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Dionicio Rhodes Siegel

The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Fax: (512) 471-0397 Norman Hackerman Building, 5.132
B.A. Chemistry Reed College, Portland, OR Advisors: Arthur Glasfeld and Patrick McDougal
Activities and Awards

College of Natural Sciences Outreach Excellence Award Camille and Henry Dreyfus Special Grant in the Chemical Sciences The University of Texas System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award CDMRP Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Captain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Men’s Rugby Club Upjohn-Pharmacia Fellow, California Institute of Technology Institute Fellowship, California Institute of Technology Captain, Reed College Men’s Rugby Team
Research and Professional Experience

2007-present: Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at Austin with a research program
focused on synthesis and mechanism of action studies of natural products that promote
regeneration. In addition, the group develops new synthetic methods for the hydroxylation of
aromatic compounds.
2003-2007: CDMRP Postdoctoral Fellow at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with Prof.
Samuel Danishefsky. Research involved the total syntheses of polyprenylated phloroglucin natural
products garsubellin A and nemorosone.
1998-2003: Graduate Student at Harvard University with Prof. Andrew Myers. Research centered
on the development of a laboratory preparation of tetracycline. The synthesis was developed to
permit the syntheses of new, tetracycline-based antibiotics and led to the inception of Tetraphase
Pharmaceuticals, a company that is now publicly-traded.
Other Activities

1. Director of “Texas Shamans”: The Texas Shamans workshop is based on the study of natural
products produced in plant species native to Texas. The program targets high schools in the
Austin Independent School District . Both high school students and science teachers have
participated in numerous weeklong workshops over the last four years. The Camille and Henry
Dreyfus Foundation, The University of Texas at Austin, NSF, and the Michael and Susan Dell
Foundation have funded the program. The outreach program is run in collaboration with the Lady
Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin Texas.
2. I have created a new research class at UT Austin, “Bioprospecting; Isolation of Biologically
Active Natural Products from Endophytes”. The Freshman Research Initiative class, supported by
HHMI and NSF focuses on the study of natural products produced by endophytes in various plant
species. Through a combination of fieldwork and laboratory experimentation students select and
locate plants of interest, cultivate and characterize the endophytic microorganisms, isolate the
natural products the microbes produce, and screen these compounds in cell and C. elegans-based
assays. The class spans multiple subdisciplines of biology and chemistry, ranging from
ethnobotany to analytical chemistry.


The University of Texas at Austin Publications

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Graduate and Postdoctoral Publications

C. Tsukano, D. R. Siegel, S. J. Danishefsky “Total Synthesis of Polycyclic
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Source: http://dsiegel.cm.utexas.edu/uploads/file_uploads/DRS%20CV%20August.pdf

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