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Rachael Anne The Influence of Connective Tissue in Meat Tenderness (A Historical and Somerby Equestrian Center: An Evaluation of the Riding for the Disabled Infection of Immunosupressed C57BL/6N with a Single Oocyst of Cryptosporidium Parvum A Comparison of the Amely Gene Sequence in Argali (Ovis Ammon) and The Use of the Xylose Tolerance as an Indicator of Malabsorbtion in The Presence of Seru Neutralizing Anitibody to Equine Viral Arteritis in the Utah Mink Research: Wet vs. Wet/Pellet Feeding Programs Investigating the Role of Transcription Factor for AP-2y in Reproduction Eco-Friendly versus Traditional Household Cleansers: A comparison of Mortality Idenification of a Genetic Marker for Litter Size in Sheep Jennifer Amy Incidence of Periodontal Disease in Wild Coyotes (Canis Latrans) Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Analysis of Tumos Necrosis Factor (TNF) Bioavailability/Toxicity of Iron from Aerobically Processed Organic Fertilizer Influence of Soil Compaction of Nitrogen Volatilization in a Management The Study of Estrous Synchronization in Beef Heifers Investigation of the Toxic Effect of Maganese on Ruminal Microbial Digestion and Joseph Harry the Male Role in Food Hoarding in Siberian Hampsters Tropical Fish Care, Management and Anesthesia Ability of a Specific Nuclear Transport Protein Complexed to the pEGFP Reporter Gene to Increse the Efficiency of Transgenic Blastocyst Production Identification of actinobacillus spp cell-surface antigens using monoclonal Discovering Metabolic Networks of Bovine Fertilization An Audit of the Prevalence of Liver Condemnations at Slaughter From Canadian An Investigation of Dietary Supplementation as a Potential Source of Nutrition Misinformation Hindering the Development of Healthy Eating Habits in the College Population To What Extent Do Local Farmers' Markets, Community Supported Agriculture Lifespan of Prokaryote Model Organism Escherichia Coli K-12 Vitamin D Deficiency in the United States: How Common is it? Is Nutrition Education an Effective Mediator for Weight Gain Among College Freshman? Evaluation and Validation of BODPOD Body Scan Method as Compared to DEXA, Weight Discrimination: Why Current Perceptions Need to Change Maternal Dietary Patterns and Risk of Isolated Cleft Lip With or Without Cleft Palate in Utah: A Case-Control Study College of Agriculture
Honors Theses
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What is the Current Research on Diet, Food, and Food Components and Their Effect on Symptom Management? Are the Treatments Effective Individually or does Adequate Treatment Require a Combination of Current Treatments? Portion Distortion Plays a Major Role in the American Obesity Epidemic Knowedge of Coumadin Use and Vitamin K Interaction in Atrial Fibrilation Knowledge of Coumadin Use and Medication Interactions in Atrial Fibrilation Does Fruit and Vegetable Intake Decrease Risk of Obesity in Children and Adolescents? Significant Interactions With the Most Commonly Used Herbal and Nonherbal Knowledge of Coumadin Use in Atrial Fibrilation Patients The Use of Carnitine and Pyruvate in Weight Management Targeting Minority Groups in Community Nutrition Feasibility of Canal Trails in North Logan Fulfilling Human Need Along the Transect of the Human Habit: How the New Urbanism Enables the Effective Fulfillment of Human Need Open Space Changes: A Formal Analysis in Cache Valley, Utah Future Focus Project: Honeyville City, Utah Martyr's Square & the Grand Axis of Beirut Elizabeth Ann My Commemmorative Novel of Italy: An Introspective Look at Historical Sites Personal Restoration Garden Design: In Search of Balance The Role of Landscape Architects in the LEED™ for New Construction and Major Site Context and History of the Orson B. Adams Homestead and Surrounding Contemporary Landscape Architecture Designing with the Fine Arts Community United Methodist Church: United Methodist Regional Ministry Campus Master Plan Lipica, Slovenia: An Essay Compiling a Master Plan for the Lipizzaner Stud Farm Green Space Residential Community Development Creating Identity within a Residential Community Using Open Space Rainwater Harvesting: Modern Applications for an Ancient Technology A Historic Look at the Civilian Conservation Corps and Their Construction of the Art Landforms: A Study of How Designers are Using the Landscape College of Agriculture
Honors Theses
Southern Hills, Pocatello, Idaho: Wildlife Conservation/Development Study Therapy Garden: Healing Environments for Children Pressures and Responses of Planning in Smithfield, UT: A case study and model for new planning alternatives in rural America New Urbanism & The Old City: Urban Design Guidelines for Ogden's East Central The Integration of Historical and Green Planning in Commercial Development, a Study for the Potential Use of the Historical Canada Packers Site in Edmonton, Alberta Historical Restoration of USU's Passive Recreation Garden Daybreak Development: The First of its Kind in Utah Bingham Creek: History of Challenge, Future of Change An Analysis of The Gateway in Salt Lake City, UT Treasuring our Treasures: A Study in the History and Cultural Resources of Bear River Cty: Future Studies for Urban Growth and Land Use Planning Analysis of Significance & Integrity: Orson B. Adams Farmstead, Historic Design Recommendations Guide for Built Elements within the Santa Clara River Reserve A Study of Social Carrying Capacity in Motorized Recreation Settings Orson B. Adams Farmstead - Existing Conditions Survey Amber Irene Potassium Lowering Cooking Methods of Vegetables for Use in Dialysis Patients Human Milk Use for the Critically Ill Infants The Adverse Health Effects of Trans Fatty Acids and Implications for Public Policy Common Nutritional Deficiencies in the Three Richest Versus the Poorest Does Early Initiation of Nutrition Support Decrease Mortality Rates in Cancer Patients Infant Feeding Practices: History, Nutrient Needs, Assessment of Nurtiture, and Health Effects of Elevated Soft Drink Intake: an Evaluation of Current Litterature and Implicaitons for Future Research Vegetarian Diets Can Be Adequate for Children Some Prescription Medications Are Associated with Weight Gain Pharmacological Approaches to Obesity: Meridia the Front Runner College of Agriculture
Honors Theses
Nutritional Implications Associated with Cancer Cachexia An Analysis of Nutritional Services Available for Persons with Developmental Factors Influencing a Mother's Choice of Infant Feeding and the Role of the Health Promoting Aspects of the Mediterranean Diet Nutritional Concerns in Pediatric Renal Disease The Maternal Diet Can Prevent Neural Tube Defects The Beneficial Effects of Supplemental Vitamins C and E in Diabetic Subjects Syndrome X: A Review of the Cluster of Abnormalities, Diagnosis, and Treatment Motivation and the Dietician: Dieticians Must Increase Their Efforts to Motivate Nutritional Implications of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Government Food Assistance Programs: A Nutritional Perspective Does Glutamine Supplementation Contribute to the Incidence of Diarrhea in Ventilator Dependent Patients? The Herbal Supplement Market in the United States: A Look at St. John's Wort The Macrobiotic Diet May have Benefits in Cancer Prevention Immunonutrition: An Overview of Current Research in Nutrition Immunology Assessing Health and Nutrition Status in the Navajo Nation Food and Drug Law Summer Internship Program: Issues in Food and Drug Law Cardiovascular Medical Nutrition Therapy Looking at the Dash Trials Risk Factors Associated with Multiple-Gestation Pregnancies: Nutrition in Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in Youth and Adolescents Malnutrition in the Elderly in Long-Term Care Facilities Antioxidants and Alcohol in the Progression of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Body Image Among Elementary-Aged Children: Development, Implication, and Diet and Nutritional Concerns of Hispanic Americans Do Trophic Feedings Reduce the Incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm Nutritional Perspective of Systematic Lupus Eruthematosus Electroporation of Pediococcus Pentosaceus and the Curing Rate of Plasmids College of Agriculture
Honors Theses
The National School Lunch Program: History of the Past, Challenges of the Present, Solutions for the Future Are Surgical Procedures a Good Intervention for Severe Obesity? Etiology and Prevention of Stress Fractures among Gemale Collegiate Distance Celiac Disease: What Dietitians Can Do To Effectively Treat a Growing Problem Efficacy of Heart Health Claims Regarding Trans Fat, Unsaturated Fat, and Stanols/Sterols Magnesium Intake and Its Relationship with Type 2 Diabetes Refeeding Practices of Malnourished Children The Composition and Comparison of Essential Oils and Their Nutritional Benefits The Effect of Ginkgo Biloba on Alzheimer's Disease Extending the Season for Sustainability in Utah Identification of Key Genes Required for Abiotic Stress Response in Arabidopsis Measurement of Soil Water Potential and Adsorption Conductivity

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