“1st WORLD MEETING ON LASERS, LASERTHERAPY, Congress Center Sheraton Hotel – Catania Chairs: Bartolomucci Giorgio, Bencini Pier Luca, Bonan Paolo, Campolmi Piero, Cannarozzo Giovanni, Dattola Santo, Ferrari Angelo, Lopreiato Raffaele, Nisticò Steven, Petrini Nerella, Piccolo Domenico, Sannino Mario, Zagni Giovanni Fabio, Zerbinati Nicola. 1) Surgical lasers and fractional laser Cannarozzo Giovanni - Ablative CO2 laser for non-aesthetic facial skin conditions. Campolmi Piero - Laser rhynoplasty. Greco Raffaele - Ablative laser treatment of mucosa lesions. Case reports. Berné Enrico- 2010 nm Thulium laser: preliminary results and future perspectives of optical fibres in laser surgery. Pacifici Alvaro – A cosmetic plastic surgeon's experience in ablative, non-ablative, and sub-ablative laser treatments Bonan Paolo - Treatment of pathological scars. Le Pillouer-Prost Anne - Scar lasers and scars : what's new? hypertrophic scar management (conventional therapies, lasers, combined therapies.) post-acne scar management Cameli Norma - Fractional ablative laser and reflectance confocal microscopy in acne scar and wrinkle treatment. Greco Maurizio - The synergy of fractional CO2 laser + RF in acne scar removal. Marini Leonardo - Combined laser layering techniques. Greco Raffaele - IV generation laser-assisted resurfacing. HRST1 study results. Pugliese Sebastiano - Facial rejuvenation and dermal microcirculation modifications with combined fractional CO2 and RF treatment . Le Pillouer-Prost Anne - Fractional CO2 lasers: a 6-year experience in France - review of side-effects. Russo Nadia - Non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing (1340 nm – 1540 nm – infrared laser). 2) Vascular lasers, vascular malformations and teleangiectasias Bonan Paolo - Treatment of vascular anomalies. Listro Gioacchino – Clinical and instrumental diagnosis in the treatment of port wine stains Bencini Pierluca - Factors affecting the response of port wine stains to pulsed-dye laser treatment in adults. Berné Enrico - The quality and medical value of laser in remodelling dystrophic outcomes of vascular malformations: "final treatment indications ". Troilius Agneta - Laser and IPL treatment of vascular malformations and tumours with special emphasis on the combination with propranolol. Pugliese Sebastiano - Problems with laser treatment of vascular malformations of the skin and telangiectasias of the face and lower limbs. Bernè Enrico- Innovations and "testing techniques" in the treatment of vascular malformations: the "endpoint". Troilius Agneta - Yag laser treatment of vascular lesions - the pros and cons Galimberti Michela Gianna - Indication of Nd:Yag laser treatment for vascular pathology. Cannarozzo Giovanni - Nd:Yag laser treatment of facial and leg teleangiectasias: an opportunity for valid, non-invasive pre-and post-operative techniques. 3) Q-Switched lasers and pulsed light Bencini Pier Luca - Removal of tattoos with Q-switched laser. Variables influencing outcome and sequelae in a large cohort of treated patients. Marciani Daniela –Multicolour tattoo removal: new technologies. Pugliese Sebastiano - Laser treatment in the removal of tattoos: results, and much more. Ruggiero Giorgio – Q-switched laser: comparisons. Bonan Paolo - Pigmented lesions: tricks and tips? Sannino Mario - Laser treatment of benign superficial pigmented lesions. Piccolo Domenico – Pulsed light: general indications. Sannino Mario – Pulsed light versus laser in the treatment of superficial pigmented lesions. Le Pillouer-Prost Anne - Hair removal complications. What’s new ? Hidradenitis suppurative: global management or laser hair removal and HS. Alotto Massimo – Hair removal: the current state of laser practice. 4) Procedures and techniques associated with light sources Mavilia Luciano - Photodynamic therapy in dermatology: a 12-year experience. Petrini Nerella - Pdt-photorejuvenation and associated procedures. Fai Dario, Romano I. - PDT: off-label applications. Piccolo Domenico - Photodynamic therapy activated by IPL in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers and skin photorejuvenation. Calzavara-Pinton Piergiacomo - UVA1 phototherapy of dermal inflammatory disorders. A randomized comparative clinical trial with CO2 laser, MAL-PDT, cryotherapy and diflofenac gel for the treatment of actinic keratoses. Where is MAL-PDT heading? Findings from real-life clinical practice in over 400 patients in 20 Italian centres. Nisticò Steven, Chiricozzi A. - Excimer radiation in the treatment of vitiligo. Dattola Annunziata, Pavlidis Athanasios - Infrared laser in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis. Campolmi Piero - Radiotherapy: is it now obsolete? Pacifici Alvaro - RFAL: the latest skin tightening and body contouring technologies. Ferrari Angelo - Oedematofibrosclerotic panniculitis treated with the synergy of laser, radiofrequency and ultrasounds. Giuliani Maurizio - Cavitational adipocytolysis: from research to clinical practice. Piccolo Domenico - Laserlipolysis: five years of national and international first-hand experience. Zerbinati Nicola - Laserlipolysis and subcutaneous skin tightening vs conventional lipoplasty. 5) Non-invasive photography and optical imaging (Confocal Microscopy – Dermoscopy) Menchini Giovanni - Non-invasive optical approaches to diagnosis and follow-up of vitiligo. Ferranti Giulio - Dermoscopic and histological correlations in ambiguous melanocitary lesions (displasic naevus, Spitz naevus, Reed naevus). Pellacani Giovanni – To laser or not to laser? how confocal microscopy helps to avoid mistakes on freckles of the face. Nisticò Steven - Messinese S., Pietroleonardo L., Bonatti C. - Confocal microscopy findings in the treatment of pigmentation disorders with IPL. Piccolo Domenico - The usefulness of dermoscopy in laser and intense pulsed light treatments. Sannino Mario - The usefulness of multispectral diagnosis in Q-switched and vascular laser treatments. 6) Unconventional uses of different sources Cannarozzo Giovanni - Pulsed dye laser for non conventional applications. Sannino Mario - 595 nm Pulsed dye Laser on superficial and nodular basal cell carcinomas. Galimberti Gaston - Laser Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma Pugliese Sebastiano - Treating metastatic melanoma satellitosis with 1064 e 532 q-switched. Piccolo Domenico - Unconventional uses of IPL. Sannino Mario - Pulsed dye laser: conventional and unconventional treatments. Marini Leonardo - Thermo Fractional PDT. 7) Forensic medicine issues, informed consent and the laser-therapist’s professional responsibilities/ Regulatory obligations, organization and safety in the laser surgery. Lombardi Giovanni - Informed consent in dermatological laser therapy. Latest news and critical revision. Cameli Norma - Current safety standards in laser surgery. Marini Leonardo – Discussion panel. Lombardi Giovanni - Management and security of dermatological laser therapy in outpatient clinics. State of the art. 8) Laser news Ruggiero Giorgio - Evolutions in radiofrequency. Marini Leonardo - Hormetic laser rejuvenation. Bonan Paolo - What's new in fractional treatment. Zerbinati Nicola - A revolutionary 355nm laser for psoriasis Round table: “Comparison between biotechnological drugs and physical-technological therapies” Tel: +39 095 7114111 Fax: +39 095 271 380


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Letter from the Editor Loyd V. Allen, Jr., Ph.D., R.Ph. Editorial: Insurance Discrimination! Time for a Class Action xyzxyz? As we hear more and more about insurance companies declining coverage for more and more drugs and procedures, something has to give. This editorial will be limited to the topic of insurance coverage for compounded medications and the discrimination insurance companies

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Alternative Therapies - Nancy Melberg Holekamp There have been other therapies for choroidal neovascularization, so whathappened to those or what are we going to see in the future. Yes there arealternatives for treating our patients with exudative age-related maculardegeneration. You might remember the old days when all we had was laser andwe had no other choice, but we actually have some c

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