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Overseas properties
a. Advertisements on food products do not require approval from the Agri-Food & a. In the case of overseas properties (commercial and residential), if the property is new, Veterinary Authority (AVA), as they do not issue permits to advertise. the building plan approval number from the relevant building authority should be b. The Food Act listed below prohibits use of claims in food products. displayed in the advertisement. A copy of the document should also be submitted to Regulations 9 and 12 of the Singapore Food Regulations prohibit the use of the
Agri-Food &
the Copy Vetting Team for reference. This is to ensure that the property is valid.
following in food labels and advertisements: Veterinary
(a) claims for therapeutic or prophylactic actions or words of similar meaning; Authority (AVA)
Local properties
(b) any words, claims explicit or implicit, designs or devices which could be interpreted b Advertisements for sale of local properties should also display the building approval Urban
as advice of a medical nature from any person; number. A copy of the document however is not required for reference.
(c) any word or words implying that a food will prevent, alleviate or cure any disease Authority
or condition affecting the human body; and China properties
(d) any words implying that health or an improved physical condition may be achieved c. These advertisements require the following 5 approval permits to be reflected in the advertisements. Copies of the permits are to be given to the Copy Vetting Team c. Advertisements should not carry the words ‘Recommended by the Medical Profession’. SCAP
d. Food products that come under AVA include: Appendix F
Agri-Food &
Veterinary Authority
Tel: 6325- 2579
Sale of Land
Fax: 6324- 4563
d. Land title reference number should be displayed in the advertisement copy. A copy www.ava.gov.sg
should be submitted to the Copy Vetting Team. email:
e. Acceptable general claims:
• General
Supports general mental and physical development, helps in overall mental and physical development (for infant foods only) f. Acceptable specific claims:
Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth Bifidus bacteria helps support a good digestive system 25. RELIGION
DHA/AA is a building block in the development of brain and eyes (infant foods only) Folic acid helps support the overall development of the foetus (products for Guidelines
g. Unacceptable claims for food products:
Improve memory, alertness, sharpness, concentration a. While overtly promoting a religion through advertisements is not allowed, advertisements notifying the public of a seminar, conference or event of a religion is permissible if they comply to the following terms: Prevention of a certain physical condition Only the facts of the event may be stated : Venue, Speaker’s Name, Organiser, Claims that the food can help the function of organs, e.g. ‘helps hearing’. No religious or exaggerated claims should accompany such advertisements Anything that implies improving the performance of the body No quotations are allowed from the religious texts It is not the activity of a cult i.e. non-mainstream religions Should not criticise or offend other religions

Source: http://sph.sg/pdf/vetting/17a.pdf

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