Post operative egg retrival instructions

Post Operative Egg Retrieval Instructions


Today you may engage in light activity but tomorrow your activity can be essentially normal. Please do not drive or cook today. You might find that you are a little nauseated from the sedation that you
received so you may want to eat lightly today. You may resume a regular diet tomorrow. You may also notice some
vaginal spotting from the procedure. This is normal, but please call if the bleeding is as heavy as a normal period.
Tomorrow you may take a shower as you desire. To decrease the risk of infection, avoid tub baths, swimming, hot tubs
or Jacuzzis, douching, or tampons until the time of your pregnancy test. Likewise, please do not have vaginal
intercourse for seven days following your retrieval.
Pain: Tylenol is usually adequate to help control any pain that you might experience. You may have been given a prescription for something for pain. Please take this as needed. This medication and Tylenol are safe during
pregnancy and will not affect your chances of becoming pregnant. If the pain is not relieved by this medication or seems
to be excessive, please call us immediately at 401-453-7500 and ask to speak with the doctor on call if our office is not

Antibiotic: ( ) doxycycline (please avoid sun exposure while on this medication) ( )other_________________________________________________. Please take this medication with food or dinner tonight and continue to take this until the prescription is completed. Be sure to take you antibiotic the morning of transfer also. To prevent nausea while on doxycycline, be sure to eat prior to taking it. Progesterone: The following medications all contain forms of NATURAL progesterone (safe in pregnancy and are designed to help maintain a pregnancy. Please start taking this tomorrow as directed. ( ) Begin Prometrium 200 mg in your vagina 3 times daily -at approximately 8 hour intervals. ( ) Begin Prometrium 200 mg in your vagina 4 times daily -at approximately 6 hour intervals. ( ) Begin Crinone inserted in your vagina once a day in the morning. ( ) Begin IM Progesterone 50 mg/ ml each day. ( ) other________________________________________________________. ( ) Estrace 2 mg by mouth three times a day starting immediately after your egg retrieval ( ) other_________________________________________________________. Please continue to weigh yourself on a daily basis to look for signs of possible ovarian hyperstimulation. If you gain more than five pounds over your weight the morning after HCG, please contact us so that we can evaluate you.
Some women will notice an increased vaginal discharge (which may be pink or brown) or spotting during this time. For
this reason, you may wish to wear a panty liner. You may also have some vaginal bleeding. If this happens, please do
not stop your progesterone as you may still be pregnant.

The day of your embryo transfer will be determined by the physician and the IVF lab team based upon your history and number of eggs which ultimately fertilize and develop. Attached is your Embryo Transfer Flowchart. Please remember that not all eggs are able to fertilize and that not all eggs which have fertilized will continue to divide and show signs of viability. For this reason, the number of healthy and viable embryos may change and, thus affect the number of embryos available on the day of transfer. Please be reminded that we ask you and your partner to refrain from wearing perfumes, cologne or scented products or powder on the day of your transfer. We understand that this is a very emotionally difficult time and recommend that you take care of yourself as much as possible. If at any time you feel the need to discuss your situation with either our nursing staff or physicians,
do not hesitate to contact our office at 401-453-7500.


You will be given a dated appointment card for your follow up appointment. Some patients have expressed a desire to hold this meeting over the phone, rather than at our office. If you desire to have your follow up IVF appointment over the phone, please call Carol Curtin at 401-453-7500 to change this. Date:__________________ Physician Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:__________________ Patient Signature: _____________________________________________ Post operative Egg Retrieval patient instructions GF 5 05


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