can gain points, which then enable them to make application to join the National Team. Canada does have a National Team in the sport of Bowls. We participate at World Bowls, Commonwealth Games, Asia-Pacific, Atlantic Rim, and other International OFFICIATING: programs, Umpire exams and assessments are available through Bowls BC. We can
provide marker instruction and clinics.
JUNIORS: We have a junior program that paral els the National Junior program. Some bowlers from BC
have gone on to represent us at both the National and International level.
GREEN MANAGEMENT: We provide assistance with green maintenance. “How to” manuals are available
at the national office. Expertise can be shared amongst other clubs.
There are many benefits from belonging to an association. How much effort do you and your members want to put into being a progressive and viable entity? Not to mention the health and enjoyment benefits…… Now, what are you going to do for Bowls BC?


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