The BMA Rumble in Clondalkin annual fight show was held in the luxuriousCitywest Hotel in Saggart, Co Dublin as its previous location, the Louis FitzgeraldHotel had reached its full capacity on the last outing.
Hosted by head coach of BMA Clondalkin Ilija Salerno, along with chief instructor of BMA Roy Baker, they promised to have a bigger, better and the mostexiting show yet. They certainly delivered and with much more. The showattracted a spectatorship of over 500 people and had clubs from Derry, Waterford,Cork, Blanchardstown, Tallaght, Mayo,! Cabra, Artane, Celbridge, Leixlip,Palmerstown, Carbury, Bray and local talent from Clondalkin participating on thenight with !full undercard fights leading to the double main event header of JayDaniels from Hurricane Martial Arts taking on uk’s up and coming top fighterTom Gould from the famous Maddogs Martial Arts! and co heading it with MarkMcDermott of BMA taking on Norway’s most accomplished martial arts athleteMorten Spissøy. Also on the night the BMA Clondalkin Rumble fight night waschosen as the venue for two national title fight off deciders.
!The full fight list of 37 bouts on the night started with junior competitors and first up was Aoife Bayly from Waterford MA taking a win over Hurricane MA’sNaoise Calvin. BMA Clondalkin’s Kotryna Markosky took on club team mateAnjelika Majer in a friendly 2 minute round with Kotryna taking this encounter.
Club mate Alan Civiss was unlucky against a game Jamie Purdie from MastersTemple Bray with Jamie finishing stronger and taking the win. Cian Gayson fromBMA Clondalkin started the wins for the hosting club by beating Adam MaguireThompson from BMA Leixlip. Luke Kelly was next on the fight list with anotherwin for the local club against Nathan Crowley from MIKO Cork. Clondalkin teammate Aaron O’Connor was unlucky to keep the winning streak going as he wasbeaten by a faster Peter Carr from KKC Cabra. Lee Craven (BMA Clondalkin)started strongly against Lloyd Lynch from KKC Cabra but the young Cabra fighterwas able to retake the lead and finish with another win for the Cabra club.
Younger brother Kenneth Craven from BMA Clondalkin was in flying formtaking the wins back to Clondalkin beating Adam Wesolocky from MastersTemple Bray. BMA Clondalkin had a run of fighters and wins next with GavinMoore beating Tristan Barnett from KKC Cabra, Shannon Gayson over KatieDowney from MIKO Cork, Michelle Bayly with a really strong performance overShauna Rafferty from KKC Cabra and Karyna Nikitina taking the win overTallaght Martial Art’s! Tola Adebisi. Padraig McMenamy was fight n.13 and itproved unlucky for the Clondalkin fighter as he stopped the winning streak for hisclub as he couldn’t capitalise after some mistakes from a game Jordan White fromSpartan Martial Arts who took this win. Luke Kelly was last for the Clondalkinjunior squad and he took another win against a very strong John Fetterson fromKKC Cabra. Ross Brennan from BMA Leixlip took on Adam Wall fromWaterford Martial Arts over 2 rounds and was able to lead from start to finish.
Alex Smith from White Tigers Mayo was the final junior competitor of the night and took a good win against Colm Carroll from Black Panthers Artane.
!After a packed junior fighting list, BMA Clondalkin was clearly the dominant junior team on the night and they were clearly out to impress as hosting club of thenight so the senior team had a lot of expectations to live up to after their juniorteam mates !finished so impressively.
!First though there were 3 excellent and demonstrations from the Waterford MartialArts demonstration team of Emily Foley, JJ Battell and Rory Patterson.
!Shauna Bannon from Tallaght Marital Arts then took on Charlie Maddock fromUK’s Maddogs Martial Arts in an elite prestige fight of 2 x 2 minutes with theEnglish fighter taking the win.
!Glen Connolly from Tallaght Martial Arts started the senior team fighting with awin over Shane Spellman from the hosting club. Also from BMA Clondalkin wasAmanda Clancy next and took a close finish win over Avril Byrnes !from MIKOCork. Ciaran Smith fighting for Phoenix Freestyle Derry took a convincing winover MIKO Cork’s Robert Holland. BMA Clondalkin had the next 9 bouts linedup with Kevin Quill beating Seamus O’Connor from MIKO Cork and DerekDeegan taking a brilliant win over Liam Ryan also from MIKO Cork. BarryReilly, Paddy Delaney and Aidan Kenny lost out to Terry Bradley from BlackPanthers Artane, Eric Fagan from Spartan Martial Arts and Sean Ross out ofBushido Karate Gendi. Alicia Gayson restored the win margin for the hosts with awin over KKC Cabra’s Lindsey Kane. Team mate of Alicia, Natasha Reynoldshad an outstanding fight with also Lindsey’s team mate Jade Russell with Jadetaking the win by a solitary point. This fight was voted fight of the night after anonline survey voted by spectators, referees and fighters, even beating any of themain event bouts. !Keith Cassidy and Warren O’Sullivan from BMA Clondalkinboth took losses from Dave Mackesy from MIKO Cork and Eric Fagan whostepping in as a last second replacement. Simon McDonnell from Tallaght MartialArts took a good win over Ronan McCay out of the Phoenix Freestyle Derry cluband team mate Eamon Breslin restored pride for the Derry outfit beating BMALeixlip’s Dave Carthy. Last for the senior undercard fights was Cian Corriganfrom Spartan Martial Arts taking on another of Derry’s best, Keith Jackson. Thiswas one of top fights of the night as both fighters gave their all making the bout goto extra time and the winner could only be decided by a sudden death first to scorepoint after the supplementary time with the Spartan fighter beating the Derryfighter off the mark taking the final win of the undercard fights.
!Lee Rock also from the Waterford Martial Arts demonstration team took the stageto show off his impressive skills of flips, jump turning kicks, 360 tornado kicksand a lot more.
!The two national title fight off were next with a buzzing crowd after the final fewfights. The -57kg men’s irish national kickboxing title decider was !Robert Hurleyof BMA Leixlip against !Connor McDaid from Phoenix Freestyle Derry. This 3rounder decider saw the Derry fighter take the title by a solitary point. The nexttitle decider was the +70kg ladies irish national kickboxing title with BMALeixlip’s Lavina Cormack taking on another of Derry’s finest, Ciara McShane.
This 3 rounder title fight was won by the Leixlip girl with a close 2 point margin.
! The house was now full and ready for the main events to take place. The mainevent bouts were disputed under wako-pro rules of 3 x 2 minute rounds.
!First up was Hurricane Martial Art’s Jay Daniels taking on the UK top up andcoming fighter Tom Gould from the famous Maddogs school of Martial Arts. Jay,now established as Ireland’s top lightweight fighter was evenly matched up withhis English counterpart as both are reigning national champions in the lightweightdivision as well as having top honours from the European circuit. !The fight wasfast and hard hitting as per expected and both fighters were firing off some fastand solid shots to each other in the first two rounds. The final round saw Jay take a2 point lead which frustrated the young English man and made him chase after Jayfor points but thus leaving himself open to some good counter punching andkicking techniques by the Irish Champion and decisively taking the win of the firstmain event fight of the night.
!The fight everybody wanted to see was Mark McDermott fighting out of theBushido Martial Arts school coached by chief instructor Roy Baker and IlijaSalerno. He was against Norway’s most successful combat athlete MortenSpissøy, who has a record 15 national kickboxing title, a European title and aWAKO-Pro World title to his list.! Mark also boasts 8 irish titles along with aWAKO World silver medal This was sure to be a fast and furious as both fightersare renowned for their speed and tactical ability. Round 1 began very cautiouswith both fighters, both evenly giving and taking good scores from fast blitzingpunching techniques by both. Round 2 saw Bushido’s Mark to use his incrediblemovement ability that has led him to the top of the light middleweight division andthe Norwegian champion was getting frustrated firing off short combinations notbeen able to close the fighting distance leaving him trail by a couple of points bythe end of the second round. The final round saw a more determined Morten usinghis superior fitness and experience to try and close the points margin before thefinal bell to hopefully bring the fight to a draw and extra time but once againMark’s movement and foot work proved to fluid and fast for the Norwegianopponent and Mark decisively won the main event by a clear three point margin.
The winners and runner ups of the main events were presented with hand craftedKilkenny limestone trophies by the producer from Hennessy & Byrne.
!The night was such a success that plans are already in action for next years eventand promoter Ilija Salerno promises that next year will top all fight nights to date.
“The aim of my fight night shows is to promote points fighting at its best, and tohave such top fighters competing on the night is exactly what we need” saysSalerno and adds “Points fighting is explosive, fast, tactical and technical andhaving shows like this will hopefully encourage everybody to try it out forthemselves”. “Ireland is such a small country but we have some of the top fightersin the world, this is still not recognised enough by either the public and mostimportantly the media”, concludes a successful Ilija Salerno, a former worldchampion and 9 times irish champion himself.



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