Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 1 Tuesday, 6 November 2012
Welcoming Remarks
From Niche to Mainstream – An Overview
Chairman of European Bioplastics | Andy Sweetman Keynote Speeches
The EU Bioeconomy Strategy & Bioplastics
European Commission DG Research and Innovation | Alfredo Aguilar Romanillos Supportive Policies for Bioplastics in Germany
Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection | Clemens Neumann
Coffee Break
End-of-Life of Bioplastics
EoL – Recycling
Challenges for Bioplastics Recycling
New Insights into the Recycling of Bioplastics
University of Applied Sciences Hannover | Hans-Josef Endres Plastics Recycling is Hot
EuPR – European Plastics Recyclers | Ton Emans Technical Requirements in Sorting for the Recycling of Bioplastics
Recycling of Post-consumer and Post-industrial PLA Waste
Panel Discussion
EoL – Composting / Biodegradation
Study on Compostability of Ecovio Shopping Bags
New Results on Marine Biodegradation of Mater-Bi
Compost Happily Ever After
Reflecting the Needs of the Market: The Modular Certification Systems
of DIN CERTCO for Biodegradable, Compostable and Biobased Products
Coffee Break
New Application and Process
Altuglas® New Biobased Acrylic Resins
The Rapid Expansion of Ingeo™ Fiber, Nonwoven and New Applications in Everyday Life
BioAmbers Portfolio of Biobased Solutions for Plastics
Isosorbide Based Engineering Plastics: Fast Developement Through Internationnal Cooperation
Integrated Process for Lactic Acid and Polylactic Acid
Bioplastics as Mirrored by Processing and Design Practices
UL International Thermoplastics Testing Center | Bahman Sarabi bioplastics MAGAZINE presents the 7th Annual Global Award for Developers, Manufacturers and Users of Biobased Plastics
Cocktail Reception
Dinner Event
Day 2 Wednesday, 7 November 2012
Keynote Speeche
Environmental Performance
Life Cycle Assessment Results Inform Decision Making
Comparing the Technical and Environmental Performance of Conventional vs Bio-packaging Solutions
with the Aid of a New Carbon Footprinter Tool
Innovia Films | Lucy Cowton, Paul Barker (tbc) Sustainability – Differentiated Approaches to Implementing Sustainability Initiatives
Coffee Break
1. Strategic Market Development
Overview of New Bio-building Blocks and -polymers
How to Tailor Your Material for Customer Needs – a Case Study with New High-heat Coffee Cups
PlantBottle™ – a Collaborative Approach to Innovate PET Packaging
2. Strategic Market Development
Does China Go Bio?
Biodegradable Plastics – Opportunities for Organic Waste Management in China
University of Rostock | Abdallah Nassour BioAdimide for Biopolymers in Durable Application
Closing Remarks
Chairman of European Bioplastics | Andy Sweetman Farewell Coffee


Ganaderia mediterrnea

Sardinian fermented sheep sausage: Microbial biodiversity resource for quality improvement N.P. Mangia, M.A. Murgia, G. Garau, R. Merella and P. Deiana Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali Agrarie e Biotecnologie Agroalimentari, Sezione di Microbiologia, Università di Sassari, V.le Italia, 39, 07100 Sassari, Italy SUMMARY – With the aim of improving the quality and the value of th

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ALIMENTACIÓN E HÍGADO GRASO La alimentación tiene un papel preponderante en el tratamiento del hígado graso no alcohólico, siendo las recomendaciones actuales la disminución del peso corporal y la modificación de la dieta. Dentro de las modificaciones podemos mencionar un menor consumo de calorías (dieta hipocalórica), aumento del consumo de fibra, disminución del consumo de hidr

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