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Issue 14, December 2001
Top Flea Control at Lower Prices
You can now save a lot of money on some of our mosteffective flea control products – just in time for summer.
For more information on any of these products or adviceon flea control, drop in and see us or check our web-site.
Give us your e-mail address (using the Feedback page
on our web site) and we’ll send you news updates
including any special offers running at the hospital.
Revolution Price Drop
Once again, all of us at Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital A recent change to its pricing structure means that we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a are able to offer you significant price reductions on most safe and Happy New Year. As usual, we will be open sizes, especially for cats and small dogs.
for business right through the holiday period, with the For example, the price of Revolution for cats has reduced from $48.00 to $41.00. And this is not a limited Christmas Day – Closed
offer; it’s a permanent price reduction. In addition, the “6 tubes for the price of 5” special offer has been
Boxing Day – Closed
extended until the end of February. Buy 2 packs of Revolution for Cats for only $68.33 (previously $96.00).
New Years Day – Open 9am-12noon
Revolution is our number one recommendation for parasites in cats, controlling fleas, heartworm and most Australia Day Holiday – 9am-12noon
intestinal worms. It's a simple spot-on formulation, which means no more fighting to give tablets! Advantage Promotion
Buy any pack of Advantage before 31/12/2001 and
receive an extra dose for free, plus a free tennis ball
(for your pet!) and a chance to win a VIP trip for two
Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital is now on-line at:
to the Australian Open. There's 100 Dunlop Slazenger tennis racquets to be won instantly. Advantage is a
spot-on style flea control product, applied once-a- We’ve designed our site to be informative, very fastand easy to navigate. The menu bar on the left gives month to the back of the neck. It gives excellent flea quick access to all the main areas of the site.
control and it works very fast. Advantage DUO Under the Pet Health and Newsletters links you will find a wealth of information to help you to care foryour pets. There's also a special section devoted to Frontline Special Offer
First Aid and Emergencies. Check out what's new at Buy a 6-pack of Frontline Top-Spot and receive an our hospital and read about any current discounts or extra dose for free. Frontline is a spot-on style flea special offers. Follow the links to find out about us control product, applied once a month to the back of and about our range of products and services.
the neck, and gives excellent flea control, even after You'll find the site quite comprehensive. There arealready over 50 separate pages, including copies of bathing or swimming. If you're holidaying on the all our newsletters and client handouts on various pet- coast, Frontline can also help control paralysis ticks for up to 2 weeks (please discuss tick control with ourstaff). Offer closes 31st January.
Phone: (02) 9829 1947
92 Oxford Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565
Allergic Dermatitis
Atopy is an inherited sensitivity to various allergens
in the environment, such as pollens (from grasses, weeds
Dermatitis means inflammation of the skin. One of the and trees), dust mites and moulds. Pollens are air-borne, most common types of dermatitis is allergic dermatitis.
so a dog may react to pollens from a plant that isn't even In the allergic state, the body's immune system overreacts to foreign substances (allergens or antigens) Dogs with atopy will often itch all over. Chewing and to which it is exposed. In people, allergies commonly scratching causes hair loss and inflamed skin. Saliva cause signs of hay fever. In dogs and cats, the most will stain white hair a reddish-brown colour. This is common sign of allergy is itching of the skin, either often seen on the feet. Secondary infections often result localised (one area) or generalised (whole body).
from the constant biting and scratching.
Various factors make allergic dermatitis a lot more Atopy may be either seasonal or year-round. It is common in the summer months. There are many common for animals to be allergic to more than one different types of allergic dermatitis, all with the same thing, which can make diagnosis difficult. Atopy will primary symptom - itchy skin. Correct diagnosis is the
usually get worse every year, and what was once a key to successful treatment and a veterinary consultation seasonal allergy may develop into a year-round problem.
is always recommended. There are however 2 very Treatment.
important things that you can do at home to ease the • Anti-inflammatory Drugs will block the allergic
symptoms in minor cases, and to help prevent allergic reaction in most cases. Corticosteroids (such as prednisolone) are commonly used. Antihistamines may 1) Bath your dog regularly (weekly in summer) in a be useful when combined with other treatments. Fatty quality hypoallergenic shampoo such as Aloveen or acid supplements (such as Megaderm) may be helpful.
Natural Shampoo. (See the Bathing article in our • Hypoallergenic Shampoos help not only by
April newsletter - also available on our web site).
providing temporary relief from the itching, but can also 2) Maintain effective flea control at all times. (Refer to reduce the amount of allergen absorbed through the skin.
Hyposensitisation. A dermatologist can perform
intra-dermal skin testing to determine exactly what your
Flea Allergy Dermatitis is one of the most
pet is allergic to. They then prepare an extract of the common forms of allergic dermatitis in dogs and cats.
allergen that can be injected weekly. In time, this can It is often the cause of the skin disease that people cause the immune system to become less reactive.
sometimes refer to (wrongly) as eczema or mange.
Antibiotics are used to treat secondary infections.
A normal dog (or cat) experiences only minor skinirritation in response to flea bites. Even in the presence Food Allergy is another common cause of allergic
of dozens of fleas, there will be very little itching. On dermatitis and there are many other potential causes of the other hand, the flea allergic dog has a severe, itch- itchy skin that we don’t have space to discuss here.
producing reaction to flea bites. This occurs because the Veterinary consultation is essential. The treatment of dog develops an allergic response to the flea's saliva.
allergic dermatitis can often be frustrating and time- When the dog is bitten, flea saliva is deposited in the consuming. Complete cure is not always possible, but in skin. Just one bite causes intense itching. You might most cases the problem can be successfully managed.
think your dog has no fleas, but just one bite every 2weeks can lead to continuous itching.
Staff Training
The dog's response to the intense itching is to chew, lick, Lumps, Bumps and Other Neoplastic Nasties was the or scratch. This causes hair loss and can lead to open title of a 3-day course that Karen recently attended, sores or scabs, allowing a secondary bacterial infection dealing with the management of various cancers.
to begin. Over time, the skin can become black and verythickened. The areas most commonly involved are the Peter has just been to a 5-day course called Diagnostic tail-base, rump and the backs of the legs. Cats develop Dilemmas and Therapeutic Solutions. This course dealt multiple small scabs, especially over the neck and back.
with some of the more difficult areas of small animalmedicine. It was conducted by 2 of our country’s best Treatment. The most important treatment for flea
veterinarians – Jill Maddison and David Church.
allergy is to rid your pet of all fleas. This involves Our veterinarians strive to stay up-to-date. Textbooks, treating your pet directly, treating all in-contact animals journals and other industry magazines are all important and removing fleas from the environment. There are sources of information. We also frequently discuss many products available for flea control, and in some difficult cases with experts in their fields including cases, multiple products may be needed. The most medicine, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, effective single product for flea allergy is Frontline radiology, pathology and nuclear medicine. We will Spray used (at the full dose) every 2-3 weeks.
offer you referral to these specialists whenever it is Initially, or when complete flea control is not possible, appropriate. Our goal is to provide the right diagnosis corticosteroids (such as prednisolone) can be used to and the best possible treatment for your pets. It’s all part block the allergic reaction and give your pet some relief.
of our creed, which is to provide high quality health
Antihistamines are usually not effective.
care for family pets.


Technical Data Sheet SilGrip* PSA529 Description PSA529 silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is a toluene solution of polysiloxane gum and resin. It is supplied at 55 percent silicone solids and may be further diluted with aromatic, aliphatic or chlorinated solvents. PSA529 may be blended with SR545 resin dispersion or with other methyl based silicone pressure sensitive adhesives to

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