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Coffee Marathon
and other Fairtrade celebrations
There can’t be too many readers of KesMail – can there? – who don’t know that Keswick
is a pretty amazing place for Fairtrade. ‘Fairtrade in Keswick,’ said one visitor (and
that was three years ago), ‘you can’t miss it!’ It’s even more unmissable now! For our visitors it is in the 70 or so guest houses and hostels, 60 self-catering properties, some but not many hotels (yet), nearly 3 dozen cafés, restaurants, coffee and tea shops, and galleries that they find it. It is also in many of our shops, and now in two pubs and one off-license, too! To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, 2008 (25th February to 9th March), the local
campaign group – active as ever – is organising several events. One of these will be an even bigger version of last year’s ‘COFFEE MARATHON’. As this article is being
written we are planning it. It will involve as many people as possible visiting as many of the participating tea and coffee shops, hotels, cafés, and restaurants as their caffeine quota will allow them – all in a fortnight! Think of it as a kind of long, drawn out ‘Fairtrade
Café Crawl’ – taken at your own pace.
so long as it is FAIRTRADE

Also in Fairtrade Fortnight in Keswick there will be chance to hear Harriet Lamb,
Director of the Fairtrade Foundation. Harriet will be speaking at Words by the Water
at 7.30, 4th March on Fighting Fairtrade Battles. Tickets are on sale at Theatre by the
Lake now. Copies of Harriet’s book, Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade
Battles, will be on sale during the festival. And we shall also carry stocks afterwards.

We have other events in the pipeline – including a working breakfast, followed by a
reception, with Harriet Lamb on 5th March.
By the end of Fairtrade Fortnight everyone ought to be able to say: ‘Fairtrade Fortnight
in Keswick – you couldn’t miss it!
If anyone would like to know more about our local Campaign, and about Fairtrade
Fortnight contact me on 017687 80047.


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