Let's fix file and media handling once and for all
Which features do you find most important when thinking about file/media management?
1 - not important at
5 - I can't live without
34.3% (73)
53.1% (113)
33.8% (72)
29.1% (62)
35.7% (76)
32.4% (69)
29.6% (63)
50.2% (107)
31.9% (68)
31.5% (67)
31.9% (68)
26.3% (56)
26.3% (56)
35.7% (76)
33.3% (71)
28.6% (61)
33.8% (72)
35.2% (75)
32.9% (70)
34.7% (74)
37.1% (79)
34.3% (73)
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Q1. Which features do you find most important when thinking about file/media management?
it's sooo hard not to be a troll about the state of the state regarding media in Drupal. Other CMS's have been several years ahead as far as just providing an out of the box solid solution for the basic use cases. The scope of this project needs to narrow towardelegant photo/video WYSIWYG support and move out from there.
Thank you for taking the time to create this survey to find community needs! Thanks for taking the time to make a survey and get people's opinions! Cheers, Jeff at Thought Matrix Some of these options are more important, but it would be fine to support this from a code level only with no interface. (ie: access control, file imports). I'd much rather have a basic framework to build on than a fully featured system with 100000000 options(looking at you, media module).
What about connecting with social media photo applications such as Instagram? As a product owner, I would like to be able to connect Instagram photos to my website.
My role is actually Director of a Drupal shop and I do both front and back end dev.
Thanks for doing this. If you asked me 5 years ago if this would still be a topic now I would never have believed you! IMO the media family of modules are totally unusable-- and I've tried multiple times. So far, the new core d8 file handling with the recent commit of attaching files right in the wysiwyg dialog is the way to go. The only thing it's missing is a view based browser andfile reuse-- hopefully contrib will handle it right away.
Would be great to have something like this in Drupal 8 core.
Upload multiple files in one step with ability to create one node per file is very importat for photo/image galleries! I am looking forward to seeing your presentation :-) Critical: Media "elements" that are not files in the local file table I think the user interface for site / content editors needs to be as straightforward as possible - not always the case currently.
When I use images in content, it generally isn't just an image, but also and associated caption, and maybe a photo credit. The photo Q1. Which features do you find most important when thinking about file/media management?
credit should be used site-wide, but captions may vary for different uses of the same image. Cropping also may vary for differentinstances of the same image. And I need this whole collection to be treated as one unit if inserted into a WYSIWYG editor. Also, Ineed to give my editors a few, limited formatting choices (i.e. float right, float left, or full-width), without letting them do any resizingon their own. The WYSIWYG Fields module is the closest I've seen to getting this right, but I've never been able to use it on aproduction website do to technical issues and unresolved bugs.
Media plus oEmbed plus advanced Media browser feels like a great starting point. Most of the effort involved is just in configuration.
A lot of your importing questions (and some others) should be done in-conjunction with other modules, Feeds, M2M etc. Hard to answer how much one module should do.
I need more flexibility with File Entity bundles. At the moment, when a file is uploaded (e.g. to a File field instance), its bundle appears to be determined automatically by the file extension. Instead, I want to make a custom File Entity bundle, with custom fields,and configure a single File field instance to treat its uploaded files as being of that particular bundle regardless of the file extension.
In other words, I need to have one content type's File field instance to allow a PDF upload with certain metadata fields, while anothercontent type will have a File field instance that also allows PDF uploads, but without those metadata fields.
There is no doubt that file entity and media are the future. Scald has a few features that can be incorporated but it takes a very hacky approach. It's time file/media management becomes a first-class citizen in Drupal. It should have been a full-fledged initiative for D8.
Media handling is probably the only embarrassing this when I present Drupal to the clients. I can't stress the last sentence enough.
using media files in views, where it can be customised without view modes Per user account access limitation (file access) out-of-the-box is very important for my projects.
I'm still on D6, trying to find an upgrade path from the D6 Image module with several thousand nodes. Please don't repeat the same problem and leave users of current D7 solutions stranded when the D8 solution is designed.
most of these answers would vary depending on the particular project's requirements.
for libraries or digital archives, fixity and checksums are very important. also, how about metadata synchronization between file containers (e.g., EXIF, id3, etc.) and entity fields? reaching for the moon, what about perceptual hashes? I currently use IMCE for file and image management. I use YouTube field, and custom HTML (for Vimeo) for the few videos I need. I Q1. Which features do you find most important when thinking about file/media management?
tried to use Media for file management, but it was so oriented toward visual media that it was not useful for management of PDF andother simple downloads. It did not have the file management capability of even IMCE. I need both public and private file storage.
Currently I upload files with IMCE if they are shared between nodes, and use file fields in a node otherwise. I think this is confusing. Iwould prefer to have a more uniform file management technique that lets me organize uploads and easily insert links to files viaWYSIWYG. I find the WordPress Media Library to be a more coherent approach to file management and would like something atleast as good or better in Drupal. It lets me know which files are used where, whether a file is an orphan, etc.
We need to focus on the content creators! The state of media handling is overall appalling. The Media/File Entity way could've been awesome but the Winborn tragedy and the Dave Reid lone fighter situation hindered it. Media was left alone by the Big Players afterinitial backing (Looking at you, Acquia). Creating an acceptable content creator experience with Media is gruesome. Scald is anawesome, content-creator focused approach which I hope to use much more in the future.

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