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Compiled from various sources* by the Wheaton Gluten Free Support Group Table of Contents
Not Gluten Free or Suspect Ingredients: .1
Gluten Free: .5
Companies that have a policy of producing gluten free products or claim that all of their drug or vitamin products are gluten free and which do not have product in the “Not gluten-free or suspect” list: Apotex Products listed below were indicated to be gluten free as of the date is listed (mm/yy) in the “Form” column. The listed medications are ones for which recent documentation of gluten-free status was available from the sources referenced. The Wheaton GF Support Group does not know the status of drugs that are not on the list. For drugs whose status is unknown, the best way to ascertain if the drug is gluten free is to contact the manufacturer. The Wheaton GF Support Group will not respond to any questions regarding the appropriateness of any individual’s medications, nor to any issues regarding other aspects of an individual’s health or health care. The Support group does not make any claims for the accuracy of the information contained within and takes no responsibility for any adverse events that may develop as a consequence of taking any drug listed here or as a consequence of not taking any drug that is not listed. Not Gluten Free or Suspect Ingredients:
Brand Name
Emollient cream, foot emollient cream, one step Diphenoxylant HCL & atropine sulfate choc caramel snack bar, choc peanut meal bar, cranberry berry meal bar, cranberry Natural B Complex, NutriEdge, Vitamin C-Kids Natural, Digestive Enzyme Complex, Kids Multivit Selenium Anti Dandruff Shampoo (3/08) Rugby XS Nutrition Whey protein powder (3/08) Amway Gluten Free:

Brand Name
Drops, susp, tabs, [Children’s and Jr. Strength fruit Orally disintegrating tab, sinus, syrup (1/05) D-12 Enzymatic cleaner, saline especially sensitive eyes Inhal, aerosol, sol. (not
syrup) (2/07)
enteric coated-325 mg and 81 mg; chew tabs 81 mg; AYR Snore Relieving Throat Spray (3/08) B.F. Blue Gel Muscular Pain Relief (3/08) Rugby antiseptic skin cleanser, durable barrier cream, moisturizing lotion, no sting Advanced Formula, Performance, [Silver (1/07)], Children’s flava-craze- grape (1/07), Ultra SPF 30 – lemon 50mg, 100mg oral susp. Berry and bubble gum flavors Diphenoxylate HCL & atropine sulfate Clear Away Wart—gel, liq; Duofilm liq, Duoplant gel, liq corn/callus remover, medicated powder; orig foot powder, super absorb. Powder; super deod. Powder; wart remover liq; odor destroyers deod. Spray powder; pedicure essentials (except Soap n Soak); fungal nail—cream, sol; cracked Allergy sinus tabs, cold & allergy tabs, cold & flu tabs, nasal decon (3/08), spray reg, high protein, powder,
plus, light, pudding, high
calcium, fiber w/FOS, (not
w/fiber-vanilla or choc.; not

nutrition bars) (2/07)
base filmtab tabs, delayed release caps., ethylsuccinate oral susp, ethylsuc/sulfisox estolate caps, ethyl for oral sol., ethyl. & sufa for oral sol. (not chewable) (3/08)
Extra strength w/Maalox,
Softgels (not chewable)
Sugar free (not regular)
Hydrocodone Bitrate and ibuprofen (2/07) Ipratropium bromide nasal spray (2/07) Roxane Lisinopril & hydrochlorothiazide Tabs Lisinopril & hydrochlorothiazide Tabs AF Cream, powder, sol; Jock Itch cream, lotion; Spray deod, spray liq, spray powder; Max strength chewable, multi symptom max chewable, reg strength susp, reg strength susp-mint (3/08) quick dissolve reg strength tabs (except wafers) (3/08)
Vit C tabs (10/01), B complex w/ B-12 sublingual liq., B-12 subling. 2500 mcg tabs, B-6 100 mg tabs, biotin 1000 mcg tabs, C-1000 mg tabs, C-500 chewable w/rosehips, folic acid 800 mcg tabs, high potency Nature’s Bounty vitamins and magnesium 500 mg tabs minerals [except Caps] syrup, expec. syrup, pediatric, expec. syrup (3/08) King/Monarch reg, cherry, orange, lemon- Nystatin and triamcinolone acetate (3/08) Taro Daily cleaner, enzymatic cleaner, express conv. Pack, express multi purpose, rewetting drops, rinsing, disinfecting sol, supraclens Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution HCL, HCL/aspirin/caffeine, HCL/acetaminaphen, Napsylant/APAP (pink), Napsylate/APAP (white) HCL, compound 65 caps, Napsylate/acetaminaphen Celluvisc, Endura, Liquigel, Lub Eye drops, PM Lub eye oint, Plus lub eye drops, Relief Redness Reliever Lubricating Eye Drops Caps, softgels, syrup, cough drops [cough and cold long V for Eyes, Zi for Eyes (3/08) Mentholatum Cal carbonate, cal chew, cal 600 D, cal gluconate, cal lactate, cal 600, chewable vite, chewable vite w/iron, cod liver oil caps, Daily Vitamins liq (only), fer-iron drops, high B complex, multi tabs; poly vit--chew tabs, drops, w/iron chew tabs; Prenavite—tabs FC, Tabs Protein Coated; B-1, B-12, B-6, C chew, C syrup, C tabs, E caps, Vit for Hair captabs, Daily Vite Men’s Formula, B complex gelcaps, Vita-Bee w/C captabs, C w/rosehips tabs, Bee-Zee tabs, beta carotene caps, biotin tabs, cerovite adv. formula tabs, cerovite Jr. chew tabs, cerovite sr. tabs, citrus calcium-D tabs, folic acid tabs, niacin--tabs, timed release, extended release Diabetes cough form, DM sugar free, Forte2 Sugar/Alchl Free, orig, sugar free, senior sugar free, sugar free allergy formula, sugar Tabs, S tabs, Xtra tabs (not
granules, syrup) (3/08)
(not conc.) (3/08)
Slo Niacin (controlled release) (2/07) Upshur-Smith Extra relief gel, spray, Medicated First Aid Spray Spironolactone & hydrochlorothiazide (3/08) Sulfamethoxazole & trimethoprim tabs anti itch cloths, gel,special care cream, special care med douche, special care med powder, vag. Lubricant, vag. Crème, foaming wash, intimate lub, max strength, yeast itch control, deod. Powder (3/08) moisturizer Dayquil liq multisymptom; 44, 44D, 44E, 44M, Dayquil liquicaps, Nyquil Children's cold/cough, Nyquil cold/flu; Children’s cold/cough; vapor inhaler, vaposteam (3/08) Walgreens Pharmacist's Support Men's Prostate Health Formula *Sources: Bess, Rabbi Gershon, “Passover: Medicines and Cosmetics—2008, 2007, 2006, 2005” Kollel Los Angeles. “Medications/Vitamins/Supplements that May/Do Contain Chometz,” accessed 3/28/2006. Gluten-Free Product List of the Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group—Delphi Forum, various dates. Clan Thompson Celiac Newsletter, various dates.


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