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Please read this document before using the medicine. If you do not understand something or have doubts, consult your doctor. What does SILDENAFIL TABLET contain?
Does the ability to drive vehicles or operate machines reduce by
The active ingredient is known as Sildenafil. Each tablet contains Sildenafil Citrate corresponding taking SILDENAFIL TABLET?
to 50 or 100 mg Sildenafil. SILDENAFIL TABLET also contains other inactive substances. SILDENAFIL TABLET does not reduce the ability to drive vehicles or use machines. What does SILDENAFIL TABLET look like?
Can SILDENAFIL TABLET be taken simultaneously with other
SILDENAFIL TABLETS are round, blue colored with two deep score lines for easy splitting on one medicines?
side and the words SILDENAFIL and 50mg (or 100mg) on the other. SILDENAFIL TABLET should not be given simultaneously with nitrates or nitric oxide donors nor with mononitrate or dinitrate substances of Isosorbid. The combination of SILDENAFIL with other What is SILDENAFIL TABLET?
medicines requires to be approved by the doctor treating you, especially Cimetidine, Erythromycin SILDENAFIL TABLET is the first of a new group of medication which allows adequate sexual stimulation, relaxes the blood vessels of the penis and helps erection. How is SILDENAFIL TABLET taken?
SILDENAFIL TABLET does not increase sexual desire or fertility. The most convenient dose is decided by your doctor. For most men, the dose is 50 mg one hour Who should not take SILDENAFIL TABLET?
before sexual activity. SILDENAFIL TABLET should not be taken more than once a day. The effect of SILDENAFIL TABLET is only obtained with a satisfactory sexual stimulation. SILDENAFIL Whosoever has an allergic reaction to Sildenafil, whosoever is receiving donor medicines of nitric TABLET is not an aphrodisiac. The time necessary of SILDENAFIL TABLET to exercise its action oxide or nitrates, which are used among other things, in certain cases of angina should not take varies from half an hour to one hour and this period may be extended if SILDENAFIL TABLET is Sildenafil. The most commonly used nitrates are nitroglycerin pieces and monoitrate and taken with meals. Large quantities of alcohol are not recommended before taking SILDENAFIL dinitrate substances of isosorbid. If you suffer from angina and are not sure whether your actual TABLET. Any change in the dose prescribed should be done by the doctor treating you. treatment corresponds to some of the medicines mentioned above, consult your doctor before taking SILDENAFIL TABLET. Does SILDENAFIL TABLET produce side effects?
What precautions should I take before having SILDENAFIL TABLET?
Just like the majority of medicines, it is possible that SILDENAFIL TABLET may have side effects, which are usually light and temporary. The most common side effects are headache and facial Inform your doctor if you have any penal illness, if you have had painful erections, if you have reddening. Other side effects reported but rarely seen are indigestion, dizziness, clogged nose been diagnosed with a rare hereditary ophthalmic illness known as retinosis pigmentosis, or and effects on vision (including changes in the visual perception of colours, increase of peptic ulcer or any problem of the blood coagulation. Also inform your doctor if you are taking any brightness of light and blurred vision). How should SILDENAFIL TABLET be stored?
What special advice should be given to aged patients?
Keep the SILDENAFIL TABLETS in their original packing, at temperature which is below 30 The aged patients should start treatment with the minimal dose advised (25mg/day) Can SILDENAFIL TABLET be administered to children?
What is the shelf-life of TADALAFIL TABLET?
SILDENAFIL TABLET should not be given to children. Keep the medication away from the reach of Do not administer this medicine after the expiry date printed on the packing! Is there any special advice for patients with kidney or liver disease?
Persons suffering from severe liver or kidney disease should take SILDENAFIL TABLET with precaution, starting treatment with minimal recommended dose, i.e., 25mg.


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