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2.1 Check Brake Lines at hub
2.1.1 ChildPod® Rear Wheels may not install due to Brake Arm engagement
during shipment

1. Remove Steering Limiter Bolt
During shipping, the Brake Arm may engage and push the Cable Housing out of its Barrel Adjustor. End of Cable Housing must insert fully into its Barrel Adjustor to 20 mm or equivalent wrench required.
1. Steering Limiter Bolt is located behild the left rear ChildPod® wheel. Remove by turning counterclockwise with wrench.
2. Press Plastic Plug (included in package) into hole.
2. Troubleshooting LeaderLink® Braking
Section 9.7.1: Adjust Brake Hub Barrel Adjustor in the Zigo® Leader™ Owner’s Manual is incorrect. The Brake Lines are reversed.
2.2 Adjusting Barrel Adjustors
2.2.1 ChildPod® Rear Wheels may not install due to excess Brake Arm tension
If the ChildPod® Rear Wheel does not install due to excess Brake Arm tension, Barrel
Adjustors should be moved inward to bring the Brake Arm in.
Jogging/Parking Brake Barrel AdjustorLeaderLink® Barrel Adjustor 2009 SOMA Cycle, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 71 So. Orange Ave., Ste. 396, So. Orange, NJ, 07079, USA : : (973)378-8788 1 0 8 0 - 0 3 - 0 1 0 0
1. Release top and bottom Barrel Adjustor Locking Nuts to allow for Barrel Adjustor 3. Setting up the Cycle - Additional Items
2. Move top and bottom Barrel Adjustors inward by turning clockwise. Turn both 3.1 Install the Front Cantilever Brake Cable Yoke
Barrel Adjustors evenly and test for Rear Wheel fit every 2 or 3 turns.
3.2 Setting up the Front Cantilever Brake
3. After installing Rear Wheel, turn Barrel Adjustor Locking Nut clockwise to lock Barrel 3.3 Installing the LeaderLink® Post
1. Remove all packaging materials from Cycle.
2.2.2 Front Brake Lever (left lever on Cycle) and Brake Arm may not spring back
2. Insert LeaderLink® Post into Cycle head tube located in center of Stem Clamp.
to unengaged position
This occurs when there is slack in any of the Brake Lines. Excess slack is most likely
to occur on ChildPod® between base of LeaderLink® Post (located near Steering
Interface) and hub.
1. Uncouple Cycle from ChildPod®. Pull back Brake Arms to ensure that they have each returned to the unengaged position.
2. Turn ChildPod® on its side. Check all Brake Lines for slack in Cable Housing.
3. Once the slack Brake Line is identified: a. Turn its Barrel Adjustor Locking Nut counterclockwise to allow for Barrel Adjustor b. Remove Brake Line slack by turning Barrel Adjustor of slack Cable Line counterclockwise. Do not overtighten Barrel Adjustor. See Section 2.2.1 if you 3.4 Installing Reflectors
c. Lock Barrel Adjustor Locking Nut by turning clockwise.
d. Couple Cycle to ChildPod® and check Front Brake lever action.
Always make sure to use the reflectors in their correctly mounted orientation for best safety and visibility.
4. Restraint Harness
Ensure that Lap Belts are properly configured for either one or two children. See
Section 8.1 in the Zigo Leader Owner’s Manual. 2009 SOMA Cycle, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 71 So. Orange Ave., Ste. 396, So. Orange, NJ, 07079, USA : : (973)378-8788 1 0 8 0 - 0 3 - 0 1 0 0


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