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W.R. Grace & Co.- Conn.
7500 Grace DriveColumbia, MD 21044 Go further with our new EXPEDITIONLine.
Reach the
peak of high
Introducing New VYDAC DENALI120 Å
Silica-Based Columns and Media for Small Molecule Separations
New DENALI120Å Silica-Based Columns and Media for Small Molecule Separations
Reach the peak of
high performance.
Facing the challenge of separating small molecules? Here’s an innovative solution to speed drug discovery and development, pharmaceutical testing and New VYDAC® DENALI™ 120Å silica-based columns and media provide efficiency, ligand stability and peak symmetry superior to any other. We achieve these amazing heights of performance through a new technology that combines an ultra-high purity silica with a novel monomeric bonding chemistry to produce excellent peak symmetry in basic and acidic compounds.
Explore more, more efficiently.
Take your expectations to the top with new DENALI™ columns and media.
High efficiency
Excellent reproducibilty
High carbon coverage
Excellent peak symmetry
Acidic Compounds
Basic Compounds
Five Anti-Inflammatory
Peak Shape Comparison
Compounds on DENALI™ Column
of Anti-Depressant Mixture
Competitor B
Competitor A
DENALI™ Column
Grace Vydac: Enhancing the Science of Separations
Grace Vydac, the foremost name in silica materials science, is the pioneer in proteinand peptide separations. We’ve put our experience to work developing the ultimatesilica for small molecule separations. The result: innovative new columns and mediafor analytical, preparative and process chromatography, available worldwide.
www.gracevydac.com • US: 1.800.247.0924 • Intl: +1.760.244.6107 • Fax: +1.888.244.6610 • E-mail: experts@vydac.com DENALI™ C18 Monomeric Reversed-Phase, 120Å Pore Size VYDAC® 238DE™ Series, Small Molecules
High Performance Chromatography Columns
Guard Columns
Column Size
Particle Size
Catalog No.
Column Size
Particle Size
Catalog No.
* Note: A Guard Kit contains a holder and one cartridge.
Not all sizes/dimensions are listed.
Please inquire for expanded product line details (particle sizes, chemistries, column dimensions).
Explore outdoors in Bollé Sunglasses,
yours free with new DENALI™ columns!
Conduct your summertime expeditions in Bollé Sunglasses. We’ll give you a free pair with your purchase of DENALI™ columns while supplies last.
• Polarized sandstone lenses offer superb depth perception and contrast • Anti-reflective and quartz scratch resistant coatings • 100% optically correct, virtually shatterproof polycarbonate lenses• 100% UV protection Note: Titanium frits are standard in all column dimensions with an inner diameter <1mm, and are included in VYDAC is a registered trademark of The Separations Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of W.R. Grace and Co.-Conn. DENALI is a registered trademark of W.R. Grace and Co.-Conn. 2003 W.R. Grace and Co.-Conn.
columns with catalog numbers beginning in "T." Offer void where prohibited by federal, state, or local law or regulation or agency/institutional policy. Offer good through September 30, 2003. One pair of sunglasses per customer, please. Supplies limited.

Source: http://www.sepu.net/grace/denali_flyer.pdf

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