Mpumalanga main budget approriation speech: 2008/2009

Friday, 20 June 2008
Principal and Staff of Somcuba Primary School Members of the Matala Nkosi School Project Abosomabubulo nabo soma-Business aba-khona In the words of Russell Ballard, a motivator, and I quote: “Attitude is an important part of the foundation upon which we build
a productive life. A good attitude produces good results, a fair
attitude poor results, a poor attitude poor results. We each shape our
own life, and the shape of it is determined largely by our attitude.”
I’m referring to this quote because it is indeed true, that attitude shapes who we want to be, and what we want to see happening around us. It is when you approach life in a positive attitude, that you will be able to make it in life. With a positive attitude, the sky will be your only limit. It is people like ubaba J.V Mdluli, who approached life in a positive attitude, who have made it and are now ploughing back to their communities. Remember – we are what we are, because our communities also contributed to our success. Keynote address by the MEC for Finance during a donation hand-over function, 20 June 2008
Programme Director, Sibusisiwe isandla esiphako, kune samukelako! What we are experiencing today, is a true reflection of ubuntu – a spirit of caring, altruism and belonging. Ubuntu is about caring for the well-being your neighbour – it is about understanding the pain and adverse conditions, which even your enemy is enduring. Government alone, will not be able to satisfy community needs all at once. Let us hold each other by hand, and continue to better the lives of our people, especially the less privileged. The donation of the school uniforms to the less privileged learners by Mr Mdluli, is a clear indication that we still have people with a heart to give. May I take this opportunity to congratulate ubaba Mdluli, for ploughing back to his community. I also want to challenge other business people to emulate Mr Mdluli and also contribute to such noble causes. You can do such by at least adopting a disadvantaged school, an impoverished family or a child you who is less fortunate in your neighbourhood. I actually draw inspiration from the words once said by Justice Yvonne Mokgoro, a Constitutional Court Judge, and I quote: “It is when you love yourself first, that you love others enough to keep
giving, however little. That is what Ubuntu is.”

As a representative of government, I also take this opportunity to commend you, the community of Msogwaba and the surrounding areas, for having not been swayed by the wave of hatred, which had engulfed our beautiful country and Province, in particular. Our brothers and sisters were attacked, displaced, maimed and even burned to death, as a result of irresponsible utterances. What makes it more sad is that, after the storm is over, and I want you to understand me correctly, it is discovered that even South Africans Keynote address by the MEC for Finance during a donation hand-over function, 20 June 2008
As the country is still trying to come to terms with these senseless and inhumane killings of foreign nationals, I urge you to continue to live with these brothers and sisters as you have done so far. You’ve shown your ubuntu and lived up to the principles of the Freedom Charter and the commitment we made in the Constitution of our beautiful country, that South Africa Let us continue to jealously protect the image of our beautiful Province; that we are the people of peace and love; that we are the people with “A Pioneering Once more congratulations to Mr Mdluli, for his contribution and dedication to assist those less privileged than some of us are. South Africa needs people like you – if we are to build a caring and humane country. Our quest for a better life and safety and security for all, irrespective of one’s origin, is being realised and supported through such nobleness. Keynote address by the MEC for Finance during a donation hand-over function, 20 June 2008


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