Eurocamp 2011 in barcelona – the power of you(th)

EuroCamp 2011 in Barcelona – The Power of You(th)

Roderick Borg – ŻAK Swatar, Malta
This was my second EuroCamp experience. The first time I was there as a leader
when it was hosted in Malta last year. This year, I was a leader again for a group of
Maltese participants going to Barcelona. Most of the time, I was like any other
participant because there is so much fun and energy around you that you
automatically think you are one of the members and not part of the leaders. The
theme of voluntary work inspires me a lot and I kept learning about it during this week
at EuroCamp. I got to know much more the participants coming from ŻAK, but I also
made so many new foreign friends. A wonderful aspect of the camp is to get to know
different people coming from different cultures. It is such an amazing experience and
I will always cherish the wonderful memories we share.

Yasmin Busuttil – ŻAK M’Xlokk, Malta
I have been in ŻAK for quite a long time, but this was my first international
experience. From 4 to 11 August I, together with 8 other Maltese people from
different ZAK centres, had the opportunity to participate in Euro-Camp under the title
the Power of You(th) held in Barcelona. It was an unforgettable experience. Not only
did we make new friends but also new experiences and learned new things. During
that week there were various workshops on voluntary work, on how youth can make
a difference and what we can give to everyone around us. Our days basically
consisted of waking up, having breakfast, and an energiser was followed by a
workshop. After that we had lunch and free time. After our free time we continued by
organising another energiser and another workshop. After dinner there were various
night activities and prayers. Every organisation was responsible for preparing the
energisers and also the prayers for one day. We did many different new things during
that week. On the second day we played a city game when we visited the town
Tiana; it consisted of a long tiring walk in the mountains, going down was easy and
fun, but going up was really hot and tiring. On Sunday there was night activity in the
mountains; we had to use a map with different passages and we had to find different
papers with values on them; it was quite hard to look for these papers in the dark.
Through all the activities we got the chance to get to know all of the participants very
well since we weren’t a big group. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to take part
in Eurocamp 2011 because it made me more conscious of what we youth can give
and what I can give to others. At the end it was hard to say goodbye to our new
friends and then it was even harder to say goodbye to the other Maltese participants,
because we were an amazing group. I am thankful that I could share this experience
with them.



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