FAQs for Dinlog Sahjan:
1.Query: What is Dinlog? What is Sahjan?
Answer: Dinlog is the brand name. Sahjan is the product name. Sahjan is also known as
Sahjana in Hindi and Drum Stick in English and Murungaikkai in Tamil. It is a 1 or 2 feet
lengthy greeny stick like vegetable usually growing on trees which grows up to 20 feet
2. Query: The product appears just like water without any taste or smell. It appears like clear
water without anything in it. Why? How it is called a product?
Answer: Yes. It appears like clear water without any taste or smell. But it contains extracts of
Sahjana seeds in nano quantities and works extremely well like taking 10 Drumsticks
(vegetable) with food. Nobody can take more than 1 or 2 Drumsticks with food without side
effects. But Dinlog Sajan gives the benefit of intaking large quantity of Sahjan without side
effects. So it is called a product.
3. Query: It appears like just water. Why it is priced at Rs.99 for 18ml or Rs.245 for 50ml?
Answer: The MRP is Rs.99/18ml or Rs.245/50ml. But this 50 ml bottle can be used for 50 days
when you take just once a day. The health benefits are amazing more than any known
products viz. local substitutes for the world famous Viagra. After using the product for even
5 days no user will complain it to be a costly product. The benefits derived are too much
compared to the price of the product.
4. Query: What are the side effects?
Answer: There are no known side effects as this is just a food supplement. No side effect has
every been received in the past. A few persons complained of constipation when excess
dosages were taken. So persons with Constipation problems are advised to avoid this
5. Query: What are the benefits?
Answer: Please do a search i
for the benefits of Drumsticks. It is very rich
in Vitamin A and Iron and also Vitamin E. This is good for improving eyesight and for happy
married life. Many middle aged men and women and old aged persons have benefited very
much by using this product. Please read Typical Feed Back for users comments about the
benefits derived by taking Dinlog Sahjan.
6. Query: What happens if instead of half a spoon one spoon is taken?
Answer: It is not as much beneficial to take one full spoon instead of half a spoon. We found
half a spoon with 100~110 ml water is more beneficial than one spoon with 100~110 ml water.
Hence only half a spoon is recommended.
7. Query: What happens if instead of one time at evening about 6pm or 6.30pm it is taken
during early mornings or lunch hours?
Answer: Dinlog Sahjan is recommended to be taken only once a day. One can take it anytime
during the day. But to have bedtime benefits it has been advised to take it in the evening 6pm
or 6.30pm. The effect is usally felt after about 3 hours time.
8. Query: What happens if Dinlog Sahjan is taken twice or thrice a day instead of once a day?
Answer: No benefits is derived if taken more than once a day. So please avoid taking Dinlog
Sahjan more than one time a day.
9. Query: What happens if product is discontinued?
Answer: Nothing happens. The body will go to old condition with in a few days of stopping
Dinlog Sahjan. One can take this product continuously for 15 days and give a gap of 7 or 15

days and continue again. But if daily health benefits are derived it is better to take Dinlog
Sahjan every day.
8. Query: Why Dinlog Sahjan is called a Food Supplement?
Answer: Anybody can take Dinlog Sahjan. A product which can be taken only by persons
suffering from particular disease is called a medicine. This is just a Food Supplement only as
this gives good health.
9. Query: Can we get this product in our Town?
Answer: One can get this product anywhere in India. We are yet to export this product to
other countries. If there is not Dinlog Agent / Dealer in your Town you can directly place order
with us and purchase from us and we shall be glad to dispatch the goods by RPP or through
Courier to your address. Minimum order value is Rs.1000 [and the Packing and Forwarding
(Courier/Postage) of Rs.100 is free in that Rs. 1000]. Pleaser refer to Enquiry and Order Form
for this purpose.

Source: http://www.dinlog.in/pdffilesm13/sahjanfaqm13.pdf

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