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Den 16. norske epidemiologikonferansen
Bergen 11.-12. november 2008,
med forkurs 10. november

Mandag 10. november, 13:00-17:00
Kurs: Usikkerhet og sannsynlighet. En filosofisk tilnærming.
Roger Strand, professor i vitenskapsfilosofi, UiB
Sted: Kalfarveien 31, Bergen, Institutt for Samfunnsmedisinske fag

17:00 Get-together (Kalfarveien 31)

Tirsdag 11. november
Den 16. norske epidemiologikonferansen, SAS-Bryggen, Bergen

Registrering (Kaffe)
Muskel-skjelett epidemien - vår tids største
A1-A2 Kvinnehelse
Anne-Sofie Glutathione S-transferase M1 genotype influences Furberg salivary 17-? estradiol levels in women without adiposity. A study based on hormonal profiles from entire menstrual cycles. Leistad Prevensjonsvaner blant kvinner 20-24 år Parallellsesjon:
B1-B3 Perinatal
Christian Ambient air pollution exposure, residential mobility Madsen B2 Cecilie Dahl Early initiation of breastfeeding and prevalence of diarrhea in Rwandan children less than 12 months of age Parallellsesjon:
A3-A5 Dødelighet
M Mortalitet og dødsårsaker etter traumatisk Suicide in young Norwegians in a life course Kristin Male gender and cardiovascular disease are Holvik independent positive predictors of 1-year mortality in elderly hip fracture patients Parallellsesjon:
A6-A8 Muskel-skjelett
Er det sammenheng mellom psykologisk distress og underarmsbrudd? Osloundersøkelsene 1972/73 og M The nordic arthroplasty register association – The first report from a unique collaboration Helene Prescription of anti-osteoporotic drugs during 2004-Devold 2007 –A nationwide register study in Norway Parallellsesjon:
A9-A10 Kosthold/diabetes
Svetlana Road traffic accident risk in patients with diabetes Skurtveit mellitus, receiving blood glucose-lowering drugs. Magritt Dietary patterns in areas with both Sami and Brustad Norwegian populations - the SAMINOR-study. Prevalence of obesity and self-reported type 2 diabetes among Sami, Kvens and Norwegians: - the SAMINOR study Parallellsesjon:
B3-B6 Metode
A comparison of different methods for spatial Eystein For the fun of it: testing the climatologic CO2-Glattre hypothesis by methods of fractal epidemiology Assessing quality of life among lung cancer patients in a randomized clinical trial: Correcting for missing data Bias in observational studies of the association between hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer Parallellsesjon:
B7-B9 Metode
Estimating the causal effect of treatment on survival Milada Weighted Cox regression applied to a large dataset of Cvancarova testicular cancer survivors Småstuen A Frailty modeling of bimodal age-incidence curves of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in low-risk populations Parallellsesjon:
B10-B11 Diverse
Har den psykiske helsen i Norge blitt bedre de siste Can long-term exposure to traffic noise increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases? –A follow up of ‘The Oslo Health Study’ by qestionnaire Plenumssesjon:
Æresmedlem i NOFE (2008), utnevnelse og foredrag
Beste artikkel 2007, kåring og foredrag
Årsmøte i NOFE
Onsdag 12. november
Den 16. norske epidemiologikonferansen, SAS-Bryggen, Bergen

A12-A16 Cancer
Ragnhild Trends in incidence of ductal carcinoma in situ: the Sørum effect of a population based screening program A13 Pål Suhrke Breast cancer incidence and postmenopausal hormone Body mass index and risk of breast cancer in white and African American women: a case-control study Anita Timing of Menarche and First Full-Term Birth in Iversen Relation to 17-? Estradiol Levels in Premenopausal Women. The EBBA-I study. A16 Eiliv Lund Systems epidemiology in cancer Avslutning


Project presentation

Basic information about IntelliDrug Project presentation IntelliDrug is an IST Programme project developes an intra-oral device for controlled drug delivery. It will provide new therapeutic opportunities to people suffering from chronic diseases and drug addiction. The project addresses the need of new, less invasive and better controlled drug delivery. The occurrence of drug

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