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Present: Absent: Karen Anderson Ron Langhans Scott Middelkamp Greg O’Connor Brad Roessler Randy Simmonds Marshal Stout Dr. Gina Segobiano, Superintendent Dr. Beth Horner, Asst. Supt. I. Call to Order/ President Anderson called the regular meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. in the District Office Board Room. Visitor(s) present: Robyn Dexter, Cory Myers, Rachel Ribolzi, Addyson Shaw, Amanda Truttmann, Bernie Vanatta, Alexis Carr, Michael Kreutzer, and Brendan Schaper. Members of the CHS Student Council were in attendance. They gave a presentation covering all the great projects the council sponsors throughout the year and their National Gold Award, which they’ve received four years in a row. They also requested permission to post a sign on school grounds reminding drivers not to text and drive. Dr. Segobiano also commented on various activities going on in the District. The Actor’s Attic just completed a Repertory Festival at the Middle School, which was highly successful and very entertaining. Tiffany Dill will be recognized at an awards dinner at the Ballpark Hilton for receiving the Peabody Excellence In Education Award. Dr. Segobiano commended the administrators for a job well done in preparing for the beginning of school. Dr. Segobiano sent out a newsletter to the staff welcoming them back. The buildings and grounds look amazing – very clean and polished. Everyone is ready for the new school year which starts tomorrow. There is a great turnout for fall sports. The Belleville News Democrat had a picture of Columbia football on the front page of the Sports section recently. The fall sports meeting will be August 22nd. The FFA will be hosting a pork chop dinner prior to the Columbia v. Dupo football game on September 13th. APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA (Items IV. and V.) IV. Motion to approve the following consent agenda items (Item IV. Minutes and Finance and Item V. Personnel Items), as presented by Superintendent Segobiano, with the addition of Mike Stratton, 7th Grade Basketball Coach (Item V.E.b.): a. Regular Meeting – July 18, 2013 (Release) Approve Bookkeeper’s Financial Position/Treasurer’s Reports Activity Fund Balance Report – July 31, 2013 B. Employ Educational Support Personnel - 2. Mark Franke, Math Teacher 3. Jan Whitman, .5 Speech Teacher D. Approve Temporary Disability Leave(s) - 1. Lerona Pryer, Cook (8/16/13 until released by dr.) E. Approve Extra Curricular Assignments – 1. Jon Wehrenberg,8th Grade Basketball Coach 2. Mike Stratton, 7th Grade Basketball Coach F. Approve Non-Certified Class Advancements - None Motion to approve consent agenda (Item IV. Minutes and Finance and Item V. Personnel Items), as presented, with the addition of Mike Stratton, 7th Grade Basketball Coach (Item V.E.b.), was made by Randy Simmonds, seconded by Ron Langhans. Anderson-Aye, Langhans-Aye, Middelkamp-Aye, O’Connor-Aye The motion carried, 7-Aye, 0-Absent, 0-Nay B. Administrative Reports – The Board reviewed the Principals Reports – Included in Board Packet Directors’ – Athletic, CMT, Technology, Food Service. Orientation. Dr. Horner reported that the new teacher orientation meeting went very well. We have one new teacher, and the rest of the new hires come with teaching experience. She spent the day with the new faculty, which was very positive. We have a very diverse group of new teachers who are all excited to begin working for CUSD4. a. Greenhouse Update. Dr. Segobiano reported that the site work, knee wall, and bringing utilities to the greenhouse will be complete by the first day of school. The greenhouse will be delivered the week of August 19th. The shell will be assembled prior to the first football game (August 30th) with interior work remaining. Full use of the greenhouse is slated for mid-September. Sidewalk and concrete work will be scheduled once the greenhouse shell and doors are installed. The project is a great addition to our educational offerings! b. 2013-2014 School Budget Review. The most up to date 2013-2014 budget was presented to the Board. Approval of the final budget is required to occur in September. c. Attendance at Cahokia Conference Events. Board members and their spouses are welcome to attend all conference games – home and away. Please identify yourself at the gate, and all schools should allow complimentary entry. A. This item was removed from the Agenda and will be
added to the September 19, 2013 Agenda.
2013-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement Between CUSD#4 And CEA Motion to B. Motion was made by Marshal Stout and seconded by Greg O’Connor to approve the proposed 2013-2014 Budget for Upon a voice vote, Motion Carried 7-Aye, 0-Absent, 0-Nay C. Motion was made by Ron Langhans and seconded by Randy Simmonds to approve the contract with D.E. Martin Roofing Co., Inc., for $99,689.00 for the Health Life Safety Roof Repair and Renovation Project at CHS and Langhans-Aye, Middelkamp-Aye, O’Connor-Aye, Roessler-Aye, The motion carried, 7-Aye, 0-Absent, 0-Nay D. Motion was made by Greg O’Connor and seconded by Scott Middelkamp to approve the 2013-2014 Application for Recognition of Schools for Eagleview School, Parkview School, Columbia Middle School, and Upon a voice vote, Motion Carried 7-Aye, 0-Absent, 0-Nay It was moved by Marshal Stout, seconded by Scott Middelkamp to enter Closed Session for the purpose of discussing Collective Bargaining (CEA & CESPA.) Upon a voice vote, Motion Carried 7-Aye, 0-Absent, 0-Nay President Anderson reconvened the meeting to Open Session No action was taken as a result of closed session. With no further business to come before the Board, it was moved by Marshal Stout, seconded by Ron Langhans, to adjourn the meeting. President Anderson adjourned the meeting at 8:52 p.m. _______________________________


Icsh recommendations for the measurement of haemoglobin f

International Journal of Laboratory Hematology The Official journal of the International Society for Laboratory HematologyI N T E R NATI O N A L J O U R NA L O F L A B OR ATO RY H E M ATO LO G YICSH recommendations for the measurement of Haemoglobin FA. D. STEPHENS*, M. ANGASTINIOTIS†, E. BAYSAL‡, V. CHAN§, B. DAVIS–, S. FUCHAROEN**,P. C. GIORDANO††, J. D. HOYER‡‡, A. MOSC

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