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4x4 Voyager Kit List

The Woodland Ways 4x4 Voyager course is designed to give you off road driving
techniques and experience, as well as an outline understanding of what it takes to
survive in the wild- using your vehicle as your survival resource. The course will give
you the hands on experience, and the confidence, to utilise your knowledge around off
road driving techniques and the four key principals of survival, Fire, Food, Shelter &
Water. To take part you will not need to purchase expensive kit. Below is a list of all
essential items that must be bought with you. Please feel free to bring any other items
for your comfort.
Your clothing should be suitable for the season, during cold months multiple thin layers are better than one thick layer. You should also bring a spare set to get changed into. Waterproof jacket & trousers
Full finger gloves
Woolly hat

Please also bring a sun hat during spring, summer and autumn courses.
Sensible footwear
These should be warm, waterproof and provide ankle support. 3 Season walking boots are ideal during the autumn, winter, and spring. 2 Season are suitable through the summer. Drinking water bottle
A minimum 1 litre water bottle, this can be an empty squash bottle. Knife, fork, spoon, bowl & mug
These should be of a sturdy construction e.g. metal or plastic. Cleaning equipment
A household sponge and biodegradable multi purpose soap are ideal. In line with our environmental policy we would ask you not to bring soap that will have a detrimental effect on the environment. Torch & spare batteries
This is for the winter course. A head torch is ideal, as it will leave your hands free to practice your bushcraft, but a head torch is not essential, any form of torch will suffice. Personal hygiene kit
This should include as minimum anti-bacterial wipes, and toilet paper. Pocket notebook & pencil with eraser
Personal first aid kit

This should include plasters, anti bacterial wipes, insect repellent, UV protection, and a small bandage. Personal medication (e.g. insulin, ventolin etc).
Tea/coffee/dried milk/sugar

Please bring all of your kit contained in one rucksack.
If you have purchased any extra kit that you wish to try out through the course then
please do feel free to bring this with you to try out. In the interests of safety we would
respectively request you to consult with one of our instructors prior to use in order for
us to assess the suitability of such items (e.g. knives, fire lighting equipment etc).
Woodland Ways will provide all other equipment, food and materials.
Should you have any queries on this list or anything else about the course then please
do not hesitate to telephone us on 07843064114, eor check out our website
Jason Ingamells
Chief Instructor



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