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info, etc. Have medical information noted, FAMILY AND PET
Your Family Disaster Kit should include: information for physicians and therapists. EMERGENCY
 Water, one gal on of clean water per PLANNNG PROJECT
perishable food per person and pet such as stomach and intestinal upsets, eye wash, first aid items such as antiseptics, Band-  Nail clippers & metal file, styptic Aids, wraps sterile bandages, thermometer, Photo Courtesy of: Virginia Skiby
pliers, wrench, screwdriver, flares and fuel. ASSOCIATION OF
with tight lid, bleach, toilet paper, soap,  Bedding and clothing including shoes, blankets or sleeping bags, rain gear, etc. Develop and maintain a file that contains account numbers, Wil s, insurance, papers, pet’s identifying information, the names, (The Original AKK Breed Club)
information for their Vet. Include copies  Develop a “Contacts” Book or file of the registration papers, microchip info numbers, e-mail, internet account access INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY
Veterinary clinic) with directions. Teach & PET EMERGENCY
While no one expects disaster or terror to off water, gas and electricity at the main strike or affect them, everyone needs to be  Create a Family Disaster Plan. Conduct a family meeting and discuss the need for Florida, along the Atlantic seaboard, and the Gulf Coast suffer through hurricanes; members and assign a family team leader. the Mid West deals with tornadoes and the West Coast is prone to fires, floods and in the event of each of the disasters that you have identified as potential in your  Survey your home for potential hazards Disasters do happen every year. There may quite likely in a natural disaster. Terrorist  Identify the best escape routes from at acks are possible anywhere in the world; Coordinate with an out-of-area relative  Determine safe spots in your home in 2) your children’s school or child care this guide to Emergency Family & Pet should also be located in your car trunk. Planning for your consideration and use in 3) the home of a relative or friend in the  Review, update and practice your plan This relative or friend should be able to expiration dates and rotate items in the  Determine the types of disasters that might occur in your area, the key issues months available life on items including water. Rotate items at least every 4 to 6 Janet Mann and PR Committee for the
Acquaint yourself with disaster plans at  Agree on your plan and post important your workplace, child care facilities and Alaskan Klee Kai Association
of America, Inc. 2006


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