Safety code

The SC & RMAS Draghunt
Safety Code

We strongly recommend that :
1. You have full insurance against all the risks including any claims which may be made against you arising out of your
participation in the day’s hunting, from injury, loss or damage caused to any rider or third party sustained in the course of or as a result of Draghunting however or by whomsoever. 2. You insure yourself and your horse against all risks including injury, loss or damage sustained in the course of or as a result of Draghunting however or by whomsoever caused, including ourselves and whether or not anyone is to blame.
If you become a member of the Countryside Alliance (The Old Town Hall, 367 Kennington Road, LONDON,SE11 4PT.
020 7840 9200) you can through such membership readily obtain suitable insurance cover. If you do not already have
the cover as recommended you should be in touch with The Countryside Alliance immediately.
Our lines differ in complexity and type. Please be aware that SC&RMAS Draghunt cannot be held responsible for those
bringing out inexperienced horses or riders. You should check the nature of the lines with one of our Masters to assess if
the lines are suitable for you and/or your horse.
A hunting cap of the established crash helmet variety with fitted safety harness BS EN 1384 1997 PAS 015 1998.
Please give other members of the Field space and never ride immediately behind the horse in front. Always ride straight
at a fence. Horses ridden at an angle may cross the path of others and put them at risk.
If your horse attempts to refuse or refuses, do your best to keep him in a straight line. Do not run along the fence. Turn
away and join the back of the group.
If the horse in front of you has fallen, stop and make sure the horse and rider are well clear before attempting to jump.
At hedges, always jump between the markers. Do not jump where you cannot see a marker.
Please, make other riders aware of your intentions at all times e.g. when overtaking.

Loose Horses
Loose horses must be caught as soon as possible. If necessary the Field must stop to enable this to be done.
All gates must be closed as soon as the Field has passed through. When you go through a gate, shut it or ensure that
somebody behind you will do so waiting for them if necessary.
Keeping the line
The direction of the line has been carefully worked out prior to the Meet. If you fall behind, either follow the path of the
line, or retrace your steps. Do not take a line of your own.
If you break a rail or cause more serious damage to a fence, please inform the Field Master as soon as possible.
Please ensure that the highway is kept clear at all times. Please park only in the designated areas.
Minors (under 18 yrs)
All children must wear protective hats and back protectors as required by the Pony Club. No minor may come out unless
his/her parent or guardian has read and signed the Safety Code. It is recommended that the minor is a Member of The
Countryside Alliance to comply with the above.
Visitors & Guests
It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that his/her guest is competent to be in the Field and is aware of all the Safety
Code requirements.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The SC & RMAS Draghunt Limited is a Not For Profits Limited Company The SC & RMAS Draghunt Limited and its duly authorised representatives will not be held liable for any damage or injury to, or claim by, any person or property, howsoever caused while participating in its activities. It is the responsibility of the participants, spectators and any other relevant party to make their own adequate insurance arrangements. The decision of the Masters on any matter will be final. Declaration – General
I recognise that Draghunting is a risk sport and that while the SC&RMAS Draghunt through its officials and employees will endeavour to reduce the risks for those draghunting, it cannot always guarantee that its risks reduction system will have been fully complied with or that some human error will not occur. The value of horses differs significantly and cannot be expected to be known by the Masters and Officers of the SC&RMAS Draghunt. Accordingly, in the event of injury or death to my horse or any horse ridden by me, whether due in part or full to any error, neglect or default on the part of the SC&RMAS Draghunt, its officials or employees, I will not hold the SC&RMAS Draghunt, or its officials or employees responsible for such injury or death or any consequential expenses and I further agree that it is my sole responsibility to arrange effective insurance cover in respect thereof and (where I do not myself own the horse which I am riding) to indemnify and save harmless the SC&RMAS Draghunt, its officials and employees against any claim or claims made by the owner of any horse ridden by me. I HAVE READ THESE CONDITIONS AND FULLY UNDERSTAND AND WILL COMPLY WITH THEM.
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