Name. Date.
o Clinical Examination, and regular check-up with the vet.
o Chest X-Ray , and repeat X-ray 3 mo. later.
o Blood Tests to assess general health.
o E.C.G. (Electrocardiogram), repeated as required for monitoring.
The two most common types of
o Ultrasound examination may be necessary.
heart disease in dogs are :-
blood around the circulatory system.
o WEIGHT - Overweight dogs should be slimmed to reduce the load on
the heart. Use a true low-calorie prescription diet such as Hill's R/D.
the body, increasing it's output during in which the valves become distorted A "light" diet will not slim a dog.
excercise and reducing output during and inefficient. Can affect all breeds of o REST is essential for dogs with congestive heart failure.
Dogs with difficulty breathing should be given total cage rest (just like bed
rest for a person). Once heart function improves, regular gentle exercise o MEDICATIONS include:-
1. Vetmedin (Cardiac stimulant) - increases the strength of the heart beat.
2. Fortekor (ACE inhibitor) - dilates peripheral circulation and reduce the
work the heart has to do. This can also help kidney function.
3. Frusemide or Spironolactone (diuretics) - help clear fluid congestion.
Some dogs are born with a diseased the wall of the left ventricle becomes Diuretics can cause increased thirst and occasionally wetting in the house.
o LOW SALT DIET - use a high quality diet for older dogs such as
Hill's VET ESSENTIALS Mature. Some cases need a low salt diet such
Signs of Heart Disease
Hill's H/D diet.
o EMOTIONAL STABILITY - nervous, aggressive or high-ranking
dogs or those with phobias (such as fear of fireworks) may benefit from Treatment should be
behavioural therapy to help them to be more relaxed.
started as soon as heart
Dental problems - mouth infectons and gingivitis must be treated.
disease is identified.
Liver and kidney function should be assessed by blood tests.
Modern medications can
Chronic Bronchitis may also be present and require treatment.
significantly extend life
expectancy and maintain
a good quality of life.
o Dogs on regular heart medication must be
re-examined every 2 - 3 months to re-assess progress.

Daisy Street Veterinary Centre, Daisy St. Blackburn.
o Medication can be re-dispensed for up to three months.
Phone (01254) 53622 - All enquiries welcome.
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John Davies MRCVS Sam Purcell MRCVS David Higginson MRCVS

Source: http://vet-healthcentre.co.uk/images/pictures/photos/library/heart.pdf

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