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Safety Data Sheet
6. Accidental release measures
according to 91/155/EWG und 93/112/EG
Trade name :
Additional advice: Approach from wind direction (observe change in wind direction). Determine
hazardous area and seal off. Seal leak. Prevent from entering sewage system, water bodies and
ground. Ladle out, repump, use suction or absorb with absorbable material such as sand, soilor oil-binding agents. Take to approved waste site or have product incinerated in accordance with official 1GAHDO2, PdNr. 167810, KaNr.
1. Identification of the substance/preparation and the company/undertaking
7. Handling and storage
Advice on safe handling: Ensure good ventilation/extraction at work place and in storage room.
Keep container tightly sealed. Floor must be solvent-resistant and water-tight. Earth equipment. Carry out electrical installations in accordance with the legal regulations. Heavily soiled or contaminated working clothes should be changed immediately. Store private clothing away from work clothes and work area. Eating, drinking and the storage of food in the work area is prohibited. 2. Composition/information on ingredients
Chemical characterization
Processed in accordance with the Chemical Act.Hydrocarbon mix, contains low quantities of 8. Exposure controls / personal protection
Components (1) : Phosphorodithioic acid, O,O-di-C1-14-alkyl esters, zinc salts Personal protective equipment
1) No product specification / max. possible mass percentages
Protecting gloves. The gloves material must be 3. Hazards identification
impermeable and resistant to the product / the substance / the preparation. For the selection of the gloves the data of the gloves manufacturer concerning the suitability of the material, the permeability time, and other quality characteristics are to be observed and respected. 4. First aid measures
Inhalation: Due to the low volatility of the lubricating oils, no hazardous vapour concentrations can
In case of possible eye contact, use goggles be created. Danger of inhalation only when oil mists have formed. Only higher product temperatures and insufficient ventilation can cause dangerous vapour concentrations. In case of possible skin contact, use protective suit Eye contact / Skin contact: No adverse effects for skin or mucous membranes should be
expected. Slight irritation when in contact with mucous membranes cannot be ruled out. Prolonged 9. Physical and chemical properties
and repeated contact with skin can cause irritation or bring about inflammatory changes (dermatitis).
Ingestion: Due to low oral toxicity the product represents no health hazard.
Intake into the Lungs: Due to the high viscosity of the product, there is only a small risk of
Notes to physician
Treatment: In case of inhalation of mist or aspiration, danger of chemopneumonia. Prophylaxis with
Safety data
5. Fire-fighting measures
14. Transport information
Acc. to ADR/RID/AND no hazardous materials 15. Regulatory information
Labelling according to EEC Directive
: 1,3,4-thiadiazolidine-2,5-dithion subst. 16. Other information
Further information
10. Stability and reactivity
Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic The provided information refers to the product in question (PdNo.); however, it is no longer applicable if 11. Toxicological information
the product is used with other materials or in a manufacturing process. The user must ensure that all information is suitable and complete for the relevant application at the time stated. The information corresponds to our knowledge and experience at the stated time or at the time when the product was Markings (|) in the left border indicate changes in the previous main version.
12. Ecological information

Ecotoxicity effects

Further information on ecology
Do not discharge liquid hydrocarbons into sewer system, water bodies and prevent from entering the ground. In case of accidents call oil-fighting team.
13. Disposal considerations
Product: ÖNORM S 2100, key code group 54
Waste code acc. to the EWC when used as prescribed:
Waste from residues:
(unchlorinated machinery, gear system, and lubricating oils on the basis of mineral oil)


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