These criteria are subject to change without notice. Blood Donors must:
• provide photo identification when registering • allow eight weeks between whole blood donations • provide proof of age at high school blood drives Donors taking most antibiotics for acne are eligible.
Individuals may donate blood 24 hours after last Those taking Accutane must wait one month after last dose (if taken for infection). This includes penicillin dose. Those taking penicillin and penicillin derivatives Individuals may donate if free of acute symptoms.
There is no waiting period if procedure was performed with sterile needles by a licensed physician, chiropractor Donors taking birth control medications are acceptable.
Persons with chronic blood disease are permanently The Food and Drug Administration prohibits the following individuals from donating blood or plasma: • Men who have had sex with other men, even one • Breast and thyroid cancer, Hodgkins disease, > accepted money or drugs for sex since 1977 lymphoma, sarcoma or malignant melanoma must > given money or drugs for sex in the last • Squamous cell (systemic), prostate cancer and all > had a confirmed positive test for HIV (AIDS other cancers must be cancer free for at least 5 years • Basal or squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer) > AIDS or any of its signs and symptoms, which are acceptable after treatment is complete.
include: unexplained weight loss; night sweats; blue • All carcinoma in-situ (localized pre-invasive lesions) or purple spots on or under the skin (Kaposi sarcoma); are acceptable after treatment is complete.
armpits or groin that last more than one week; unexplained fever for more than one week; Donors should be symptom-free for 48 hours prior to > had sexual partners in the last 12 months that fall > been confined in juvenile detention, jail Individuals can donate 24 hours after dental surgery: (lock-up), or prison for more than 72 consecutive • Have not taken antibiotics within the last 24 hours > taken drugs by needle that are not prescribed • There is no deferral for routine dental care and Individuals may not donate if they have taken bovine Community Blood Center: Save a Life. Right Here, Right Now.
Individuals who have had piercing performed: Donors taking psychotherapeutic medications are eligible • By “gun” method and sterilized pre-packaged if they are able to understand and answer the questions.
• At a doctor’s office are eligible.
Stroke survivors may donate after a 6 month wait if
they are not taking medication for stroke, have no activity Donor should be symptom-free for 48 hours before donating.
restrictions and are released from doctor’s care.
Individuals who have received a flu vaccine are eligible to donate blood (no waiting period).
Individuals may donate when released from physician’s care and healing is complete. If a blood transfusion was Donors must wait for six months after a heart attack or received, there is a 12 month wait, unless the blood received cardiac surgery and then must be symptom-free, have no activity restriction, and either be released from or have their cardiologist’s approval.
If the tattoo was applied in a licensed facility in Kansas or Missouri there is no waiting period (as long as the • Individuals cannot donate if they have had hepatitis
site has healed). Otherwise there is a 12 month or jaundice related to an infection after their • Individuals who have received Hepatitis B vaccine If the donor had a needle stick accident, there is a • Individuals who have received immune globulin for 12 month waiting period after exposure.
possible exposure (e.g., eating at a restaurant) are • Those receiving immune globulin for close living contact with an individual with active hepatitis • Donors are indefinitely deferred if they have: symptoms cannot give blood for 12 months.
> spent time since 1980 that adds up to >5 years > spent time from 1980 to 1996 that adds up to Individuals taking blood pressure medications 3 months or more in the United Kingdom.
(The United Kingdom includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, Hebrides, Isle of Wight, Orkney Islands and Shetland Island.) > after being symptom free of malaria > received a transfusion of any blood products when > if they have lived in malarial areas for 5 years • Donors who were members of the military, civilian • Donors who have visited or toured malarial areas, military employees or their dependents and who may donate one year after departure provided they
were stationed in Europe between 1980 and 1996 have been free of symptoms suggestive of malaria.
A woman cannot donate blood during pregnancy, but may donate six weeks after delivery provided she is released from physician’s care.
Community Blood Center: Save a Life. Right Here, Right Now.



Nutrient-Drug Interactions and Food no. 9.361 by J. Anderson and H. Hart 1 It is a difficult and complex problem to accurately determine theeffects of food and nutrients on a particular drug. There are many dramaticresults or problems caused by food-drug, drug-drug and alcohol-food-druginteractions. The following table is designed to help the reader become moreknowledgeable about drug inter


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