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A- Complete these sentences with the correct form of WILL- GOING TO
1 I feel really tired. I think I ____________ go to bed. 2 Where are you going? I ____________ visit a customer. 3 Do you want me to help you? No thanks. John ____________ help me. 4 Would you prefer tea or coffee? I____________ have some coffee, please. 5 Would you like to come to my house for dinner and talk about this? Good idea. I ____________ bring some wine. 6 I've already decided. I ____________ buy a new car 7 What are your plans for next week? I ____________ to fly to New York on business. Probably on Tuesday but I haven't bought my ticket yet. 8 What are your plans for the holidays? I ____________ visit my parents for a few days and then go walking in Scotland. 9 Why are you wearing your best suit? I ____________ have lunch with my biggest customer. 10 Do you want to have the chicken or the beef? I think ____________ have the beef. 11 My head hurts. Sit down and I ____________ get you an aspirin. 12 We need some more ink for the printer. I ____________ go to the shop and get some. 13 Look! There's smoke coming out of the photocopier. You turn it off and I ____________ phone the safety officer 14 I cannot see how to use this spreadsheet. Don't worry. I ____________ help you. 15 Did you phone Michael? I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I ____________ do it now. 16 Can you help me with this? I don't understand. I ____________ give you a hand as soon as I've finished this. 17 Could somebody answer the phone? I ____________ get it. 18 It's really hot in here. I ____________ put on the air-conditioning. 19. I think Susan ____________ in love with Mike. (fall) 20. John ____________ to his new CD all evening. (listen) 21. It's late. I hope we ____________ the bus. (not miss) 22. I think the police ____________ the burglars. (arrest) 23. ____________ the new words this time, Peter? (you learn) 24 Jane and Sue ____________ a present for mum's birthday. (buy) 25. I hope you ____________ me with the dishes, Julie. (help) 26. Next summer we ____________ at a campsite near a lake. (probably stay) 27. We ____________ to Scotland this summer. (go) 28. I promise, I ____________ you up tomorrow. (ring) 29. Maybe he ____________ any time next weekend. (not have) 30. She ____________ a baby next April. (have) 31. I hope the train ____________ delayed. (not be) 32. They ________________________ the exam. (probably pass) 33. The sky is cloudy and grey. It ____________. (rain) 34. When the weather is fine we ________________________ a picknick in our garden. (probably 35. ____________ him for help? (you ask) 36. Susan ____________ the bathroom next weekend. (paint) 37. I think he ____________ her name. (find out) 38. I ____________ a walk in the garden this evening. (take) 39. Let's hope that the wind ____________ away the clouds. (blow) 40. Mary ____________ a good mark because she has studied hard. (get). 41. Are you sure, you ____________ in a tent in your holidays? (sleep) 42. Peter ____________ his new bike in the park. (ride) 43. I hope Jane ____________ me to her party. (invite). 44. I ____________ dad's car tomorrow afternoon. (wash) 45. Mum thinks dad ____________ home early tonight. (come) 46. It ____________ very cold in the mountains. Take a sweater with you. (probably be) 47. We ____________ our bikes in the park. Can you come with us? (ride) 48. It's my birthday next Friday. Mum ____________ a cake. (bake)

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