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Elcometer 260 Surefire® Fluorescenator UV Pinhole Flashlight The Elcometer 260 Surefire® Fluorescenator UV Pinhole & Porosity
Pinhole Flashlight provides a quick, low cost method of testing coatings for pinholes. Developed for the industrial and marine the failure of the coating. A markets, the Elcometer 260 features a six watt purple Class 1 light emitting diode. The flashlight has a beam wavelength of 405nm (±5 nm), coating. Collectively referred which the human perceives as a purple light. Battery powered, the Elcometer 260 features a click-on/push-off button with a lockable tailcap to Runs & Sags:
Elcometer 260 Surefire® Fluorescenator A base coat containing a UV fluorescing additive Cratering:
At a glance:
is applied*. When the UV flashlight shines on the coating, areas where the base coat is not not re-flow to cover the voids covered fluoresce, clearly showing the location generated by air bubbles The flashlight is manufactured from rugged Pinholes:
aerospace-grade aluminium and is O-ring Caused either by air sealed to protect it from moisture, dust or entrapment which is then coating particulates. A Pyrex® lens with an anti- reflective coating adds to its durability. Over Coating:
Use UV reflecting base coat and shine the Manufactured from rugged aerospace-grade Can be used in accordance with:
aluminium and is O-ring sealed to protect it Under Coating:
Battery powered and features a click-on/push off button with lockout tailcap to prevent accidental activation during transport or A Pyrex® lens with an anti-reflective coating
* Please note that Elcometer do not supply the fluorescing additive.
Please contact your Coatings supplier for information.

Elcometer 260 Surefire® Fluorescenator UV Pinhole Flaslight Lens type
Pyrex® lens with anti-reflective coating Power Output
Light Source
Class 1 Light Emitting Diode (LED) IEC60825-1 (A2:2001) Beam wavelength
Flashlight casing
Battery life (continuous use)
Battery type
Elcometer 260 Surefire® Fluorescenator UV Pinhole Flashlight, 2 x 123A lithium Packing list
Part Number
Spares / Accessories

Pinhole and Porosity Testing Methods:
Wet Sponge Technique
Suitable for measuring insulating coatings less than 500µm (20mils) on conductive substrates. The wet
sponge technique is ideal for powder coatings and any thin coatings where the user does not wish to
damage the coating.
A low voltage is applied to a sponge and moistened with water and a wetting agent. When the sponge
moves over a coating flaw, liquid penetrates to the substrate and completes an electrical circuit, setting
off the alarm.
UV Pinhole Detection
UV light can be used as a low cost, quick method of detecting pinholes in coatings. A base coat
containing a UV fluorescing additive is applied. When the UV flashlight shines on the coating, areas
where the base coat is not covered fluoresce, clearly showing the location of the pinhole.

High Voltage Technique
The high voltage, or spark test method, can be used to test coatings up to 7.5mm (300mils) thick. This
method is ideal for inspecting pipelines and other protective coatings. Coatings on concrete can also be
tested this way.
A power supply generates a high DC voltage, which is connected to a suitable probe, and an earth return
is connected to the substrate. As the probe is passed over the coated substrate, a flaw is indicated by a
spark at the contact point which sets off the alarm.
This technique is suitable for locating the types of flaws described above. Care is required on thin
Elcometer 260 Surefire® Fluorescenator UV Pinhole Flaslight

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Elcometer 260 Surefire® Fluorescenator UV Pinhole Flaslight


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