1-19-2012 intermediate

I. Look at pages 112 and 113 in the OPD. Practice pronouncing the words. Discuss the meaning of the words.
II. When the teacher reads one of the vocabulary words, say the number beside the word. Then write down the word. Use the word in a sentence.
III. Practice these conversations. Answer the questions.
Dr. Smith: What symptoms do you have Mrs. Jones?
Mrs. Jones: My nose is stopped up. I have a bad headache. My throat hurts when I
Dr. Smith: Have you been running a fever?
Mrs. Jones: I did not take my temperature, but I don’t think so.
Dr. Smith: Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Are you coughing?
Mrs. Jones: A little at night. I don’t cough in the daytime.
Dr. Smith: Mrs. Jones, I don’t think you have a cold or the flu. I think you have
allergies. There is a lot of cedar in the air right now. You should stay inside. You can
take Claritin. It is an allergy medication. It will help your symptoms. Drink plenty of
water and get lots of rest.
1.What are Mrs. Jones symptoms?
2.When does Mrs. Jones throat hurt?
3.Did Mrs. Jones take her temperature?
4.Does Mrs. Jones cough in the daytime?
5.Does Mrs. Jones cough at nightime?
6.What is Dr. Smith’s diagnosis?
7.What does Dr. Smith tell her to take?
8.What other advice does Dr. Smith give Mrs. Jones?
Nurse: What was the doctor’s diagnosis?
Mrs. Jones: The doctor said I have allergies.
Nurse: Did he give you a prescription?
Mrs. Jones: No. He told me to take Claritin.
Nurse: Claritin is an over the counter medicine. You do not need a prescription.
Mrs. Jones: My head is throbbing. Do you have any medicine I could take?
Nurse: Sure. Here are some aspirin. Take two now.
1.Did the doctor give Mrs. Jones a prescription?
2.What is an over the counter drug?
3.What is wrong with Mrs. Jones’ head?
4.What did the nurse give Mrs. Jones?
5.What instructions did the nurse give Mrs. Jones?
Lara: I need to pick up my prescription.
Pharmacist: Here it is. Have you taken this medicine before?
Lara: No, I haven’t.
Pharmacist: The dosage is one tablet twice a day. You should take it with food. If you
take it on an empty stomach, you will get nauseous.
Lara: I will take it with food.
Pharmacist: The doctor also prescribed cough medicine. It is a liquid. Take two
spoonfuls at bedtime. Do you have any questions?
Lara: No, I understand. Thank you.
1.Did Lara take this medicine before?
2.How many tablets does Lara take each day?
3.Why will she take the medicine with food?
4.When will Lara take cough medicine?
5.How much cough medicine will she take?
1.Have you used an inhaler for asthma?
2.Have you used eye drops?
3.Have you taken antacids for your stomach?
4.What pain relievers do you take?
5.Does your skin get dry in the winter? Do you use cream to relieve the dryness?
6.Have you ever worn a cast?
7.Have you ever worn a sling?
8.Does a heating pad relieve backache?
9.Where do you fill prescriptions?
10.If you give someone a dose of their own medicine, you treat them the way they treat

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