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Price List
Membership Fees
Doctor Consultation Fees
Joining Fees
Telephone (15 mins, including out of hours) VIP12 Home Visit (during surgery hours)# 5th & subsequent members of a household Medical Procedures
VIP 12 membership
(excludes Nurse/Doctor fee unless stated)
Cervical Smear–Non-member (inc Nurse fee) £112.50 VIP 24 membership
VIP 24+ membership
# during surgery hours and at the Doctor’s discretion ## booked during surgery hours and at the Doctor’s Ear Syringe (Non-Member) includes Nurse fee £70.00 VIPi Membership
Clinical Administrative Support
Lung Function Test (includes Nurse fee) * Nurse Consultation Fees
Insurance Forms (v)
Non Member (includes consult fee) £215.00 Non-Members
Medical Examination Fees
Fitness to drive (v)
Fitness to perform (v)
Fees do not include the procedure or test fee. Home visit Fitness to travel (v)
fees are applicable within 15 miles of the surgery; Fork Lift Driver (v)
additional £10 for each 5 miles thereafter Scuba Diving (v)
Vitamin B12 injection(Non Member)inc Nurse fee£30.75 HGV Licence (v)
Missed appointment fees will apply if the appointment Racing Car Driver (v)
has not been cancelled at least 4 hours in advance ** Only charged if no vaccinations are given Travel & Health Vaccinations
MASTA Travel Health Retail Products
Adult Vaccines
Travellers First Aid Kit (v)
Mosquito DuoNet Double (v)
Mosquito MicroNet Single (v)
Mosquito Box Net Double (v)
Expedition Sun Mountain Formula 100ml (v)
Expedition PLUS 50+ 100ml (Deet) (v)
Natural Plus Sunscreen 40+ 100ml (v)
Natural Kids Plus 30+ 50ml Roll-On (v)
Sterile Kit (v)
Sterile Pro Kit (v)
Bite Relief – Click (v)
Tick Remover (v)
Dual Mosquito Killer & 35ml Liquid (v)
Dual Mosquito Killer Refill Liquid 35ml (v)
Chlorine Drinking Water Tablets (72) (v)
Neutralising Tablets – Pocket Pack (48) (v)
Aqua Pure Traveller Water Purifier (v)
Aqua Pure Replacement Filters (v)
MASTA Travel Health Medication
Chloroquine 20 tablets (v)
Doxycycline 50 tablets (v)
Diarrhoea Treatment Kit (v)
Loperimide (v)
Mefloquine (Lariam) 8 tablets (v)
Malarone 12 tablets (v)
Child Vaccines
Malarone Paediatric 12 tablets (v)
Paludrine/Avloclor (98/14 tablets) (v)
Paludrine 98 tablets (v)
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whoop, Hib & Polio Tests (excludes Nurse/Doctor Fee)
Urine Test: Microscopy & Culture (UCEM) Biochemistry Profile & Cholesterol (DL1L) Biochemistry & Haematology Profile (DL2) Well Man Screen & Cholesterol (DL7L) Well Woman Screen & Cholesterol (DL8L) B & H 16 parameters & Cholesterol (DL4L) NB: Prices are per vaccination - a course of
B & H Postal Profile & Cholesterol (DL5L) Laser consultation Fees
vaccinations may be required. A nurse consultation
Laser Skin Rejuvenation Consultation fee £35.00 fee may also apply.
Laser Hair Removal Consultation fee £35.00 * A Nurse fee is applicable on the first vaccination for non This Price List was updated on 1/11/2012
** If both vaccinations are booked, only one nurse fee is Please Note that all items marked with a (v) are
VAT’able and include VAT at 20%
Full Blood Count & ESR (FBC & ESR)

Source: http://www.doctornow.org/assets/files/Price%20List%20011112Finalversion.pdf


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