September 1999
Many of you have participated in the Praying Through theWindow I, II, III efforts in October of 1993, 1995 and 1997.
Warmest greetings in the Lord Jesus.
This year's focus is the strategic places within the 10/40 FAMILY: The kids started school in late August with
Window. Enclosed is a calendar for Praying Through the James in 3rd grade, Christie in 5th and Rachael in 7th. They Window IV showing which countries to pray for each day in continue to attend the Classical Academy. It is a public October. Estimates suggest that somewhere between 45-50 school, but parents have very significant involvement in million believers will be focusing daily prayer on these same administration, curriculum selection and classroom activity.
countries. Please feel free to contact us for other resources We feel very blessed to be part of this excellent and maps that are also available. We would love to send family-oriented education for our kids.
Life seems to start with "S" and end with "R" for James and PARTNERS: We are especially thankful for the
Stephen these days. I don't mean Scribner, but soccer! churches that have partnered with us in this ministry: James is playing on a bigger field with 8 per side. Stephen is just starting and his games are delightful versions of "bunch-ball". Between practice and games for both boys, Mary hopes to start a company called Taxi's-R-Us. Christie is a model student and enjoys history and geography.
Christian Women's Fellowship - Fresno, CA Rachael loves reading, sometimes finishing severalfull-length books in a week. All the kids continue to work at learning a children's version of the Westminster Shorter Pray for the kids as they form relationships at school,
Catechism. It is an excellent training tool! for special new friends for each of them, particularly
Christie. Pray for good health for all.

My health has been very up and down. Over the past year Ihave been on a number of different antibiotics trying to treat Pray for consistency for Mary and me in teaching and
Lyme disease. While on the antibiotics, I do reasonably training our children. Pray for patience and wisdom in
well, but after several weeks off the antibiotics, the bottom falls out. I am currently on an extended Flagyl routine and Pray for balance and accountability in my life as a
hope to get to the bottom of this health struggle. I so husband, father, student and laborer. Pray for regular
We have enjoyed several overnight camping trips this Pray for development of the Harvest Information System.
summer to some beautiful places in Colorado. Everyone's This is a new project that I am involved in that may favorite time is cooking marshmallows over the evening carry on well after AD2000 and Beyond ends. It is a campfire with no computers, phones or TV to disrupt time unique inter-related database of peoples, languages, geographic places, religions and ministries that couldhave a dramatic impact on missions information AD2000 & BEYOND: AD2000 is not winding down,
but up! Seems like the pace of what the Lord is doing Pray for the unreached people groups of Central Tibet
around the world is accelerating. The Joshua Project list of where the Gospel is only just gaining entrance into that least reached peoples continues to be a catalyst for missions activity in places where there has been little, or no, exposureto the Gospel. A significant statistic: over 94% of the world's population live in a people group that has anestablished church of over 100 indigenous believers. Whilethere is still a tremendous amount of work to do, a pioneereffort is underway in the vast majority of all people groups. Ministry Address:
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