FTB690 Series
Starts at
FTB691, $
Indicates Both Rate
FTB692, $
and Total
3% Reading Accuracy

All models
FTB693, $
shown smaller
6-Digit Display
than actual size.
Reads GPM or LPM
Battery Operated

FTB694, $
FTB690 Series turbine meterswith microprocessor-basedelectronics offers a durable,compact, high-precision fluidmeasurement device, with total andrate indication. Information is clearlydisplayed on a large 6-digit liquid floating decimal for totals from0.01 to 999,999. All operations areeasily performed with only 2 buttons.
The basic unit and display arepowered by 2 lithium batteries, Wetted Components:
Display: 6-digit LCD,
Housing: PVC
Journal Bearings: Ceramic
Power: Two 3V lithium
Shaft: Tungsten carbide
batteries (included)
Battery Life: 4000 hrs
Rotor and Supports: PVDF
Retaining Rings: 316 SS
A single-point field calibrationcurve can be stored in memory.
To Order (Specify M odel N um ber)

Price Description
replacement lithium battery for thedisplay electronics. Batteries FTB691-NPT
Accuracy: ±3% rdg
1" Sch. 40 socket turbine 5 to 50 (19 to 190) Extended Low Flow Range Accuracy:
±5.0% rdg (display models only)
Repeatability: ±0.1%
11⁄2" Sch. 40 socket turbine 10 to 100 (38 to 380) 1.4 (0.63) Pressure Rating: 150 psig (10.3 bar)
2" Sch. 40 NPT turbine 10 to 100 (38 to 380) 1.4 (0.63) Operational: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
2" Sch. 40 socket turbine 20 to 200 (76 to 760) 1.68 (0.76) Storage: -40 to 70°C (-40 to158°F)
Viscosity: Rated accuracy for fluids
with viscosity of water (1 centistoke);meters with display can be used for Com es com plete with two 3V lithium batteries and operator’s m anual.
For units with pulse output module in place of display add suffix“-P ” to m odel num ber,
Pulse Output (Option): Open collector
O rd erin g E xam ples: FT B 692-N P T, 3⁄4 NPT mount turbine, 2 to 20 GPM, $.
FTB 693, 1" socket mount turbine, 5 to 50 GPM , $.


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