Tiramisu with Marsala syrup and chocolate shards 12 Crème caramel doused with Sambuca, with cracked toffee 12 Soufflé with vanilla bean ice cream. Ask what today’s flavour is. Takes about twenty minutes 15 Individual warm rhubarb crumble with vanilla bean ice cream 12 Mixed Gelato with savoiardi biscuit. Ask what flavours are available 12 Liquored Strawberries with vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream 12 Flourless Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and berries 12 Cheese plate with toasted Tuscan bread and olives 16 Biscotti, shortbread, cookies and our own slices. Please see our display from 3.50 Affogato: espresso over vanilla bean ice cream 7.50 with your favourite liqueur 12 Iced coffee or Iced Chocolate with cream and vanilla bean ice cream 7.50 with your favourite liqueur 12 Liqueur coffee, served with whipped cream 12 Sherries, Australian and Imported (60 ml): Dry, Medium, Sweet from 9 Cognac 30 ml: Martell VSOP 12 Courvoisier VSOP 12 Macallan 12yo 14 Glenrothes single malt 14 JW red 8 JW Black 10 Glenfiddich 10 Glayva 10 Drambuie 10 Baileys 9 Frangelico 9 Sambuca 9 Amaretto 9 Galliano 9 Amaro Averna 9 Grappa 9 Limoncello 9 Other liqueurs 30 ml: Kahlua 9 Tia Maria 9 Mozart Chocolate Liqueur 10 Cointreau 9 Mandarine Napoleon 9 St Germain Elderflower Liqueur 10 Grand Marnier 9 Jagermeister 9 Peach, Apple or Butterscotch Schnapps 8 Apricot Brandy 8 Cherry Brandy 8 Paraiso Lychee liqueur 9 Sweet wines by the glass 120ml (also available by the bottle): Houghton’s late Picked Verdelho 10 De Bortoli Noble One (120ml) 18 Vinsanto 10 Fortified wines 60 ml: Osborne’s Portuguese Vintage Port 9 Australian Ports and Muscats from 8 Sparkling wine by the glass: Omni Classic Sparkling 7 More liqueurs and spirits may be available. Please ask or check the trolley Campari and soda 8 Pimms 8 Sherries. Dry, Medium, Sweet from 9 Daiquiri White rum, fresh seasonal fruit, lemon, blended Margarita Tequila, Triple Sec, lemon juice, blended with ice, salt rim Pina Colada White Rum, Malibu, fresh pineapple, coconut cream Mai-Tai White Rum, Dark Rum, Orange Curacao, Orgeat Syrup, lime juice, sugar Sex on the beach, Marco’s recipe Midori, Baileys, Malibu, White Rum, pineapple, cream Sex on the beach, traditional Vodka, Peach Schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice Caipirinha Caçhaca (Brazilian sugar cane spirit), muddled lime, sugar, ice Caipiroska Vodka, muddled lime, sugar, ice Cosmopolitan Vodka citron, Triple Sec, lime juice, cranberry juice Marco’s Sour Grappa, Lime, sugar, egg white, bitters Mojito White Rum, muddled lime, mint, sugar, soda Apple Martini Vodka, Apple Schnapps, Triple Sec Bloody Mary Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, celery Grasshopper Crème de menthe, Crème de cacao, cream Japanese Slipper Midori, Triple Sec, lemon juice Kamikaze Vodka, Triple Sec, lemon juice Manhattan Bourbon, Rosso Vermouth, bitters John Collins Gin, lemon juice, soda, bitters Old fashioned Whisky or Bourbon, soda, sugar, bitters Paradise Gin, Apricot Brandy, orange juice over ice Planters Punch Dark Rum, lemon juice, grenadine, soda Whiskey Sour Bourbon, lemon juice, egg white Brandy Alexander Brandy, Crème de Cacao, cream French Connection Cognac, Amaretto Golden Dream Galliano, Triple Sec, orange juice, cream Harvey Wallbanger Vodka, Galliano, orange juice Negroni Gin, Campari, Rosso Vermouth Rusty Nail Scotch, Drambuie on ice B52 Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marnier, layered Singapore Sling Gin, Cherry Brandy, Triple Sec, DOM, grenadine, pineapple, lemon, bitters Long Island Iced Tea Vodka, Tequila, White Rum, Triple Sec, Gin, lemon juice, cola Orgasm Cointreau, Baileys, Grand Marnier, layered Toohey’s New VB Hahn Premium Light 7.00 Crown Corona Peroni Beck’s Pure Blonde Blue Tongue Port Stephens Whale Ale Stella Artois Beez Neez 8.00 Alcoholic cider 8.00 Freshly squeezed orange juice6.50 Fresh fruit crush: Pineapple Watermelon Rockmelon 6.50 with spirit or liqueur 13.80 Juices: Orange Apple Tomato 4.50 Soft drinks: Lemonade Coke Diet coke Squash Soda Tonic Dry Ginger 4.50 San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water 500ml 6.00 750ml 8.00 Italian soft drinks 200 ml : Chinotto Limonata Rosso Orange 5 .50


January 2010 Issue 23 Meat Safety News Digest A collection of recent news relevant to the safety of red meat prepared by the Food Safety Program of Meat & Livestock Australia, for SAFEMEAT Stakeholders PREVALENCE Results from the study showed that L. monocytogenes was present in both faecal The risk of Listeria monocytogenes and environmental samples, with grea

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ATTORNEY'S FEES Basic Domestic Attorney's Fees OCGA § 19-6-2(a) The grant of attorney's fees as a part of the expenses of litigation, made at any time during the pendency of the litigation, whether the action is for alimony, divorce and alimony, or contempt of court arising out of either an alimony case or a divorce and alimony case, including but not limited to contempt of court or

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