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Gold Ribbon Rescue
February 2005
Golden Health
Those Pesky, Itchy, Hot Spots

Finally, if it already looks really horrible Lick granulomas
Nearly 10 years ago, Eric and I got our first when you catch it, head for the vet.
Golden, Lulu, from Helen Dorrance. “What health issues are we likely to encounter?” From GRR president Maura Phelan: “I have we asked. “Hot spots and skin allergies,” obsessive, to the point where all the fur is she promptly replied. She was right! I don’t gone and the dog creates a raw, spreading think there’s a Golden owner on the planet Travel-Ease with good results. Bathing the who hasn’t had to deal with the dread hot ulcerated center. In especially bad cases spot on at least a few occasions. For those lesion almost to the bone. The area is often familiar with the problem: a hot spot is a infected. Cam Snyder, frequent GRR foster sore place, usually raw and seeping, that a dad, recalls his foster dog Duke: “Duke was chew on his left back leg, right above his to enormous, and they can appear in their full glory literally within a few hours, much to the horror of the owners, who feel they critical. Feed a high-quality food and give abnormal behavior, at least that I noticed.
less nightmarish stage. If the hot spot goes Derm Caps, Lipiderm, 3Vs, Vitacoat— there unattended for long, the whole nasty mess keep the dog from getting dry, itchy skin in returned the next day for a recheck. Margo plaque on the skin, creating an ideal moist, met us there, and can verify it was not a airtight environment for bacterial growth “itchy” times of year; you can start with Benadryl (works for some dogs, not at all clean the wound, apply a topical antibiotic So, what to do? Preventive techniques are for others) or Tavist. If nothing seems to like Mycitracin, cover it with a sterile pad many, and we will get to those in a minute.
help with the fierce scratching/biting that can generate hot spots in a hurry, talk to hold it on, secured with tape. Then put a already there— here are some ideas from all From Kathy Burton: “We’ve used 99% pure and he wore an Elizabethan collar if I was aloe vera gel on it (after trimming an area Sierra used to turn herself into hamburger, From Becky LaBrum: “Groom your dog (expensive, but a lifesaver for this dog). A start to close, then he would open it again, often and run your fingers back and forth low dose of prednisone for a limited time although never as bad as the first time.” under her fur, not forgetting the insides of her legs and her tummy. This is a good way Tuczkowski has had excellent success with About the only thing that became clear to to find hot spots before they get too far. If me after several days reading the tons of you find one, shave or clip the fur over and Sweet’s evening meals on a daily basis, and there has not been a re-occurrence of hot there's no one cause, and (as Cam’s exposed to air, it often dries up, scabs over, spots in over 18 months. Says Emily, “it’s account il ustrates) the problem is probably true that dogs, like humans, are gently clean with a mild antiseptic soap.
prone to different reactions to different cooling or anti-itch spray. We generally use Gold Ribbon Rescue
February 2005
On January 13, Chewie headed to thehospital for the operation. It was a success!After a few days of observation at the clinic(during which time the entire staff and allthe vets fell in love with him, of course), hereturned to his foster home and hisfavorite perch on the Lazy Boy. He’srecovering nicely now and not a bit Cost of a pain-ffree future for Chewie:$1,735. Golden Health— Hot Spots and Lick Granulomas (continued from page 4)
it is gone and other times I see a little area that needs attention. Her fur is still a little „ Bone or joint pain: the dog's attention is these tactics don’t do much. Once collars likes to lick at her paws and I’m always For really drastic cases, surgical excision (by leave it on for 10 minutes a couple of times „ Separation or other anxiety: one theory a week. I have cut a sponge in fourths and just put a dab of shampoo on the area and the release of endorphins, the body’s feel- rub it in with the sponge. If I see that she is endings. But even here, the dog may lick at licking more than usual then I spray bitter the incision line or the healing area, and… As far as treatments go, if you do have an This is one of those cases where vets and idea about causes, you can at least start on The latest wisdom from some vets is a long because we’re unlikely actually to achieve a the allergies or treating arthritis pain; by cure. It’s a case of working with your vet, adding thyroid supplements; by giving the seated infection so typical of these lesions.
trying to pinpoint the triggers, and having something that helps your particular dog.
toys and food puzzles for him when he’s Web sources. You’ll find dozens of web articles on doggie skin troubles. A few links to try: amitriptyline, clomipramine, or prozac. But solvent for thick, dense connective tissue, www.aztecanimalclinic.com/lick_gran.htm; granulomas can attest, once the licking has often used for horses; it absorbs quickly www.thepetcenter.com/exa/lick.html; become a habit, it is really hard to break. and helps deal with the thickened, granular www.skinvet.com/diseasedetail.asp?index=2; comments: “Sometimes the spot looks like

Source: http://www.grr-tx.com/sites/default/files/hot_spots.pdf


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