“Stuff You Gotta Know”
JULY, 2008

Survey Ready Every Day
• Emeritus Club,
The Pipeline is essential information you need to be familiar with should you talk with a Joint Commission surveyor. We expect an unannounced survey this fall. You’re all set to do that scope, when the circulating nurse steps up and says, “Time
out!” You shake off the mental picture of your mom sending you to your room. You
almost say “This is just a scope, we don’t do time outs.” Instead, you say, “You bet!” and you stop what you’re doing. In fact, everyone around the patient hasstopped. The
nurse verifies one more time that this is the correct patient, the correct site, the correct procedure. Wait, there’s a problem. There’s a question about whether this is the correct procedure. You and the staff review the patient I.D., history and physical, procedure orders, consent, and if the patient had properly prepped. Everyone agrees that this is the correct procedure and the correct patient, so you go ahead with the scope with your The procedure is over and you’re reviewing the pre-procedure meds on the medication reconciliation form. You know that this patient needs Nexium®, and you take the time to write, “Nexium, 40mg by mouth, once daily.” It’s a pain writing it out like that and you think, “I really need to get my post-procedure orders preprinted.” You date and time those orders, and then you sign at the bottom, making sure that “MD” is there too. You think, “Yeah, I need one of those name stamps, too.” Nevertheless, the case went well, life is good and you start thinking about a trip to that ranch in Montana; or maybe a applicants to track the status of their physician licensure MATCH GAME
Match these fun new Joint Commission acronyms with our current processes! Warning: Two of these things don’t belong; and acronyms may match to more than one What You Win: A warm, fuzzy feeling that you’re hip to the new lingo! Plus, the first 10 doctors who bring correct answers to the Medical Staff Office will win an additional prize. J U L Y , 2 0 0 8
GREAT Nominees
ID Badge: Methodist is serious • New Board Members:
Stephen Folsom and Dr. C. • Freda Levy, MD (patient TMB Town Hall Meeting
Meeting, Tues, Aug 12, 7 pm; Licensing Seminar, Wed, Aug 13, 8:30 am, UTSW • Master Plan: The master facility Dallas T. Boone Pickens Biomedical
plans for each campus will be Bldg Aud., Rm NG3.112, 3rd floor review. At Methodist Dallas, the review includes the possible MANDATORY MEETINGS
Methodist Dallas Surgery Dept– Wed, August 6, 7:30 am, Hitt Aud There is nothing you need to know here; Methodist Dallas Anes Dept—Wed, August 6, 7:15 am, Rm 201 METHODIST DALLAS STUFF
Methodist Dallas OBG Dept– Wed, August 6, 7:30 am, Seegers hypoglycemia DUE, the PCAR
Medical Staff Officers
o Secretary: Business casual Past President-William Howard, MD Department Chairs
top performer in the CMS Emergency Med-Robert Simonson,DO
rewards hospitals for delivering Pathology– Randy Lester, MD areas. Due to its successes, Psychiatry-Daniel Pearson, III, MD • Discharge Unit: The discharge
Methodist Dallas will receive a Radiology-J. Leber Beall, MD “SYGK” is a monthly publication
Staff News: Pam Blaney began
New Dress Code: Nursing


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