The GP328 Professional Radio :A Practical Radio The GP328 is the two-way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact but don’t requireextra features. This practical radio can easily increase productivity by keeping users communicating,yet streamlines their radio use—allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand. With the GP328,communication couldn’t be easier.
Easy To Use, Lightweight Yet Rugged To Suit Your
Programmable Channel Spacing Of 12.5/25 kHz
Every Need
Flexible and easy migration of channel spacing Wide range coverage within the workplace.
Repeater/Talkaround Enable/Disable
To make several calls to repeat the same Freedom to communicate via a repeater for wide area coverage; or bypass a repeater and talk To manage a facility or more than one building.
directly to another unit for easy local unit-to-unitcommunications.
GP328 Key Features And Benefits
Internal Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)
X-PAND™ Audio Technology
For hands-free operation, activate this option by Motorola’s special voice compression and speaking with the optional headsets.
expansion technology called X-PAND™ enablescrisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, Tight/Normal Squelch
allowing you to keep communicating in any noisy Flexibility to switch to tight squelch to filter out excessive noise; or, normal squelch for normalcoverage.
16 Channels
Maximum of 16 channels to organise work groups
Battery Options
Flexible choice of batteries:– NiCD Battery Tone Tagging
Assign 8 different ringing tones to 8 specific users/talkgroups making audio caller identification Enhanced Signalling Features
LED Battery Gauge
The GP328 two-way radio comes in these three Tri-colour LED to indicate battery strength, avoiding failed communication with early warning Emergency Siren
Easy-to-access, one-touch button with piercing alarm to seek help in critical situation.
Switchable RF Power Level
III) Dual Tone Multiple Frequency(DTMF)Signalling GP328 optional retrofit keypad model supports DTMF encode features.
Field Retrofit Option Boards
Easy to install, affordable add-on functionality
Other GP328 Features
whenever your needs arise. Option Boards are DTMF Decode for in-coming calls capability.
ii) Voice Storage for recording and playing back IncreaseProductivity ByKeeping UsersIn Contact GP328 Specifications
29 - 42 / 35 -50 / 136 -174 / 330 - 400 / 403 - 470 / 450 - 527 Provided through rechargeable battery - 7.5V With Standard High Capacity NiMH Battery: With Standard High Capacity NiMH Battery: With Standard High Capacity NiMH Battery: Withstands rain testing per MIL-STD 810 C / D / E and IP54 Protection provided via impact resistant housing exceeding Protection provided via environment resistant housing exceeding TRANSMITTER
-57dBm < 1Ghz/-47dBm > 1Ghz/FCC Part 15 * Availability subject to country law and regulations.
Radios meet applicable regulatory requirements.
All specifications shown are subject to change without notice. Specifications are not representative of all radios and may vary in different radios.
Portable Military Standards 810 C, D, & E
Applicable MIL-STD
Enhance Your Radio’s Capabilities
A comprehensive range of accessories is available so
that the radios can be customised to suit your needs.
Adding the proper headsets, microphones, batteries,
chargers or carry cases can enhance your productivity.
Motorola accessories are built with the highest quality
standards and are specially engineered to assure maximum performance of your radio, no matter whatprofession you’re in.
simulating five years ofhard use in real life, EIARS-316B in Shock, facturing & Design
international quality system assurance on design, development, production,installation and servicing of a product.
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