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Holland Park
Child Care Centre

Asthma Policy
Reviewed by Management/Staff and Families Jan 2011
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Quality Practices Draft (2007) – Standard 13 Quality Improvement and Accreditation System (QIAS) Policy statement
As of the 15th January 2007 children with asthma will need to have an Asthma Record Card and
First Aid plan. Parents/guardians will need to make sure it is updated at least six monthly.
Indicators that a child is having difficulty breathing include:
Dry, irritating, persistent cough that worsens with play. Shortness of breath, which often shows as tummy breathing (abdomen looks more swollen than usual) A wheeze / whistling sound that can sometimes be heard when the child is breathing out. If the child does not have a formal asthma diagnosis then Queensland legislation prevents
a Child Care Centre from administering blue reliever puffers such as Asmol / Ventalin as
staff have first aid certificates NOT Asthma Management training. In an emergency staff
can contact parents for authorisation to administer Ventolin to a child without an Asthma
diagnosis. This is permitted under Section 256A or Section 256B of the Health Regulation
If a child should present with breathing difficulties and does not have a diagnosis of Asthma
then staff will:
Step One
If the child is diagnosed with Asthma and is having difficulty breathing then staff will: Step one Sit the child upright- Without hesitation Wait  The centre will no longer use Nebulisers at the centre without written consent from the doctor and parental demonstration of their use to staff.  The centre will review its Asthma management policy yearly and modify it accordingly to Holland Park
Child Care Centre

meet the needs of the children with asthma and their family.  Staff will be given opportunities to attend yearly education by the asthma foundation of Queensland. The centre will ensure staff are familiar with the first aid management of an asthma attack and how to use a puffer, spacer and facemask.  Staff are not qualified to give injections as they are not trained nurses but in the case of an emergency will administer an Epi-pen to a child with diagnosed Anaphylaxis. This will be administered by the Director or Senior staff member. At all times the child’s health plan will be followed.
Policy review
 The service will review the Asthma Policy and procedures, and related documents, including behaviours and practices every 12 months  Families are encouraged to collaborate with the service to review the policy and  Staff are essential stakeholders in the policy review process and will be encouraged to Procedures
The following are examples of procedures that the service employs as part of its daily
 Parent induction / handbook  Employee induction procedure.  Policy development and review procedure.  Student and volunteer induction procedure. Measuring tools
The centre will monitor compliance of asthma plans by regularly auditing the forms and
procedures with staff and families.
Links to other policies

 The following are a list of examples:  Allergies  Employment of child care professionals  Enrolment of new children and families to the service  First aid  Hygiene and infection control  Illness  Occupational health and safety  Privacy and confidentiality  Staff/carers as role models  Supporting children’s individual needs Sources and further reading
Holland Park
Child Care Centre

 National Health and Medical Research Council. (2005). Staying healthy in child care: Preventing infectious disease in child care (4th ed.). Canberra:  Poisons Information Centre Listing. (n.d.). Retrieved Dec 14th 2010, from  Therapeutic Goods Administration. (2007). Scheduling of medicines and poisons: National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee (NDPSC). Retrieved Dec 14th 2010, from  Asthma Foundation of Queensland 2010 Useful websites
 Anaphylaxis Australia -  Asthma Foundations Australia –  Health Institute -  National Health and Medical Research Council -  National Prescribing Service - All internet data reviewed and retrieved Dec 14th 2010
Policy reviewed date Jan 2011
Policy review date Jan 2012
The following is a sample of the centre’s Asthma plans:
Asthma Record Form
1. This record form is to be completed by parents in consultation with their child’s doctor and
returned to the centre.
2. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure they inform any changes to their child’s
condition or treatment immediately.
Child’s Name;___________________ Date of Birth:____________________
Emergency Contact details:
Medication required to be administered whilst at the child care centre:
Holland Park
Child Care Centre

Medication Dosage

Signs and triggers of my child’s asthma:
Signs of child’s asthma worsening
Asthma Medication Plan

Child’s Name:__________________________________
Date of Birth:__________________________________
In the event of an attack, please manage my child as per the ticked box:
□ Standard Emergency Plan:
Step one

Step Three
Step Four
Sit the child upright- Without hesitation Wait Asthma attack. Continue with steps 2 and 3 whilst waiting for the Holland Park
Child Care Centre

□ My Child’s Emergency Action Plan:
Medication Dosage

How often
(puffer or spacer)

If my child’s condition suddenly deteriorates or if at any time you are concerned, telephone an
ambulance on 000.
In the event of an asthma attack, I agree to my child receiving the treatment described above.
I will notify you of any changes to my child’s asthma treatment.
Parent Signature:________________________________________
Directors Signature:______________________________________


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