Nu∙Impose belongs with the collection of eclectic remedies designed by Thaumaturge for those 'folk' who want control of their own healing program; those who want a program using simple remedies of herbs, vitamins and minerals. Nu∙Impose is a specific remedy for dissolution of crystals, stones, burrs, spurs, bunions and calluses - those deposits when the body's ph balance is jeopardized by diet and stress and genetics. Culprits that cause the leeching of minerals and the hardening masses are benzoic acid, sulphuric acid, oxalic acid, leucine acid and uric acid. Trying to dissolve crystallization with an herbal base proved an exacting search. Nu∙Impose offers support Thaumaturge has two other remedies that address 'stone' issues. Nu∙Obdurate (Product No. 0110) deals with the parathyroid gland, which if undernourished releases calcium from bones back into the blood with symptoms of hair loss, nails thin and breaking, weight gain and kidney stones. Nu∙Lactone (Product No. 0210) deals with water retention and gives succor to the kidneys to purge fluid buildup/backup. Nu∙Impose is specific to dissolve existing aggregations to give relief without surgery or expensive medical intervention. Included in Nu∙Impose are the following herbs. Interviewed beside each herb is a brief explanation of its work and those aggregates that herb addresses. Dandelion (270 mg): Dandelion is rich in potassium thus a wonderfully effective natural
diuretic. The potassium support increases mobility with reduced stiffness in the joints. High in
organic sodium, dandelion balances electrolytes in the blood giving strength to the kidneys to
restore gastric balance and to purify the blood. Alleviating the discomfort and pain of gout,
Dandelion gives relief to the kidneys neutralizing benzoic acid, which affects the heart and
caused rigidity of the muscles.
Dulse (Norwegian Kelp) (240 mg): dulse is a plant of the sea that provides nutrients needed by
the thyroid to function healthfully. Kelp buffers waste so they can be easily discharged from the
body. Kelp helps to eliminate uric acid, which contributes to rheumatic pain. Kelp treats kidney,
bladder, prostate and uterus, water retention and tumors and deposits thereof. Kelp's ability goes
a long way toward dissolution of aggregate deposits made from sulphuric, oxalic, leucine and
uric acid. Specific to the ureter and urethra, kelp gives relief to inflammation and neuritis.
Watercress (240 mg): Watercress is included for its relief to strictures of the urinary tract. Its
personality neutralizes leucine, uric and oxalic acids, which aggregate and affect as stones in the
bladder, formations on bones as spurs, hardening of the prostate and uterus, weakening the
skeletal structure, Watercress promotes kidney function and increases endurance and stamina.
Grapevine (240 mg): Grapevine works in this formula as a powerful antioxidant to reduce free
radicals caused by tissue damage. With its rich supply of proanthocyanidine, every cell in the
body is given support to do their life saving and life sustaining work. Grapevine improves circulation, is an aid to arthritis and pain, improving blood vascular system. Because it is dissipated through the kidneys and urine, its benefit has a much longer intensity being active up to three days. Grapevine is less costly but as powerful as more expensive pycnogenols. Ginseng (Tienchi) (180 mg): Ginseng is mostly used for traumas and injuries like those as a
result of kidney stones in passage through the urinary tract or like the pain and inflammation of
heel spurs or bunions or pains of gnarly joints. Tienchi Ginseng is the tonic of preference in
sports medicine and included herewith because it is easier to assimilate over other ginsengs. It is
more so internal in its native state and deals specifically with benzoic acid as a buffer to
neutralize its effect on muscles and joints.
The following recipe gives much relief and actually dissolves stones and/or allows them to pass "almost painlessly". It will also give relief for stiff knees, cramps, charley horse, restless leg syndrome, burning feet and incontinence. For Kidney: 3 oz. unsweetened pineapple juice (to dissolve stones) For Ureter: 3 oz. pure apricot juice (to affect the ureter) 3 oz. tonic water (unsweetened, if preferred) to give relief to cramps and relief to muscle tension A pinch of nutmeg to relax the ureter A pinch of cinnamon to address infections You may add one tablespoon Cherry Crystals (Product No. 8020) to ease gout/arthritis Drink up to twice a day (more affective at bedtime), for at least five weeks, or as long as you like the flushing. 0370 NatureMost Laboratories Inc., 60 Trigo Drive, Middletown, CT 06457


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