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THE RUDER FINN PUBLIC RELATIONS EXECUTIVE TRAINING PROGRAM/SUMMER INTERN APPLICATION Please list all formal education, degrees received or pursuing, and dates.
Spring (Jan-June)Summer (June-Sept) Fall (Sept-Jan) Please attach (1) your resume; (2) the two writing tests (see attached); (3) any writingsamples which will help in assessing your qualifications; and (4) an unofficial transcript[if available]. Also enclose a list of special skills that will help you in this job, and thenames and addresses of two references we might contact. All materials submittedbecome the property of Ruder Finn and will not be returned.
Please DO NOT STAPLE OR BIND together the items submitted.
Please check off three areas of public relations practice in which you think you would like to work. We will attempt to place our Executive Trainees in the areas of their preference. Ruder Finn New York works with a wide variety of arts and cultural organizations as well asentertainment companies and industrial and consumer products corporations that sponsorarts and cultural programs. Two agency divisions (Arts & Communications Counselors andRF Entertainment) provide counsel and general public relations support for a wide range ofclients including AT&T http://www.att.com/foundation/, Christie’shttp://www.christies.com/, Getty Center http://www.gettycenter.org/ and Museum,Guggenheim Museum, the National Cultural Alliance, PaineWebberhttp://www.Painewebber.com/, and many others. Trainees for the arts and entertainmentgroups should have experience and strong familiarity with at least one cultural field (muse-ums, performance organizations, entertainment media, etc.) Ruder Finn in New York works with a wide variety of companies that produce and marketconsumer products. Our work helps to create increased consumer awareness, interest, andpurchase of the products, as well as appropriate use. Several divisions of the agency in NewYork serve consumer product company clients -- our Healthcare Group, Fisher & Company,Kahn Communications Group, Lifestyle Marketing Group, and Marketing for theEnvironment Group. A few of the many clients service include: Aleve pain relieverhttp://www.aleve.com/(Procter & Gamble), Citibank MasterCard/Visahttp://www.citibank.com/cards/, L.L. Bean http://www.llbean.com/, Liz Claiborne, FirstBrands/Glad Bags http://www.firstbrands.com/, Prestone Auto Care Productshttp://www.prestone.com/, Seagram’s liquors, and Similac infant formula. Trainees for workin the consumer productions public relations should be creative, versatile, very involvedwith popular culture and consumer media, and have some experience and/or familiaritywith marketing or promotions.
Ruder Finn is one of the nation’s leaders in providing healthcare communications servicesto pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical instruments manufactur-ers, hospitals, physician associations, and patient/disease awareness groups. Our clientsinclude most of the world’s leading manufacturers of prescription and over-the-countermedications. We promote the effectiveness and benefits of medications to physicians andpatients, expand awareness of research programs, assist in recruitment of patients for clinicaltrails, and educate the public and disease sufferers about the management of various chron-ic, serious diseases. Trainees for the Healthcare group should be good all around communi-cators with some interest in science, health care, and health policy.
Ruder Finn works with a large number of companies in the information technologies andtelecommunications industries. Our clients include the manufacturers and markets of com-puter hardware and software, systems integration technologies, networking, telecommunica-tions, and office and consumer electronics. We work with both large multinational corpora-tions (such as Comsat http://www.comsat.com/ and Ricoh http://www.ricoh.com/) as wellas with start-up companies to create public attention and purchase of products and toenhance public understanding and appreciation of technology and research. Trainees forthis area should have some familiarity with information technologies and be very computerliterate.
Ruder Finn works with a number of large and small corporations to assist them in theircommunications to the financial community: primarily to securities analysts and brokers, institutional investors, investment fund managers, and consultants and journalists who coverthe world’s financial markets. Communications for our clients include fulfillment ofannouncements required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as well as promo-tional communications designed to demonstrate the value of a company’s stock. Traineesfor Investor Relations should have some knowledge of financial markets and corporatefinance.
Ruder Finn works with a very wide variety of corporations and organizations as they dealwith public issues and convey their organizational identity and positions in public debates.
Two divisions of the New York office (Corporate & Public Affairs and Marketing for theEnvironment) work with companies and not-for-profit organizations, assisting them inresearch, planning, publications, media relations, and community relations. Corporate clientsinclude ABB Inc. http://www.abb.com/, First Brands http://www.firstbrands.com/,, theGallup Organization http://www.gallup.com/, International Paperhttp://www.intlpaper.com/, Liberty Financial, Maidenform, and Sandoz among others. Not-for-profit clients include the American Kennel Club http://www.akc.org/, ColumbiaUniversity http://www.columbia.edu/, the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, the RockefellerBrothers Fund, the Salzburg Seminar, and Trinity Church. Trainees for this groups should begood writers and actively aware of social trends, politics, and public affairs.
Ruder Finn’s two divisions,Visual Technology Group and Planned Television Arts/SatelliteCommunications, produce a range of electronic communications for broadcast, cable, andspecial events. The groups produce live and taped video programming, satellite televisionnews conferences, video news releases and electronic media kits, radio actualities, sales andmeetings videos, and interactive multimedia displays for conventions and exhibitions.
Trainees for these groups should come to the agency with some video production experi-ence.
Ruder Finn has two groups, Planned Television Arts/Media and Planned Television ArtsSatellite, which specialize in booking intensive radio, television, and on-line appearances ofspokespersons for products and issues. Each day the units book a few hundred appearanceson radio and television news and talk shows as well as on-line discussions for book authors,entertainment celebrities, business and association spokespersons, and political candidates.
Recent clients and spokespersons have included Norman Mailer, Howard Stern, Robert S.
McNamara, Jimmy Carter, Maya Angelou, Mick Fleetwood, Jackie Collins, and many, many oth-ers. Trainees for this area should be energetic, persistent, and very familiar with both popu-lar culture and electronic media.
Leaf Industries is a paper and stationery producer headquartered in Treerich, Maine. Thecompany is among the world's largest producers of office and home stationery, school sup-plies and greeting cards. Its primary businesses supply one in every three homes in Americawith products.During the 1980s, Leaf invested more than $100 million to purchase andinstall new technologically advanced equipment in its plants.
Leaf has a history of supporting education. The company's founder, Edward S. Black, orga-nized Treerich's first public school in 1891. Company leaders supported and helped estab-lish mandatory school attendance in Maine in 1905 and later proposed public financing ofliteracy programs regardless of race. By the 1980s the company was providing support forhigher education and vocational education. It was instrumental in the passage of Maine'shistoric Educational Improvement Act of 1984 which strengthened basic skills education,improved teacher pay and recruitment, and enhanced overall accountability in the Mainepublic schools.
The goals of Leaf's involvement in education are to provide support to local schools, imple-ment on-site literacy training, promote on the job education, and to encourage lifelong learn-ing opportunities for its employees.
Many of Leaf's plants have established partnership programs with local schools. Leafemployees work directly with local educators to solve problems and identify subjects toteach the students who will make up the future work force. Leaf employees serve as rolemodels, tutors, guest lecturers, and provide technical computer support.
Leaf has also established on-site literacy and workplace basic skills programs in many of itsplants. The objective is to upgrade the skills of the current Leaf employees. By workingwith local literacy councils, adult education agencies and technical colleges, the programenables Leaf employees to learn to read, obtain their high school equivalency certificates[GEDs] and improve their basic and technical skills. At the present time, more than 1,100Leaf employees are participating in the various programs.
Overall, Leaf's philosophy is that corporate America has a major role to play in national andlocal educational reform. Business leaders must become involved in the educational debatebefore the United States can achieve significant improvements in the current public educa-tional system.
You have been asked to write an 250-300 word op-ed piece on behalf of the chairman ofLeaf Industries -- Jim Woods. An op-ed piece is a newspaper editorial, usually submitted byan individual or group advocating a particular philosophy, political platform or stance on anissue. Op-ed pieces generally appear on the second page of the editorial section, oppositethe newspaper's unsigned editorials and letters to the editor.
This op-ed piece will be submitted for publication in either The New York Times, USA Todayor the Wall Street Journal. The op-ed should be written in first or third person. It shouldadvocate the necessity of corporate involvement in educational reform in order to helpimprove the U.S. educational system. [Please double-space the assignment] The following points may be helpful in constructing your argument: In the future, occupations that do not require literacy skills will disappear. Three- fourths of all jobs in America today require a reading level between the 9th and 12th grades.
Increasing global competition has forced corporate America to retool and replace sim- plistic manufacturing equipment with technologically advanced machinery.
Illiteracy in the work place and among new job seekers is a major social and economic problem -- education officials estimate that one-third of the U.S. population is functionallyilliterate.
More than half of the jobs created between now and the year 2000 will require educa- Many industrialized countries that compete against the United States are doing a better job of educating their future work force, leaving the U.S. at a disadvantage.
Economic development is linked to literacy.
Education improves a person's quality of life and self-esteem.
The Business Roundtable, composed of 201 chief executives of the nation's largest corporations, has launched a 10-year commitment to education reform, working with the 50 governors -- Jim Woods is a member of the organization.
Please write a 250-300 word personal essay that addresses/answers the following: Identify and describe the characteristics of the individual or organization who, you believe,serves as a positive example of an effective communicator. [Double-space the assignment]

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