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Please check any of the following problems or tests you have had in the last year. If given a choice (weight loss or gain, e.g.), please circle applicable symptom(s). Where appropriate, please indicate what body part was tested (X-ray: chest, e.g.). [ ] Persistent loss of sensation/numbness [ ] Jaundice (yellow skin or eyes) [ ] MRI of: Psychiatric History
Please list any psychiatric hospitalizations you have had. Continue on back if necessary.
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Past Medications
Please check any of the following medications that you have taken in the past. Please check any of the following problems that you have had in the last month. Symptoms
[ ] Trouble concentrating [ ] Interacting less [ ] Can’t make decisions [ ] Impulsive behavior [ ] Guilt over bad deeds [ ] Don't trust people [ ] Deserve punishment [ ] Thoughts not your own [ ] Can't throw things away [ ] Trouble getting started [ ] Worry about health [ ] Thoughts being blocked [ ] Afraid to get fat [ ] Life not worth living [ ] Messages from TV/radio [ ] Making yourself vomit [ ] Interpersonal trouble [ ] Thoughts of suicide [ ] Alien force moving your [ ] Using exercise or laxatives Family Psychiatric History
Family History
Have any of your blood relatives been diagnosed with a mental illness? Please indicate their relationship to you and check all that apply. Continue on back if necessary. Relationship to you
Diagnosis (check all that apply)
Treatment (check all
that apply if known)


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