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Welcome to Providence College’s online 2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog, which utilizes the acalog™
academic catalog management system (ACMS™). The Gateway allows all users to view and navigate
catalogs by visiting The goal of the acalog ACMS™ Gateway is to be very
simple and accessible to anyone familiar with the Internet.
Browsing the Gateway is accomplished by clicking on navigation links located on the left of the Gateway.
The top link is always Catalog Home and will take the user to the front page of the current catalog.
Support is available to users through a Help button that opens a pop up window to display help. The Help button is available on nearly all pages of the Gateway.
Choose from Multiple Catalogs

There are several different catalogs available for browsing. To select a different catalog, simply make
your choice from the drop down list at the top right of the page and click the GO button.
The catalog you selected will now become the currently browsed catalog. Since each catalog has customized navigation, the left hand navigation links are different for each catalog. The 2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog is archived and available from the drop down. Going forward, the current catalog will be archived when a new catalog is produced. If an archived catalog is chosen, the text [ARCHIVED CATALOG] will be displayed at the top of every page of the Gateway.
Search a Catalog

The Catalog Search feature in the left hand navigation allows quick retrieval of any catalog data that
matches your interests.
To use the catalog Search, simply enter a search keyword or phrase and click the GO button. By default, the search will attempt to locate matching courses. Select a different choice from the search dropdown to search for different catalog data. You may choose to search for courses, programs, hierarchy items (schools or departments), and other catalog data, or everything at once. The search utilizes smart pattern matching to find courses. For instance, a search phrase of “ENG 101” will return two result tables. The first table entitled Courses - Prefix/Code Matches will contain all courses with the prefix “ENG” and all courses with a code that contains “101”. The second table entitled Courses - Keyword/Phrase Matches will display all courses whose names or other data include matches for the search words “ENG” or “101”. The closest matches will be shown at the top of the result table. When searching for a course prefix and code combination like “ENG 101” a special result table entitled Programs - Course Prefix/Code Matches will also be shown. This table will display any programs in which there are courses that have either the prefix “ENG” or a code that contains “101”. Note: Searching without entering any keywords will result in all possible results being returned
for all search locations chosen.

The Catalog Search will display groups of ten results at a time with extra results being available via pagination links below each result list. To navigate among different pages of results, simply click on the page number to view. If there are more than ten pages, you can jump ten pages at a time within the list by clicking the Back 10 and Forward 10 links. You can always jump to the first and last pages by clicking on the first and last page numbers. The page you are currently viewing will always be highlighted. Search Options
Search options are available by clicking on the Advanced Search link below the regular search form or by
clicking the Modify Search Options link after performing a search. The search options offer more precise
searching of a catalog’s content.
To limit your search to only specific types of catalog content, check only the checkboxes for search locations in which you want to locate data. The Find Whole Word or Phrase Only option means search results will only return hits that exactly match the keyword or phrase entered. Entering "bio" using this option will only return hits in which the term "bio" stands alone; it will not return any instances of the term "biology". The same is true if you enter a phrase. A course prefix list is available to help users locate courses based on their prefixes (e.g. BIO, ENG, etc). To view the prefix list, click the Show Prefix List link. The course prefix list will be shown in a small scrolling box. To hide the list, click the Hide Prefix List link. After selecting options, click the Search button to perform the search. Browse a Catalog
You may easily browse through the catalog by using the different navigation links on the left side of the
Some links may display pages about the catalog, the school, or other related information. Other links may display listings of courses or programs within the catalog. These may be broken down by various filtering methods such as by schools/colleges, by departments or by types. Course and program names are always shown as links. Clicking on a course name will open a pop up window with more information about the course. Clicking on a program name will display all the related information for the program. A link to Add to My Catalog will also be shown. Clicking on the Add to My Catalog link will save courses or programs for later retrieval. See below for more information on the My Catalog feature. The My Catalog Feature
The My Catalog feature allows users to save a list of programs and courses in which the user has interest.
To create an account, simply choose My Catalog from the left hand navigation and click on the register
link. Now enter a valid e-mail address and a password. When done, click the Send button to create the
Note: It is important to use a valid e-mail address in case you ever forget your password.
The account will be created and you will be logged in automatically. Any courses or programs you add to your catalog will now be stored permanently in your account. To login to your account, simply choose My Catalog from Gateway navigation, enter your e-mail
address and password and click the Login button.
If you have forgotten your password, just enter your e-mail address and click the Retrieve Password button and your password will be e-mailed to you. To logout, simply view your Catalog and click the Logout link at top right.
To edit your Catalog account information, login to your Catalog account and click on the Edit Profile
link at the top right of the Catalog.
You may change your account login by entering a new e-mail address and clicking the Send button. To change your password, click on the Change Password link. A pop up window will prompt you for a
new password. Enter a new password and confirmation and click the Reset button. When you are finished,
you may close the pop up window.
Use the My Catalog Feature
You may add items to a personal Catalog as you browse through the online catalogs. The Catalog will retain a list of courses and programs that you have found interesting and want to save for future visits to the online catalog. To add a course or program to your Catalog, first view the course or program in which you are interested. Next click the Add to Catalog link that appears below the course or program name. This will open a new popup window that displays the contents of your Catalog. You may remove courses or programs from your Catalog by selecting the checkboxes next to them and clicking the Remove button. Print Pages from the Gateway
You may easily print most pages on the Gateway of the acalog ACMS™.
To print a page, simply click on the Print This Page link at the bottom right of the page. After clicking the link, a new pop up window will open and automatically attempt to print to your default printer. Already popped up windows will simply print directly from the current window without opening a new pop up window. Note: Search results do not have the Print This Page link.
The print links will not work when using a Macintosh computer or with some browsers on a PC. In such cases you will instead be redirected to the help pages for instructions on how to print by using the browser of operating system’s built in print features. To print a page on a PC, use one of the following methods: Choose “File” - > “Print” from the browser menus. Right click and choose the “Print” option from the popup menu (if available). To print a page on a Macintosh, use one of the following methods: Choose “File” -> “Print” from the finder menus.


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