Church council minutes august 14, 2012

The meeting opened with a prayer by Pastor Ernie Vineyard at 5:30pm. There were fourteen members in
Music Ministry – Sarah Williams
Soul Kids and First call will start the week of the 20th. Soul Kids will be expanded to include Fine Arts.
Approval of previous Church Council minutes was made by Wendell. Elmer seconded the motion and it
was approved.
Old Business
The Welcoming Certification needs to be redone, and we need a volunteer to do this. It is an online
process. Welcoming banners on butcher paper should be made for the gym for the BBQ.
New Business
The next “Doing His Work” project will be outside painting of Sarah Williams’s house. She has the paint
and tools. The group will meet at the church at 7:30am and start at Sarah’s house by 8am.
Revision of the church’s Mission Statement discussed. Jack Galbraith moved that we change it to be
exactly as the United Methodist statement is written. Suanne Delk seconded and the motion passed.
Claire Phillips will change the church letterhead and the bulletin, and Jack Galbraith will update the
church web site to “Making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”
The fall festival will be on October 06th 2: pm to 4pm.
Trustee’s report on roof repair was given by Ernie Vineyard.
There are leaks in the Fellowship Hall and in the sanctuary over the sound/video booth. Tim Brusseau
gave an estimate on roof repair. He also gave a quote on redoing the roof with a product guaranteed for
10 years, materials and labor, approximately $72,900. This does not include the Mac building. It was
suggested by the trustees that we patch what is wrong for now and then present a capital fund drive to the
congregation to fix the roof correctly. The Trustees will get other bids.
Mike Hofacket moved that we have a capitol fund drive to repair the roof, with the Trustees in charge of
choosing the best qualified bidder. Wendell Hutchison seconded the motion which passed.
Mary Galbraith talked about upgrading the lighting in the church/Mac buildings which will result in an
energy savings and allow us to avoid problems with the current fluorescent bulbs are no longer available.
The cost will be approximately $6000. Dick Gillett will be able to do this with a few helpers. This motion
comes from the Trustees to fund the upgrade. Discussion followed and the motion was approved.
The financial planning seminar has been tabled till further notice.
Committee Reports
Finance- Wendell Hutchison

Sally Cooper asked that someone else be added to sign checks on the memorial account at First New
Mexico Bank. It was agreed that Wendell Hutchison be the second check signer.
Finance has decided not to continue advertising with Starmax and Dex One, in favor of targeted
advertising for special events.
Elmer announced that on October 28th thru 30th, Tom Fuller will be our guest speaker for The Wesley
Adventure. Invitations and announcements will be sent out to other churches.
Labor Day Campout – the speaker will be David Blackwell.
Staff Reports

Beth Simpson- The seven weeks “Animate Faith”, Sunday school study will start on September 9th.
Claire Phillips- Faith Based Community Training will be on Saturday September 29th from 8:30 am to
2:30pm. Other churches will be invited to come. This is for anyone who is working with children and
youth. All our children’s groups will start back up next week. Bible Presentation Sunday is September
9th, with Bibles being given to our 3rd and 7th graders during both services.
The next church council meeting will be Tuesday September 11th, at 5:30pm.
The meeting was closed in prayer by Wendell Hutchison.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Adams
Recording Secretary


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