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Has you postal address changed since last year? If married / de facto in this tax year, what date did this occur: / / Taxable Income / Separate Net Income of Spouse / Details $ Bank Account Detail for Refund: Account name: Checklist created for on 25-Dec-10 PERSONAL / INDIVIDUAL RETURN CHECKLIST
‰ If new client – copy of last years tax return is useful, not essential, if new resident – visa. ‰ PAYG Payment Summary (formerly Group Certificates) ‰ Interest earned from Bank, Credit Union, etc including any ATO interest ‰ Super or ETP Payment Summary (s) for Lump Sums/Termination/Redundancy. ‰ Parenting Payment, Newstart or Pension Statements from Centrelink ‰ Superannuation payments PAYG Summary & details of Deductible and Rebatable amounts (including Com Super, Allocated and Foreign Pensions). ‰ Share Dividend statements (usually 2 each year for each company) ‰ Investment/Managed fund Annual Tax Statements (eg MLC, Colonial, Asgard/Beacon/Perpetual) ‰ Sale of shares/property details (including purchase price and date) ‰ Statements from Employee Share Schemes (eg Qantas, Toll, Telstra, etc)
DEDUCTIONS - WORK RELATED – Receipts / Log Books / Diaries.

‰ Use of own car (Kilometres traveled record or Log book)/ If Log book all receipts for expenses
‰ Uniform/Protective clothing purchased, Laundry/dry cleaning receipts
‰ Details of work related studies and receipts (Course fees (not HECS) Travel, Books, Parking, Student Union)
‰ Stationery, Seminar expenses (related to income)
‰ Income Protection insurance premiums
‰ Donations (include Energex Helicopter/School Building funds) to Deductible Gift recipients
‰ Last years Tax Agent fee and travel or parking for Tax Agent visit ‰ Work related mobile phone (include accounts/receipts/usage diary) ‰ Home computer purchase details, if used for study or work purposes ‰ Tools and Equipment purchased for work ‰ Sun protection expenses ‰ Union Fees or Professional memberships, subscriptions & journals ‰ Home office expenses (Hours worked in Home office) ‰ Spouse Tax File Number, date of birth and taxable income for year ‰ Dependant children – names, dates of birth (if living in a Zone area) ‰ Meal and Travel Allowance expenditure receipts
‰ Medical expenses – unreimbursed amounts over $1500. Annual Statements may be obtained from both Medicare and your fund. Pharmacy may be included. See attached explanation ‰ Private Health Insurance Annual Statement – fund and membership details. ‰ Superannuation Contributions for you spouse ‰ Are you entitled to the Medicine Exemptions/Reductions/Medicare Levy? Checklist created for on 25-Dec-10
  • DEDUCTIONS - WORK RELATED – Receipts / Log Books / Diaries.
  •  Contract Notes from the authorized share broker
  • SOME HINTS (Please complete one checklist for each property)
  • REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE (includes expenses not paid through agent)
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    UNIT 8: IDEAS IN CONTEXT This unit aims to develop learners’ personal creative potential for generating ideas in a relevant specialist discipline within the visual arts. This unit extends and develops the generation of ideas. Learners are required to generate ideas to fulfil complex visual arts objectives involving social, cultural and commercial considerations. Learners will evolve and ad

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