Feature Highlights
• Preset (default) frequency can be set
without power or transmitter signal
• Scan mode stores up to five additional
• Multi-color LED and rotary control for
programming and operation
• High sensitivity for extended operating
range indoors and outdoors
• Rugged machined aluminum housing
• Spring-loaded belt clip
• Attached battery door
• 8 hours battery life (alkaline)
• 20 hours battery life (lithium)
Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems are used The scanning process is performed at two different for talent cueing and crew communications in broad- sensitivity levels. The first scan is performed at a re- cast and motion picture production. In other cases, the duced sensitivity to avoid falsely locking onto IM IFB system is used to monitor program audio during a (intermodulation) signals rather than true carriers. This production. The IFB R5a receiver can be configured for reduced sensitivity scan is necessary when the unit is a variety of applications, yet it retains the simplicity programmed in close proximity to the transmitter. If no needed for untrained users to easily operate.
signals are found in the first scan, a single button push The default frequency of the receiver is set by two will set the receiver to full sensitivity and begin a second rotary switches on the side panel. Up to five additional scan. Full sensitivity scanning is necessary to program frequencies can also be programmed into the receiver the receiver at a distance away from the transmitter.
memory using the scan mode. If more than one fre- The receiver operates on a single 9 volt alkaline or quency is stored in the receiver, the operator can scroll lithium battery. Alkaline battery life is up to 8 hours.
through the stored frequencies by simply pressing the Lithium battery life is well over 20 hours. The LED indicator changes color from green, to yellow, to red as The design uses +/-20 kHz FM deviation for efficient the battery voltage declines to provide plenty of warn- use of the bandwidth, with compandor noise reduction circuitry for an excellent signal to noise ratio. A super- The output connector will automatically switch to match sonic Pilot Tone signal controls the audio output squelch either a stereo or monaural plug with an internal relay.
to aid in accurate scanning and keep the receiver silent Full output power is available with either type of con- nector, without the power losses that result from a Basic operation is simply a matter of rotating the knob resistive circuit design. The antenna input is provided to turn power on and adjusting the volume level. Addi- by the shield of the cable and headset or earphone tional frequencies are added by holding the knob in until the LED begins blinking and the receiver begins toscan. The LED stops blinking and scanning pauseswhen the receiver locates a signal. A long button pushat this point stores the additional channel and a shortbutton push continues scanning.
A special button push sequence is required to set thereceiver into the programming mode to prevent acci-dental changes to the receiver memory. Simplifiedinstructions are laser engraved into the housing of thereceiver.
IFB R5a Receiver
Block Diagram
The incoming RF signal is filtered and amplified, then All nomenclature is laser engraved into the housing and mixed down to the IF frequency with a microprocessor the side panel to withstand physical abrasion and heavy controlled synthesizer. The pilot tone signal is on a use. A condensed instruction set is also laser etched different frequency than Lectrosonics wireless micro- into the side panel of the receiver.
phone systems to prevent interference when the A rotating, aluminum battery door remains attached to wireless microphone and IFB systems are used in the the housing when opened so it cannot be lost. The door same location. The audio signal processing includes is spring-loaded to lock into position and maintain pres- compandor noise reduction for low noise and excellent The receiver will drive a wide variety of earbuds, head-phones and induction neck loops at substantial levels,with loads from 16 Ohms to 600 Ohms.
The receiver is housed in a rugged machined aluminumpackage. A spring-loaded belt clip provides a securemounting on a wide variety of belts, pockets and fabrics.
The belt clip is removable to reduce its size and allowmounting into other types of bags and belt worn mount-ing systems common in field production.
Operating frequencies:
Programmable memory:
Frequency control:
Front panel controls:
Single knob controls Audio OutputLevel, Power on, programming and Signal/Noise ratio:
Squelch quieting:
AM rejection:
Modulation acceptance:
indicate channel number and duringscanning.
Spurious rejection:
Power requirement:
Third order intercept:
Frequency response:
Pilot tone:
Power consumption:
Audio output:
(belt clip and knob extend beyondthe housing) 581 Laser Road NE - Rio Rancho, NM - 87124 USA
tel (505) 892-4501 or (800) 821-1121 - fax (505) 892-6243
Web: www.lectrosonics.com - E-mail: sales@lectrosonics.com

Source: http://www.soundsquare-rentals.cz/pdf/r5atd.pdf

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