it were to emerge after publication. This is, of course, a subjective definition and of The Lancet (Feb 21, 2004), and help of an adversarial legal dispute is needed could, or actively does, interfere with the article relate to a legal dispute and are, later to pursue litigation, following their such a dispute, irrespective of the rights I work for the pharmaceutical industry as well and wrongs of this particular case, might National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, Academic Cardiology Unit, 10th Floor, QEQM Wing St Mary’s Hospital, scientific paper but a clinical report. The generalisation suggested in the title that society in protecting health over commercial interests: lessons from Thailand. Lancet 2004; 363: 560–63.
reiterate simply reported a novel clinical industry, a contribution to public health The Lancet1 that he was undertaking a of the Sunday Times of Feb 22, 2004, National Institutes for Health, funded by against those of us involved in the Lancet this role, presentation of the US govern- first 12 children reported in the Lancet conceal the fact that the viral study was events. Failure to achieve progress at the Hospital exclusively for the investigation paper in The Lancet in 1998. Almost The Lancet and our co-authors have had knowledge of any future legal claim.
The report itself was a description of the of such conflict, as stated by AJW at the relevant clinical findings. No claim of a time. The Lancet requires that the fund- vaccines pending scientific resolution of THE LANCET • Vol 363 • April 17, 2004 • For personal use. Only reproduce with permission from The Lancet.
history of MMR vaccine and its safety.
subset of children with autistic spectrum interpret the events of the past month as after the original 1998 Lancet paper.
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which AJW bears some responsibility.
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interpretation”, not a retraction of the colonic epithelial pathology and ␥␦-T cell infiltration in autistic enterocolitis. J Pediatrics 2001; 138: 366–72.
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intravenous methylprednisolone trials alone investigated on an individual basis.
15 Singh VK, Jensen RL. Elevated levels of shows 0·17 (–0·06 to 0·39) more improvement measles antibodies in children with autism.
in the corticosteroid than the placebo-treated Lancet report should be viewed in the Pediatr Neurol 2003; 28: 292–94.
patients, which is still not significant.” THE LANCET • Vol 363 • April 17, 2004 • For personal use. Only reproduce with permission from The Lancet.


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