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Used to show a point in space where someone or something is, or where an event is happening. At a party/club/funeral etc at an event while it is taking place Used to show a particular period of time during which something happens Used to show the person or thing that an action is directed or aimed at Used to show the thing that caused an action or feeling Ex) The children all laughed at his jokes. Used to show the subject or activity that you are considering when making a judgement about someone’s ability Used to show a continuous state or activity Used to show a price, rate, level, age, speed Used to show that you are trying to do something but are not succeeding or completing Ex) George was just picking at his food. Ex) Ben was putting chocolates in his mouth two at a time. In Used with the name of a container, place, or area to say where someone or something is Ex) There is some sugar in the cupboard. Used with the names of countries and towns to say where someone or something is Used with the names of months, years, seasons etc. to say when something happens. Ex) It was amazing how much we managed to do in a day. Ex )She used to be a teacher, but she is in marketing now. Using a particular way of talking or writing Arranged so as to form a particular shape or group Ex) People were sitting in small groups chatting. Used with numbers or amounts to show a proportion Ex) One in every 10 children now suffers from asthma. Used to show a connection between two things Used to show the feelings you have when you do something Used to say how one person should consider another Ex) The situation is rather complicated in that we have two managing directors. Ex) There were about 800 people in all. On Touching or being supported by a particular surface Hanging from, supported by or connected to a particular thing Ex) He grew up on a ranch in California. Used to show the person or thing affected by an action or someone’s behavior On one of the sides of something such as a river or road Used to say what money people use to live, the amounts of money someone earns Ex) People on high salaries should pay more tax. Informed used to say that someone takes a particular drug or medicine Ex) Since she is been on Prozac she is been a different person. Used to say what has been used to do something Immediately after something has happened or after someone has done something Ex) On hearing the news of the air attack most foreigners headed for the border. Used to say that someone is a member of a team, organization Ex) What team did you say your boyfriend was on? Having a particular thing in your pocket or bag Spoken used to say that someone will pay for something such as a drink , a meal Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 4. The queen had strong control over her people. I saw Superman fly above the city. above Maki walks over the river. 6. Maki walks across the road. ? Maki walks over the road. I heard the people shouting in the night. I heard the people shouting during the night. Bennett, David C .(1975) Spatial and Temporal Uses of English Prepositions Longman Linguistics Library Herskovits, Annette 1986 Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge Why do we say IN April, ON Thursday, AT 10 o clock? In search of an Explanation Studies in Language


L' «allegra brigata» che inventò l' italiano

L' «allegra brigata» che inventò l' italiano EVENTI LA RISTAMPA ANASTATICA DELLO STORICO VOCABOLARIO DEL 1612, IL PRIMO CHE DIEDE UNA DEFINIZIONE CONDIVISA ALLE PAROLE DI DANTE, PETRARCA EBOCCACCIOL' «allegra brigata» che inventò l' italiano Come la Crusca «ripulì» la lingua. E diventò un modello per l' Europa valido ancora ogg

terza domenica del tempo ordinario

Commento biblico – musicale dell'introito e traduzioni Il libro di Ester è una delle cinque Meghillôt (in ebr. “rotoli”) e viene letto durante la festa dei Purim. Narra l’avventura di una giovane ebrea che assurge al rango di regina e grazie a questa sua posizione riesce a scongiurare una persecuzione contro il suo popolo all’epoca del re persiano Assuero/Serse. Il testo dell

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